It is rare that board games appear on our screens in the form of video games.

Shadowrun Returns retains the style of turn-based strategy gaming as a video game, making the board game more authentic.

While the story isn’t as long as that of most RPGs today, the level editor allows you to play a large amount of different custom content, constantly expanding your gameplay.

Here are some of the best mods you can get for Shadowrun Returns.

15. ULO Shadowrun Edition

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When it comes to graphics, Shadowrun Returns isn’t exactly cause for celebration.

The graphics are not without their flaws either, especially since the completely hand-drawn environments sometimes give life to the dystopian world.

Graphics have never been an important aspect of these types of games…. but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss any of the updates we can get.

ULO Shadowrun Edition offers a variety of lighting and post-processing effects that bring graphics to life and create a more impressive atmosphere and ambience.

14. Players suits

Alternative player outfits for the Shadowrun returns

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If you’re looking for a slightly more eye-catching visual enhancement, you can do so with the alternate player gear.

This not only allows you to make your character more visually appealing, but also gives you access to various character customizations.

It comes with 29 different versions of the players’ outfits.

13. Customised player portraits

Custom player portraits Shadowrun Returns mod

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Custom player portraits are another way to expand character creation options by adding a long list of portraits to the game.

This mod packs punch because it adds 400 new portraits for you to choose from.

Even better, the mod does not remove any of the original portraits from the game. So you also have the same options.

The portraits in tutus fit the overall theme very well, and there are a few funny ones like Beavis from the MTV cartoon series.

12. Cybertext

Cybertech Shadowrun brings back a screenshot of the mod

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If you’re looking for a more complete mod package to expand the vanilla content of the game, there are a few options for that.

Muffintruck’s Cybertech mod is the first of them, and adds a pretty long list of cyber program implementation options to what the game already has to offer.

For those of you who don’t know him: Cyberware is usually how characters are upgraded in cyberpunk games.

Implanted technology can do everything from strengthen your body to acquire entirely new skills.

This mode covers all types of implants, including options for arms and legs, dermis, bone and even vision enhancement.

11. Samurai street catalog

Street Samurai catalog mod for Shadowrun returns

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Tracker’s Street Samurai catalog is another great choice, giving you another set of 69 cyber software customizations to explore in the game.

Even more interestingly, the additional content is based on actual updates found in the original paperback version of Shadowrun.

The tracker goes even further, adding a total of 55 weapons that can also be found in the original desktop version.

If you’re a fan of the original board game, you won’t want to miss this one.

10. Deadman’s switch Modified version

The transition from the dead man to modified versions of the mod...

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As I mentioned earlier, you can play through fully customized content using the game-level editor.

This basically means that even after you’re done with the vanilla story, you still have a lot of work to do when you start immersing yourself in some of the personalized campaigns the community has to offer.

If you’re not quite ready to deviate from the original, you can check out this adaptation of the Dead Man’s Switch campaign.

The mod is essentially a modified version of Act 1 of the Vanilla Story, introducing some gameplay changes, as well as other mods to make things a little more interesting and challenging at the same time.

9. Attack on Cesh Koranic Laboratory

Cesh Koran Labs Shadowrun attack gives the mod.

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Assault on Cesh Koran Labs is the first of the brand new campaigns we’ll be looking at, as it’s a great starting point if you’re just starting to play mod campaigns.

The moderator doesn’t give much information about the plot.

But he recommends you play with the same character you left behind in Change of the Dead.

The great thing is that the whole story is already wrapped up in a mod, so you don’t have to go back and forth to get the full package.

8. Offender copier

The Shadowrunner is back.

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This moderate campaign follows a father who lost his daughter and the mysterious return of a serial killer who died two years ago.

While the mod doesn’t introduce many original elements and remains essentially linear, it’s another good option for beginners to get a better idea of what custom campaigns might look like.

7. A point in the bar

The modernity of the embroidery of the time for the return of Shadowrun

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Stitch In Time is one of the most popular custom campaigns for Shadowrun, as many in the community consider it one of the best in the world.

This mod differs from some of the richest campaigns in history, making the gameplay more fun.

To do this, you have to include a lot more combat than you normally get in a Shadowrun game. If you like it, check it out.

The campaign contains over 30 missions, side quests and even new equipment, spells and skills, for a total of over 12 hours of gameplay.

6. Low

Deep One Shadowrun Returns mod.

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Deep One is another user campaign that has been enthusiastically received by the community and hailed as one of Shadowrun’s best mods.

The story begins a year after the events of The Dead Man’s Change. They have hit rock bottom and need to come up with a plan to get back on their feet.

The campaign consists of 34 scenes and even introduces different scenarios, making the game much more dynamic than one would expect from Shadowrun.

In addition, the sandbox game offers much more freedom and exploration.

5. The Price of Court

Price of the mod Conviction Shadowrun Returns

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As in Deep, the price of persuasion remains in the tradition of showrun. Except this time he focuses on Sam Coyote’s sidekick to tell a very different story.

Based on some of the choices you made in Dead Man’s Switch, the Award of Condemnation continues to take down the BTL industry through Coyote.

The mod is much smaller than other custom campaigns.

But what sets this game apart is that it encourages replayability and allows you to achieve your goals with different play styles.

4. Small Town – Episode 1 –Avenue

Small Town - Episode 1 - Fashion Avenue

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Many longer mod campaigns have been published sporadically, and Small Town is the first of the ones we’re considering adding to the list.

Little Town changes the entire gameplay. You can replace the squeaky streets of Seattle with a story set in New York City.

The campaign has nothing to do with the original Shadowrun storyline, so you’ll meet entirely new characters as you progress through the game.

Small Town also follows a non-linear play style. So the choices you make throughout history will have different effects on the outcome.

3. Better days

A better Dayz mod for Shadowrun Returns

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Best Dayz is another great option for those who want to stay in the original legends of Shadowrun.

The campaign sees you nearing the end of your Shadowrunner days, which have made the prospect of a comfortable retirement a reality.

Of course, things get worse when you’re contacted by a mysterious hacker who’s just passing through Mr. Kool’s house.

The campaign is accompanied by a great story with a good balance between seriousness and comedy. So don’t expect too much action with this one.

If you like the Shadowrun, richer in history, it may be for you.

2. KILL CITY Detroit Substandard Conversion

KILL CITY The disjointed rearrangement of Detroit in the Shadowrun returns...

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KILL-CITY Detroit, on the other hand, goes the other way and offers you a much richer Shadowrun in action.

The campaign is about Old Detroit, where we don’t know much other than shit is going on tonight – and you’re the cause of it.

The mod emphasizes the need to make combat more interesting – including the ability to control up to 8 riders at once.

1. Out of the shadows

Excerpt from the mod The Shadows Shadowrun Returns

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From The Shadows is one of Shadowrun’s most popular custom campaigns, and the story has since expanded to three separate campaigns.

The campaign again follows a completely original story with new characters, so everything in the mod feels fresh.

Again, we’re not given much to go on, as all we know is that over the course of the game we’re going to solve the mystery of something called Project Omen.

But if you’re looking for an option that will allow you to play a lot of Shadowrun overtime, you should check out From The Shadows.


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