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Birthdays are a strange and wonderful time.

You only remember one revolution around the sun since you left your mother’s womb.

And technically, every time you go through, you’re a year closer to… You know. A meeting with Grimm.

I’m sorry if I just caused you an existential crisis. This should be fun!

The celebration of the day man came into the world goes back thousands and thousands of years, but I don’t think it was much fun back then. To be precise, birthdays go back to the Egyptians. (Of course, they were the first to make something cool).

But did they have cakes and decorations and hats? Maybe. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

But I’ve never seen a birthday cake figure, I can tell you that much.

In the modern era, we can celebrate in style and make it truly memorable. Just like your Sims!

1. Happy Birthday Mini-set

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Isn’t it always great to be able to find lots of thematic information about the CC you’re looking for? I think it is. It’s like someone else has already done the work for me.

Dude, I’m lazy. And when it comes to birthdays, your Sims can now be lazy, too.

If that’s not a selling point, I don’t know what is.

Seriously, though: Everything in this CC set is so pretty and festive. You even get little gift bags with edible cupcakes!

I always felt like my Sim’s birthday party was a little too short, but I couldn’t figure out what was missing. The answer is clearly this: Gift bags and a cake that didn’t burn.

2. Birthday Party Decoration

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There really aren’t enough banners in Sims 4.

There’s no quicker way to set the tone for a party than to hang a banner.

These ornaments add a nice little detail to your sim bass, with cups and those classic pointy hats also included.

3. Birthday Party Set

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Well, this outfit has almost everything you need to celebrate aging Sims.

Let’s talk about the wall decals first.

The brilliant creator brittpinkiesims offers you many options, some as fantastic as others. The numbered adhesive candles are a particularly nice addition, as Sim’s age is left to your imagination beyond the vague life stages.

Then there are the cute balloons and birthday teddy bears that are perfect for getting everyone around the table and really bringing home the holiday spirit.

And here… here are the birthday cards! It’s such a sweet addition, sweeter than any cake.

I’ve always been a big sucker and I still get almost every card for my birthday. Now your Sims can be sentimental too. Even when the party is over, they look great on a sideboard or table.

Of course, these are just some of the highlights. Don’t miss the beautiful stacks of gifts, colorful banners or funny drawings on the blackboard!

4. Happy birthday, my dear! Posepak

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Everyone knows that when the house is decorated and the cake is on the table, it’s time for the photos. In general, like it or not.

Birthday parties are always a good opportunity to take pictures.

The whole family is together and everyone is happy. I hope so.

Well, this pose sets Limiam’s characters apart, which is good, right down to the little kid staring at the dessert.

5. Special birthday gift – Postal package

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Here we have another pos-pack, this time about celebrating growing up little ones.

I am very, very grateful for that. If you’re reading this, I assume you’ve played Sims, so you know. You know.

Sims birthday party is usually a bit chaotic. Often it is not possible to take a picture and immortalize that particular moment. Especially if the focus is on the young child.

These poses solve this problem. You can capture the child and the parents in the same photo, and with cake!

Oh, the power of mods. Enabling Family Moments in Sims… Forever.

6. Happy Birthday Stickers

Consult this CC

I understand that for copyright reasons, we do not accept thematic articles from the developers of Sims…. But it’s good that the CC can fill that void for us.

These stickers are adorable and feature fun characters like Strawberry Shorty, My Little Pony, Mickey Mouse and my favorite, Winnie the Pooh.

Like the whole gang – Bear, Tiger, Pig, Eeyore, even Kanga and Roo.

I think these are the most useful decorations on this list. The sight of these two men brought back some memories.

I’ll let you guess what my birthday theme was.

It’s safe to say that everyone probably loved at least one of the above when they were kids. And it’s really nice to be able to bring the tradition of birthday parties with a theme into our Sims’ lives.

7. Fortnite Birthday Cake

Consult this CC

I am truly amazed at the creativity of the creators of CC.

Fortnite pie didn’t even occur to me as a possibility in The Sims. But now that I’ve seen it, it makes sense.

Since it’s an incredibly popular game that kids (and adults) all over the world love, it’s a good idea to bring Fortnite into The Sims for a while. I think Sims kids will be just as excited.

All we need now is a SimTok, and it will be a real-life simulator.

Even if you don’t know anything about Fortnite, this cake is a nice change from the ones offered in the game. They’re all pretty boring, so this big blue polka-dot cake will definitely add a touch of originality to your party day bas.

8. Birthday cards

Consult this CC

More greeting cards! Cheers!

They even come with little messages, which makes me happy.

I love the variety of these cards. Some seem to come all the way from grandparents, while others have a distinctly familial character. Or maybe I’m looking too closely at some of the decorations.

9. Ageless Birthdays Mod

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Birthdays are very important in The Sims because they signify that your Sim is entering the next phase of his or her life.

And it’s always a big jump.

This is much more dramatic than in real life, where in most cases a birthday is not important unless it is a milestone.

Your Sims can now casually celebrate another year without plunging into the next phase of their lives.

Yes, thanks to lemeringue, you and your Sims can now have a fun birthday party with little effort.

Usually, I play super long life. I don’t like my sims aging too fast. So it’s an indispensable tool for getting around this problem and continuing to enjoy life’s little moments.

10. party hats

Consult this CC

Dependable party hats, people! I’m already obsessed.

It’s another one of those things I didn’t know I missed until I saw it.

I don’t know if they are still popular today, but it brings back good memories.

Now Sims can have those great memories too.

These hats are for all ages to make the whole family look like clowns.

Actually, I’m a little curious now ….. Where does this style come from? Why do they look so much like those old-fashioned clown hats? I think most people don’t think about these things.

Just put on the hat and eat cake, no questions asked!

11. Let your friends grow old Mod

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Is it weird when your Sim gets older and all of her friends are suddenly much younger?

Children are a child’s best friends. Adolescents whose entire social circle still consists of children. Kids who only hang out with teenagers.

Things screw up pretty quickly because each life stage in Sims 4 is so different.

Now you can age everyone in the same generation at the same time, thanks to this mod from LittleMsSam.

12. Birthday Number Balloons

Consult this CC

I swear I’ve seen bullets like this in so many pictures, but never in the store. What’s that?

As always, it’s a lot easier when your Sims are part of the mainstream.

They look so good next to your birthday simulator and offer another way to add a song to their lives.

13. Birthday girl bodywest

Consult this CC

What better way to make your child feel special on their birthday than with an entire outfit just for the occasion?

It’s such a cute idea, and you can be sure to get more souvenir photos of the birthday boy.

I don’t think anyone looks forward to her birthday more than the baby, and for good reason. At that age, it’s all about candy and presents.

They don’t care about the overwhelming responsibility that comes with age.

Lucky bastards.

14. Siren cake

Consult this CC

It’s an option for all ages, because who wouldn’t want a beautifully colored and decorated mermaid cake?

Well, probably a lot of people.

But it’s really great.

I am overwhelmed by color and detail. Before I even saw the amazing tail, I thought it was a mermaid.

As if that wasn’t awesome, you can also write your Sim’s name on the cake!

I never thought it would be an option, even for SS. But the creators who love Framerate continue to push the boundaries in the best way possible.

15. Birthday presents

Consult this CC

Depending on how many of these gift packs you use, you can make your Sims look as cluttered or shabby as you like.

Or just use the usual amount and give them a good party. That is also an option.

I love their festive and optimistic nature.

The way they are stacked is also very attractive.

You can choose between a large and a small stack, and of course you can combine them as you like.

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