Bewinner PS Vita Case Review

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The Bewinner PS Vita Case is a stylish and practical way to store your PlayStation vita. Most cases for the PSP have been discontinued, so it can be hard to find one that fits properly with some accessories you may already own or plan on purchasing in the future. The case comes with an inside pocket designed specifically for headphones, cables and other small electronics like USB drives. Customers who purchase this product universally love how functional it is as well as its sleek design – no one wants their device covered up in unnecessary bulkiness!

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Features of Bewinner PS Vita Case

1. Built-In Mesh Pocket
2. Perfect Protection
3. Perfect Size
4. Quality Service
5. Protect The Game Console

1. Built-In Mesh Pocket

The Bewinner PS Vita Case is really two cases in one; it offers a suitably protective, hard-shell case on top of a mesh pocket that you can use to store important items such as your phone and wallet. The best part? It comes with the handy option of folding the front flap behind so you never have to fumble around looking for loose change or cards.

2. Perfect Protection

The Bewinner PS Vita Case is the perfect fit for your device. It has been designed to keep it well protected from everyday wear and tear. The bumper case has a silicone lining that helps protect against smudges, dirt, and scratches. You can also rest assured you’re getting complete protection because this cover includes full body defense with its built-in screen protector which guards against bumps and other accidental damages to your device’s display as well as shock absorbers on either side of the case that absorb impact when dropped or bumped

3. Perfect Size

This case is designed to fit the PlayStation Vita perfectly, with a front flap that features “Vita” in white on one side and its logo on the other. The case also comes with an updated design for 2016’s PS Vitas, as well as extra padding inside for protection of your device from drops and bumps.

4. Quality Service

Bewinner PS Vita Case offers the best of both worlds. While it provides a great way to protect your handheld, you also get good quality customer service and fast shipping!

5. Protect The Game Console

The Bewinner PS Vita Case is a lightweight and slim case, which can protect your console from external damage. It has thick TPU material that gives you the best protection for your game console.

Reviews & Ratings of Bewinner PS Vita Case

Our Rating: 4.1 Out of 5 Stars

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The Bewinner PS Vita Case is a hard case with an interesting design that doesn’t detract from the PlayStation’s sleek exterior.
I found 2 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded it 4.1 stars out of a possible 5 on average, which is pretty impressive considering there are only 10 reviews listed so far.,
One review said, “This item has been sent back to bewinner as faulty due to stress marks around one corner. I have now received my new replacement case and am delighted with it!”
Another said, “It will not fit properly if you use any kind of charger or controller connector.” u3002There were some comments about how difficult it was for people trying to put the system in without inserting their fingers into weird places but other than those two points no negatives were mentioned by anyone else who left reviews.; In fact another reviewer suggested this model would work best for someone looking for something cute rather than practical: “the corners are really much more comfortable then others I’ve tried” They also mention that this particular color combination works well because its gray/white looks good against everything; Another reviewer noted being satisfied overall with their purchase: “Tough shell protecting your investment – Perfect!”; One last person made me laugh when he said, “The biggest downside…it didn’t come in black like advertised!” u3002He ended up getting their money back after complaining too many times!:)


The product is made out of soft, durable fabric that is both water and stain resistant. It does not have a zippered opening for the games card slot or an extra pocket for some accessories.

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