Best Sims 4 Moles CC (For Guys & Girls) –

The level of customization we have in The Sims is pretty good.

Of course, we don’t have a hair color wheel anymore. But do we really need green puke ditches?

When it comes to making our Sims look perfect or exactly like us, the game sometimes leaves something to be desired. Especially in the details.

Sims 4 now has several mole options. But these aren’t all the birthmarks that people actually have – damn, some don’t even look natural!

I’ve taken a look at some of the best moles in the UGC creator community (wow, that’s a pun!) and listed the coolest ones for you in this list. Your search for the perfect mole detail is over!

10. Mole Collection

Consult this CC

This collection of CC moles from Primal Sims is both beautiful and unique.

They come in different patterns to match your Sim’s skin tone. And they come in different models, so each of your Sims will have ultra-realistic features with unique markings, just like real people.

It is, after all, a life simulator!

9. Freckles and liver spots v1

Consult this CC

This fantastic Hexenhammer CC set combines the bright look of Maxis-match with subtle tones to create perfect skin details that can be used with both Alpha and Maxis-match sims!

Consisting of many different birthmarks and freckles, this CC set adds a certain specialness to your game.

Whatever aesthetic you want to play with, there’s a lot to explore.

8. Freckles and fine birthmarks v2

Consult this CC

Like the other pack, we have a good mix of freckles and birthmarks here.

Sure, we have a CC freckle list, but this package offers a truly unique combination of freckles and moles for the face and body.

This beautiful creation by the talented WildlyminiatureSandwich is a great choice for all Sims!

The clear design of the Maxis games ensures that these pieces fit perfectly into your game. Even if you’re not an avid CC user.

7. Moles N01

Consult this CC

Here is a set of very successful moles from content creator Mercy, who brought us 3 great moles for a very exceptional look.

With a few large, dark, well-placed birthmarks except for the eyes and lips, these creations are perfect for any Sim who wants to stand out from the crowd.

So whether you’re a stylish aspirant or a famous actor, these birthmarks will help you stand out.

6. Set of 4 batteries N2

Consult this CC

These subtle yet elegant birthmarks are ideal for bringing out the best in your Sims and giving them a natural look.

Designed by CC’s creator, MartyP, this set of moles can be used separately anywhere.

Or, if you want to go outside, you can use all the moles together for a more pronounced look. Very clear.

5. Moles (Golden Age Kit)

Consult this CC

It is true that different people have different birthmarks in real life. And also a different number of moles.

The same cannot always be said of our Sims. They’re lucky to have Sims, if they have any at all.

Well, with this set of awesome moles from designer Soloria, you can mix things up and create a Sim with so many skin details you can’t even count them!

These moles were created as part of the Golden Age Kit and are available for download with CC Lipstick and Mouth Corners and Wrinkles. Now even your oldest Sims with moles can look great.

4. Set of 5 pillars N1

Consult this CC

Not everyone has a mole that stands out.

Some birthmarks are barely visible, others are not visible at all.

Sims 4 doesn’t seem to understand that yet.

This CC box by talented designer MartyP solves this little problem.

Consisting of 5 different super cute birthmarks that can be mixed and matched to create the perfect look, this set is a godsend for anyone who doesn’t want to stand out, but still wants some of those little dark spots on their skin.

3. Kabsim Moles!

Consult this CC

What a name, huh?

Actually, it’s Taxim’s first SS creation, and it’s pretty good.

I don’t give my sims many moles anymore, mostly because it’s just a pain to decide where to put them and which ones are the prettiest. But with this kit, that’s no problem!

This CC set includes a selection of 15 different designs and the ability to mix and match your moles, so you can sculpt your Sim’s facial features to the finest detail.

2. Body Molecules

Consult this CC

When you think of using birthmarks to add realistic detail to your Sims, the first thing that may come to mind is birthmarks on the face.

This is obviously the part of your sims that you see the most. Then why don’t you decorate, huh?

But if you want to go further, these Kinderkate body cavities are worth a try!

There are many occasions when your Sims can undress (or at least partially undress), whether it’s to go to bed or take a bath. And they show off their bodies a lot (especially male sims).

Well, if you’re an avid mod user (and old enough!), you might also know Evil Quirks and um…. Well… if it’s you, you might see a little more of your Sim’s body than most of us!

Still, this awesome selection of birthmarks for Sims’ back fits perfectly. And they also add some very necessary details.

1. Molecular (52 mol before blending)

Consult this CC

This wonderful fanacher set now includes 52 different masks that you can mix and match to your heart’s content!


Not everyone has a mole on their face. Many people have some, just like your Sims!

This CC set allows you to combine all of these facial molecules as you see fit. So you can spend a lot of time in Create-a-Sim getting each of your Sim’s best features exactly the way you want them.

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Did Quebec ruin Sims 4?

The CC could be anything: Clothing, hair, skin, eyes, makeup, new stuff, etc. Unlike mods, CC does not change the behavior of your game. It only adds other Create-A-Sim and Build/Buy items to the game.

What are the best 4cc sims sites?

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