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Here’s an unknown fact about me: I can’t keep a plant alive for nothing.

I don’t know if it’s my cats trying to eat them or my inability to water them, but I still can’t prevent a plant from wilting.

Which brings us to reason 1,343,254 why I feel like I thrive better as a sim Because most plants in the game don’t die.

I understand that flowers and garden plants can die. But what about all those beautiful shrubs and bushes we all fill our properties with?

They can change depending on the season. But we can always count on these bushes to come back to life in the spring.

And if you want even more variety in your garden, here are some great Sims 4 CCs for custom shrubs and bushes.

Sunflower bush AdonisPluto

Look at this CC

I always love a good CC conversion of an old Sims game. And this sunflower transformation from The Sims 2 does not disappoint.

With six beautiful specimens, these large double flowers will look great in any garden.

When you put them together, they look great because they are all different sizes and heights.

For outdoor installation AdonisPluto

Look at this CC

AdonisPluto is back with a new transformation of The Sims 2 and The Sims 3.

These nine different shrub and bush options are now easy to find in build/buy mode, and they are all available in different designs.

They’re all so different and beautiful that your Sims might want to give up their jobs and dedicate themselves to gardening.

No perennial plants for Magnoliidae millennials

Look at this CC

Since your Sims have already called their boss and resigned, they can take full advantage of their new green thumb with this literal plant arch.

This CC also includes a large leafy shrub that is perfect for a path.

Note that since this is a record player, you must have a pack of Romantic Garden for this to work. But I think it’s worth it with all the extra samples you get.

LaLunaRossa’s annoying daisies

Look at this CC

Ignore the name, because these daisies are not boring!

It was the story of these beauties that really won me over, so you should read more about them if you’re interested in this CC.

But these bright, colourful shrubs come in six varieties, all of which look great together.

I’m telling you, your Sims will be so proud of them after they put them in front of their house.

round bush hang glider

Look at this CC

Now, before we start on this page …. Repeat after me:

I’m not putting my sims in that grove.

A promise? Okay, good. I’m even obsessed with this round shrub and can think of so many places to use it!

You can choose from two different textures and nine patterns, so you can really do whatever you want with it!

Can you picture it perfectly around a wishing well in the middle of your home’s flower garden?

Oh, that screams spring to me – and I’m all for it.

NYGirlSimsWild Flowers Assortment

Look at this CC

NYGirlSims has created one of the most beautiful wildflower sets for Sims that I have probably ever seen.

Each sample is different from the last. And when they’re all put together, they form the most beautiful (and organic) range of colors I’ve seen in a long time.

They would also look good in the middle of this round bush above.

TS2 to TS4 Plants and Flowers Mega Package of Xelenn

Look at this CC

Well, this package from Zelenn is just great.

This creator has converted a total of 64 objects from The Sims 2 to CC for The Sims 4. And it’s amazing how awesome they all are!

Not only is there a wide selection of shrubs and bushes, but there are so many potted plants and flowers that it’s hard to know which to put first.

Personally, I am very impressed with the choice of flowers and the design of the large shrubs. The talent here is certainly strong.

Modular flower bushes + pot by plastic box

Look at this CC

I am always impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of CC designers. And the plastic box is one of the most original I’ve found.

In this kit, they have placed a selection of EA shrubs and flowers in pots to give your creations a little more punch.

And I just think it’s a great idea!

This download includes flower pots that you can also use for planting.

Plants released from plastic box

Look at this CC

The plastic box is back in business, people!

This time they took existing bushes in play, painted them and made them available for purchase.

This is an old creation, but it still holds up pretty well compared to other CC factory items I’ve seen.

By simply repainting the basic elements of the game, they gave us many more color options. And that alone is a great asset to your design work.

BrasanLotus Bedside tables

Look at this CC

I really had to end this list with the most famous bush in Sims history.

And that, of course, is a toilet bush.

We’ve all had to use this object for something, I’m sure, right? I myself often use this substance in my lobes to solve complex wealth problems.

But sometimes bright colors were a little more appropriate for the mood I wanted, so this re-coloring from BrazenLotus is perfect!

Even if you don’t want to use them as toilets, they now have three very good ones that you can use as bushes around your property.

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