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For many young women, a sorority is half of their motivation to go to college.

It’s an experience you can’t get anywhere else, full of camaraderie and fun.

Sororities have a long history of providing stability and fellowship for students who are far from home and have left their families behind. For generations, girls have participated in secret rituals to show their devotion to Greek life.

Or something like that.

Anyway, this always seems to be a big problem in movies.

And it’s always a fun idea for the Sims. Nothing is more fun than putting eight strangers (or more, with mods) in it and seeing what happens.

But it takes more than that to feel a true sisterhood.

Fortunately, the creators of user-generated content are there for us.

Drakk Sorority

Look at this CC

If you want your Sims to live like a sorority, you’ll need more than just a house.

This incredible building will be the perfect place for your Sim and all his new sisters to live while he spends his college years.

It is a beautiful three-story brick house filled to the brim with elegant furniture and decorations.

Not that it matters, because I don’t think anyone buys their own dorm, but this house only costs $103,997.

It’s incredible, considering its size and beauty.

I doubt there are any such misers in real life!

Kappa Tau Sorority House

Look at this CC

For a slightly less luxurious living situation, your Sims can choose this Kappa Kappa Tau house from Jazminaldana.

While the previous batch used a number of packs, this batch is mostly made up of one pack and a few expansions.

Anyway, it’s still nice and… clean.

Most rooms are completely white, from the walls to the furniture.


No more chocolate ice cream in bed!

And if this house looks familiar to you, you may recognize it from the short-lived satirical TV series Scream Queens. I have to applaud the creator, as I’ve always enjoyed bringing iconic film and television constructs into play.

Kappa Tau top

Look at this CC

The Kappa Kappa Tau house comes with a Kappa Kappa Tau top!

Even if you’re not familiar with Scream Queens, this shirt will suit your Sims.

The more brotherhood, the better, right? And the captions are rather ambiguous.

But if you know the series, it’s a lot of fun.

Dramas, comedies, mystery dramas, for some reason, rarely appear on television.

And we Simmers agree: We have great entertainment potential!

Sisterhood up

Look at this CC

You’ll probably want your sim to look outside the woman’s house.

And you can have them represent their sorority everywhere with this simple top.

You can’t go wrong with this piece of paper on the bag. It clearly states that your Sim has such a fun life in a sorority.

This is an edition of my favorite baseball shirt, which means it’s available to everyone!

Your Sim will look young and casual with this t-shirt in a skirt or pants.

Life Chaos Slob

Look at this CC

Let’s face it:

If you get enough kids under one roof, it won’t always be spotless white carpet and clean surfaces.

These stuffed objects from Slob’s Life look like they are inhabited by busy students.

Pizza boxes full of cheese and grease, empty soda cans, bags of chips and dirty laundry are staples of any slacker’s home.

And that mess will create an interesting dynamic, because there’s probably a mix of people in each sorority who want to keep the house clean and others who don’t care.

Alcohol and syrup bottles

Look at this CC

Whether there’s alcohol or not, I think you’ll find alcohol in every dorm at some point.

Rules, chit-chat.

It frees people from their inhibitions and they are more confident than they could be without this liquid courage. This of course ensures a lot of fun.

Sims don’t react to fruit juice the way people react to alcohol in real life.

But these bottles would still make good decorative objects for the grunts.

Sorority jackets

Look at this CC

Up until now, I’ve usually portrayed a bad mood as something negative, with all that talk about dirty houses, drinking and partying.

But the truth is that this is not really the reality.

Sororities also do a lot of good, both indoors and out.

Many of them are often involved in charity work, with the older sisters acting as mentors to the younger girls.

This whole concept of big sister and little sister is just the most helpful. Pretty cool. The adults will try to make life easier for the little ones, sometimes even giving them presents or preparing treats for them.

In general, they are a friendly face to newcomers. Someone to show them the way and guide them through everything.

It’s a good title to reward your sim, isn’t it?

With these blue or pink patterned jackets, you can. The big sister on the back of the pair, in large letters, identifies your Sim as one of the oldest and wisest people in the house.

Longer parties and more guests

Look at this CC

What good is a dorm if you don’t throw crazy parties with a bunch of people who can’t make it through the night?

Like many Sims 4 players, I also used to play The Sims 3.

And with student life, you can apparently drink from a keg or play beer – er, pong – with your friends forever.

Fortunately, these characteristics came back to us with Discovery University.

Nonetheless, Sims are much more aware of the fact that they are now delaying their greeting, and they tend to leave rather quickly. The parties never last more than a few hours.

Not to mention that you are very limited in the number of guests you can invite.

Twelve Sims? Ha!

The creator of this mod, Verbesu, really changes the game.

Now you can throw parties that last up to 24 hours and invite up to 200 Sims!

Well, that’s a recipe for a good time.

simple alphabet

Look at this CC

It’s the perfect compromise to bring some of the true Greek inspiration of Sororties into the game, while keeping the Simlish style.

There are twenty letters available in three colors, all based on the Sims 2 letters.

Since the makers of CC don’t want to include names or emblems of student unions in the game (because of copyright and such), you can make up some sort of your own name with those letters.

I’m also very fond of a CC that fits the style of play. So I think it would be pretty cool to hang a few of these letters in your living room.

Girls only postures

Look at this CC

You must remember that your Sim’s youth will not last forever.

I think, technically, it could… Because unlike real life, your Sims don’t really have to get old or move on.

But if you’re playing with any kind of time lapse, you might want to remember something at some point.

At some point, the days of Sisterhood Sim are long gone.

She will be old and gray, with grandchildren under her feet, her youth a distant memory.

But in a simple pose like this, you can take a picture of her with a few sorority sisters and let future generations of the family know that she lived a full life.

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