Best Unova HM Slaves for Your Gen V Pokémon Team –

By the time the dizzying skyscrapers and colossal cities of Unova appeared, the MM were in massive decline.

And that’s it.

The outdated mechanics were eventually eliminated, and Gen V served as the final nail in the coffin.

But it turns out that BW and BW2 are my all-time favorite Pokémon games. In their honor and as a requiem for the deceased HMs, I will be posting the best options for Unova HM slaves for your 5th generation dream team. Rate Generation.

10. Swan

The Swanna is a very bad pilgrim.

He doesn’t use as much HM, although he is learning more. And it also lacks the mischievous charm that Pelipper has, no matter how handsome he is.

It says a lot about the decline of HM mechanics when the 10th best HM user only learns three HM in BW, but here we go.

Swann practically combed through the bird’s MH and water with a fine-tooth comb. Especially to learn to surf, dive and fly. But you’re missing the waterfall.

That’s all there is. The combination of surfing and flying isn’t as effective as in the past, so Swanna at least scores a technical point.

9. Iron replacement

Jellicent has always been a mixed bag for me.

On the one hand, he has a mustache that would make even the most macho man pale with envy.

On the other hand, he has those lifeless eyes that make me so uncomfortable.

Swanna is technically a better HM slave than Jellicent because he can fly while Jellicent has a waterfall.

My loyalty, however, is to Pelippe. So I’m going to use my executive powers to bring down Jellicent.

It has good defensive numbers if you want to use it on your team. Although I’ve never met anyone who actually has one of these guys on their starting team.

8. Druddigon

We’re all familiar with the controversy over the Pokémon design that came with General V.

Personally, I had no problem with most of the new mon. This is not true of Drudigon.

I’d say Drudigon is one of the ugliest Pokémon we’ve ever seen.

I know I shouldn’t throw rocks at the greenhouse, but what the hell happened? He’s so… sharp and abrasive, which is a shame considering he has good basic attack stats.

Smart, you get the fit, the branding and the performance.

You can at least guess how you surf these waves without getting beaten up, but the idea isn’t too far-fetched.

7. Keyboard

From one of the ugliest of Generation V to one of the prettiest, Braviary remains my favorite type of flight design to this day.

Which is great, because it’s an uphill battle.

It has the same HM compatibility as the Druddigon, except that the surf substitute flies.

It’s not that great.

But this means that Braviary can be both a mighty pilot and a mighty slave to Her Majesty, as well as the centerpiece of your party.

6. Gaxor

If you let Huxor go as a slave to Her Majesty, you’ll have serious power issues.

It’s one of the most powerful types of dragon we’ve ever seen.

And it happens to look like it. I still have nightmares about those red tusks.

If you have the sociopathic itch to turn one of these pseudo-legends into a slave to the MH, your choices are Cut, Surf and Reinforce.

5. Tilt

I never thought I would put Basculin higher than Haxorus on a list. But here we are, I guess.

Basculine has terrible looks, terrible stats, boring strike, and is generally a less charming version of Magikarp.

I wouldn’t even eat that thing, it’s so pathetic.

However, this is the first of four Gen V Pokémon that can learn four different HM moves.

Of course you are entitled to three HM of water, but Baskulin can also learn to cut. If you want a true slave to His Majesty, who will be nothing but a guinea pig, then Basculin is your fish.

4. Simipur

I was tempted not to include Simipur in this list, just for personal reasons.

If my dislike for Drudigon was strong enough, my hatred for Simipur is strong enough to call for the extinction of the species.

Everything about the Pokémon design is terrible.

Apparently, the 27-year-old surfer’s older brother, who dropped out of high school, sits in his parents’ basement listening to reggae and claiming that the Arctic Monkeys are still indie.

He has the same MH as Basculin, but he gets number four because my passion and anger for him is enough to make me commit a crime.

3. bear

That’s more like it.

Beartic is a Pokémon creature that not only has an impressive 130 basic attacks, but can also learn to use four HMs with it.

While Her Majesty’s best slaves tend to go on the defensive, there’s nothing more satisfying than a competent OHKO opponent attacking a bifcake head.

Bear receives Dive, Surf, Take Down and Force.

It’s a good cover, and replacing the waterfall for durability will actually help as the game progresses.

2. Carracosta

Over the years, we’ve had several turtles as inspiration for Pokémon. But Carracosta is already close to my favorite.

Without Squirtle, he could have taken first place.

Remember what I said about defending SM slaves?

Well, Carracosta has a huge defense of 133 bases. The ideal SM slave can be left as cannon fodder to endure abuse while you heal.

If you play your cards right, Carracosta can do just as well as the defensive giants themselves.

HM-mind gets you three water and power moves, meaning you can use this type to overcome most obstacles you face.

1. Samurott

GameFreak really must not like the view of the water.

Generation IV Empoleon is one of His Majesty’s greatest slaves of all time, for the Sinno games and for all generations.

And Samurott is by far the best for Generation V.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to load your precious starter with HM.

But you can choose between the three HM water movements, plus power and cut.

It is the only Pokémon in the entire region to have learned more than four MH, meaning it is automatically first on the list.

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