Best Way to Get Training Points in Madden 22

Madden 22 is the latest installment of EA’s hugely popular football franchise. It features a new story mode, called Longshot, which follows the journey of Devin Wade from high school prospect to NFL player. Players must earn their way into college as well as find sponsorships and training in order to make it on the field.

The “madden 22 best training value” is a question that has been asked by many Madden players. The answer to this question is that the best way to get training points in Madden 22 is to use the practice mode.

Best Way to Get Training Points in Madden 22

Anyone who has ever played Madden 22 Ultimate Team knows how important Training Points are. These points enable players to level up their cards, make purchases, and, in general, help them to succeed in Madden Ultimate Team. Here’s all you need to know about Madden 22 Training Points and how to get them. 

In Madden 22, what are Training Points?

In Madden 22 Ultimate Team, Training Points are used to enhance players on your team. Earning Training Points is necessary for this game style since upgrading players unlocks unique Superstar Abilities and X-Factors.

What is the most efficient method for obtaining Training Points in Madden 22?

While there are a variety of ways to earn Training Points in Madden 22, we suggest two in particular. Here are the two most effective methods for obtaining Training Points in Madden 22:

  1. Players who are quick to sell
  2. Finish the MUT Challenges

1. Players who are quick to sell

Selling MUT cards is the most efficient method to acquire Training Points. It is not only the most efficient, but also the fastest and simplest approach. You may start getting rid of some of your depth pieces and Quicksell them to improve your main players if you’ve built up a good squad of players. 

Keep a watch out for cards with a high overall value but a low value, such as those handed out as prizes or during challenges, since they may be acquired on auction and sold for a lot of Training Points. Here’s a breakdown of how many Training Points each MUT card is worth (roughly):

  • Overall, 62-65 – 4 Training Points
  • Overall, 66-69 – 6 Training Points
  • 10 Training Points – 70 Overall
  • 12 Training Points – 71 Overall
  • 15 Training Points – 72 Overall
  • 18 Training Points – 73 Overall
  • 74 points overall – 21 points for training
  • Overall, 75 points – 26 training points
  • Overall, 76 points – 31 training points
  • Overall, 77 points – 38 training points
  • 46 Training Points – 78 Overall
  • 79 points overall – 56 points for training
  • 110 Training Points – 80 Overall
  • 160 Training Points – 81 Overall
  • 230 Training Points – 82 Overall
  • 83 points overall – 340 points in training
  • 490 Training Points – 84 Overall
  • 710 Training Points – 85 Overall
  • 1030 Training Points – 86 Overall
  • 1500 Training Points – 87 Overall
  • 2180 Training Points – 88 Overall
  • 3150 Training Points – 89 Overall
  • 5000 Training Points – 90 Overall
  • 91 points overall – 7000 points in training
  • 10000 Training Points – 92 Overall

There are a lot of potential Training Points to be obtained if you can get some inexpensive 90 Overall cards on auction. You’ll want to think about how many coins you’ll need to drop, but if your timing is correct, you can typically locate a nice bargain.

2. Finish the MUT Challenges

Playing and completing all available MUT Challenges on Madden 22 is the second best method to earn Training Points. Not only can you gain Training Points, but you can also collect MUT money by completing these tasks. Even though it takes a little longer, it’s extremely simple and definitely worth it. There are a variety of tasks to pick from, however the following are the top six that will help you gain Training Points quickly:

  • Compare and Contrast
  • Solos every week
  • Solos of Legends
  • Challenges to Begin
  • Challenges for Superstars
  • Gridiron Defenders

It’s worth noting that not all of the tasks offered will earn you Training Points, but the ones mentioned above will. Plus, some of them let you change the skill level to get higher prizes. This is the collection of chores that is worth your time and effort if you want to earn some MUT money. 

The “Madden 22 training points glitch” is a glitch in Madden 22 that allows players to get more than the maximum number of training points. Reference: madden 22 training points glitch.

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