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A new week has started, and it’s time to bring you another batch of the best CC, Mods, Clutter & More from the popular video game ‘Fallout 4’. We are getting closer and closer to the official release and with this new batch we are starting to see less and less of the legendary ‘FO4’ CC and Mods.

Best Pantry CC, Mods, Clutter & More – The best CC, mods, clutter, and more for Fallout 4, Skyrim, and other Bethesda games.

I once thought I was weird because I was obsessed with making pantries in The Sims 4. And then I discovered that there is a whole treasure trove of CCs dedicated to him. There is something inexplicably satisfying about making your own pantry. From choosing shelves and locations to filling the room, there are few other activities in the game that can be set up this way. And with personalized content, the personalization is endless. There are many small and large improvements that can be made to a home’s pantry. And once you have all that CW on hand, you’ll want to add a pantry to your Sim’s house wherever you can.

Naturalis Pantry Kit

Check out this AC. Let’s start by talking about these banks. I’ve noticed a recent trend of people getting serious about organizing. There are even YouTube videos dedicated to this concept. Maybe it’s because many people are moving for the first time and realize that the kitchen can’t magically stay in order. This custom-made tidying kit is an organized person’s dream. See-through containers (so you can always see what’s inside) and sturdy lids are a must for any pantry. Their design is also very cool. Beans, macaroni and cookies are always good to have on hand.

Mare storeroom

word-image-6267 Check out this AC. What’s not to love about a rustic pantry? Wood never goes out of fashion! The designer has provided several possibilities to decorate this room, with large and small shelves and even for on the wall. Don’t you love it when you can turn something into a rhyme, just for fun? There are several items that can be loaded with this CC. Soft drink cans, beer bottles, canned goods and many perishables in these beautiful clear containers will give your home a warm look.

Stock collection – Pasta boxes

word-image-6268 Check out this AC. Surprisingly, pasta, one of the cheapest and easiest foods in the world to make, can be prepared in many different ways. That’s why you find them in almost every food bank in America and maybe even the world. Except, of course, in the pantry of those with wheat allergies. Anyway, this little QC collection contains several boxes of the most delicious ways to prepare pasta. Like macaroni and cheese, Rice-A-Roni and Suddenly Salad.

Decorative word stickers

word-image-6269 Check out this AC. If the pantry is used to store food, it doesn’t mean it has to be plain, boring or devoid of decoration. These stickers with words are exactly what you see in every modern home these days. Here are fifteen words and phrases to make your Sims’ home comfortable and perfectly labeled, including one specifically for the pantry. With Pinterest, you can finally create a home that looks exactly like yours. And admit it, you’ve always wanted to do that!

Pantry with overhead door

word-image-6270 Check out this AC. If you’ve always wanted a utility room without having to build it yourself, this simulator is for you. This decorative piece gives you the look of a pantry without the extra work and with a touch of farmhouse inspiration. One half is a barn door and the other half has boards….. Pretty much everything you’d expect to find in a pantry. Food, baskets, containers, fruit, herbs… there’s everything.

Open shelves

word-image-6271 Check out this AC. Now we come back to what those of you who want to build a Sims pantry from scratch need. That’s what these empty shelves are for. They have the right height and width to give the impression of an open pantry, and this cabinet has plenty of slots that can be filled with all sorts of decorative or cluttered items. They come in a variety of designs, so you can choose white for a more modern approach or classic with wood and brown boards.

Cans of flakes

word-image-6272 Check out this AC. Grain is one of those things you’ll never have more than one box for. It’s too delicious and addictive to stop there. Most households have at least two or three cereal choices at any given time, if not more. There are too many flavors and applications. Whether it’s healthy granola or sweet oatmeal, every adult knows that it can serve as both dinner and breakfast. Or lunch… Or a midnight snack. If you’re like me and don’t like giving your Sims time to cook, they probably feel the same way. A bowl of cereal is always a quick meal, both in game and in real life! The creator of KrisViciousSims has all your favorite brands to play with in this CC, and they’ll be a great way to replenish your pantry.

Baby food decoration

word-image-6273 Check out this AC. When you become a parent, the one thing you never want to miss is baby food. As long as it’s affordable, it’s not unreasonable to include it in your pantry. Babies in The Sims 4 may only eat milk, but we can always dream that one day they’ll be more than just noisy decorative objects, right? And these boxes look too good to pass up. If you zoom in, you can even read the labels. Turkey and butternut, pureed tomatoes and mashed bananas are just a few of the things you can fill your pantry with. Delicious!

Madison Pantry

word-image-6274 Check out this AC. Not every pantry needs to be a separate room or a dressing room. In some homes, they are simply an extension of the kitchen. This pqSim4 CC package would be perfect for such an installation. It contains several high and wide shelves and many items to fill them. And not just filled with food (which is always a good thing), but also with a few kitchen items like a kettle, a strainer, a knife block and a coffee grinder.

Edible junk food

word-image-6275 Check out this AC. If your pantry doesn’t have a few functional items, you probably won’t visit it often. Your Sims certainly won’t have much reason to go inside, unless they just want to see one of the items. Isn’t it boring? You have better things to do than fix a basket! And what better way to kill time than junk food? Of course, there are far better ways… but none are as satisfactory. These edible and unhealthy foods are perfect for your TS4 pantry and add some realism since your Sims can actually eat them. This designer has included the best of the best for us: Oreos, Pringles and Nutella. All articles are available in both Simlish and English.This text is sensitive. Try generating new copy.. Read more about sims 4 clutter cc folder and let us know what you think.

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