Best Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Games (All Rankings)

Mystery Dungeon games have been very popular in the Pokémon universe since the early 2000s.
In this series of spin-offs, you’ll find a map that allows players to navigate through each dungeon level as their chosen Pokémon. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?
Each game is a cheat-style adventure game with turn-based actions, and the goal is to complete each level of the dungeon by collecting items and gradually adding members to your team.
It is a strange passage from the originals, but there are still many names in it. And in this list, I’m going to list the best Mystery Dungeon games that show the best and most memorable features of each title.
7. Doors of infinity
In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, often referred to as PMD for short, the Gates of Infinity has received mixed reviews.
This is the first PMD game released on 3DS with 3D animation.
Although the game has a rich history with good character development, it lacks gameplay.
The Gate to Infinity has added nothing new and interesting to the PMD universe, unlike many games that already exist. So, basically, it’s worth missing out on unless you’re actually in the show.
6. Travellers of darkness

The Dark Explorers games were released in 2008 as a duo with the Time Explorers games.
Both games were released for the Nintendo DS, and you can play them at a steady pace.
Explorers of Darkness is a classic PMD game written in a beautiful and adventurous style that all Pokémon fans will love.
Explorers of Darkness is based on the style of Mystery Dungeon and takes advantage of the dual-screen capabilities of the DS, giving players more options to work with the console.
The game also included new Pokémon from the Diamonds and Pearls saga, so you can play with more friends.
5. Time registration employees
Similarly, in 2008 the Time Explorers guide was published in the form of a Darkness Explorer satellite.
The differences between these two games are very small, as is the case with the main games of the franchise, where there are series of games that follow the same plot.
Time Explorers have exclusive Pokémon and items that set them apart from the Dark Explorers (mostly like Red vs. Blue or Sun vs.).
Both games have exclusive characters and items, so it depends on personal preferences about which game is best.
In Explorers of Time, Riolu and Lucario, two classic Pokémon, give this version of the game a small advantage over the dark. But in general, the gameplay and the plot itself between the two games usually only adds a few small pieces from other games in the series.
4. Super-Secret Dungeon
Super Mystery Dungeon is the last episode in the Mystery Dungeon series.
It was released for the Nintendo 3DS system in 2016, and it looks like the side effects have increased a little more.
Super Mystery Dungeon is a spectacular game with a long story of familiar creatures and entertaining action.
The game has a full list of s from over 700 Pokémon s, and it looks like the game is full of endless dungeons to explore with lots of friends along the way.
Another feature of this game is that it is not afraid of difficulties.
The Mystery Super Dungeon has many new features and aspects of the main series, such as the Mega Evolution.
The difficulty of some dungeons may discourage some young players, but this game is worth playing if you are a fan of the series.
3. Rescue team
Red rescue team: An original game from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.
Released in 2005 for the GameBoy Advance, he joined the Blue Rescue Team and created the structure on which future mystery dungeon games would be based.
There’s a great story in this classic disc that connects a player and their partner as they explore dungeons and encounter the classic Pokémon we all know and love.
Original games begin with a personality test that determines which Pokémon you start the game with.
First of all, it’s the classic Pikachu, the Mood Chicken and our favorite Fireplace Charmander.
Red Rescue Team is a great game that represents the best parts of the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series. Mandatory game in my book.
2. SkyResearcher
Explorers of Sky was released for Nintendo DS in 2009, just one year after the Explorers of Darkness and Time series.
This game follows the same storyline as its predecessors, but combines many exclusive items with Pokémon in one final version of the game.
With all the new starts, items and dungeons, Sky Explorers is definitely one of the best PMD games if you want something cooler.
It builds on previous Researchers games and adds background episodes to provide more information and development on the different puzzles in the games.
Another amazing aspect of this game is the soundtrack. Music complements the experience by creating unforgettable moments and a believable environment in a way only Nintendo can.
The only drawback of this game is that its complexity has been reduced a bit compared to previous games, which makes it quite easy for older players.
But all in all, the game is an incredible addition to the series and fully meets the requirements from start to finish.
1. Blue Rescue Team
During the first three games of this list it was difficult to decide which of them had to take first place. Because all three are almost identical in most aspects and they all have truly unique features that stand out.
However, the Blue Rescue Team comes first because it is part of the original game and fits perfectly into the future of the series.
The original Rescue Team game features incredible storylines that captivate and bring depth to the Pokémon universe.
Thanks to a randomly generated map, the game is ideal for playing and trying out different inputs and objects.
The original Rescue Team games answer questions based on Pokémon legends, such as whether or not Diggett has legs.
The difference between the blue and red games of the rescue team is insignificant for each game only. But the biggest difference is that Blue was released for the Nintendo DS instead of the Game Boy Advance.
This difference is sufficient to give it a more important place in this list, because it can be played on a new device, i.e. it can be part of a collection of games that came shortly after.
While every PMD game brings something new and interesting to Pokémon fans, Blue Rescue Team has laid the foundation for , on which future games will be built. It’s undoubtedly the best game in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, at least for now.
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