Biomutant Mutations – How to Unlock Light and Dark

During the game’s development Biomutant mutated and mutated again, and now, nearly a year later, it has mutated once more. The new mutations are: Dark Mutants are those that have no mutation in their DNA; Light Mutants are those with a DNA mutation. The mutations are expressed in different ways in each game – Biomutant, Mutants, Warriors, and Battle Ravagers – so we are pleased to be able to offer three new mutations, each with a unique look and a new gameplay style.

On the biggest day in Biomutant’s history, this got tested in the wild. It was time to see how well the new mutations worked in the wild, and what the community was already doing. So here’s a little overview of the mutations and what they change.

I’ve been a fan of the Biomutant series for a long time and I’m excited to see how this game evolves. The story in Biomutant 2 told me how Joanna went from a normal girl into a mutant in a matter of minutes, as she was changing right in front of my eyes. I was surprised and I ask myself “Why me?” and “Why did I get mutating?” The answers come in the form of Biomutant 2: How to Unlock Light and Dark, the expansion that’s coming soon.

word-image-12688 The battles in Biomutant excel in flexibility, and mutations play an important role in this, complementing the improvised ranged and melee weapons that you also carry into battle. As you level up and explore the world, you’ll unlock a variety of abilities, including some powerful light and dark psi powers that let you destroy hairy enemies in style. You can’t use all of Biomutant’s mutations at once, and you’ll need to create two different coins if you want to try everything he has to offer. You will see three options in their linked menu: Biogenetics, psi forces and resilience. Since we have already discussed resistors, we will only focus on the first two in this guide. word-image-12690 Biogenic abilities can only be unlocked with bio-points, a currency obtained from special containers found in the world. They are cylindrical and can be recognized by the green glow and smoke they emit. You can also get biopoints by killing biocrip enemies, such as. B. Defeat the Morks that are underground in highly radioactive areas and by leveling up. In the same areas, there are also mutation points that allow you to change the appearance of the character, again at the cost of biopoints, without changing stats. In case you forgot, when you create your character, their body transforms according to the primary stat you assign to them. Psi forces are another category of biomutant mutations that are unlocked with psi points. Psi glasses can be obtained in shrines such as the one pictured above, as well as by freeing prisoners. Shrines can be quite difficult to find, but you’ll find them near tribal outposts and places where some of the major characters in the main story stay. Unlike biogenetic abilities, some psi powers of biomutants are also bound to a certain amount of dark or light aura. Even if you have enough psi points to get them, your access will be blocked if you don’t meet the alignment requirement. Fortunately, committing shady things doesn’t prevent you from changing your mind later, which means you can potentially earn enough points to unlock all those locked psi powers. If you want to play as both a dark and light character, you can unlock a different set of psi powers in New Game+. Here’s the full list:

  • Sizzling Orb (Dark Aura 10, 4 Psi points) – Hits enemies with long-range projectiles; replaceable by the Sparkling Orb if you play as Psi Freak, in which case you’ll unlock it from the start.
  • Telekinesis (Dark Aura 20, 10 Psi points) – this allows you to grab enemies and moving objects and throw them in the chosen direction.
  • Sky Spark (Dark Aura 30, 18 Psi points) – Shoots a huge beam of pink energy at enemies in the chosen location. Can only be used outdoors.
  • Freeze (Light Aura 10, 7 Psi points) – Causes damage to enemies by covering the ground around you with ice, making it slippery and enemies slippery.
  • Levitation – (Light Aura 20, 10 Psi points) – Fly slowly through the air while being able to use your weapons and remotes.
  • Spark of Ki (Aura of Light 30, 16 Psi points) – Knocks down all enemies in front of you and deals damage. You’re actually a good guy, Palpatine.

No matter how many biomutant mutations you unlock, you can assign up to four of them to a set of special keys that act as shortcuts. You can mix the biogenetic and psi power skills, but if you want to change anything in your build, you’ll have to go into the menu and reassign things. To learn more about the Biomutant, read our guide on tribes and choosing between Jagni and Myriad. Follow video game news on Twitter , watch our videos on YouTube, like us on Facebook and join us on Discord.Biomutant is a challenging action RPG from the creators of the award-winning post-apocalyptic action RPG, Battle Worlds: Kronos. In Biomutant, you take on the role of a young scavenger who sets out to brave the post-apocalyptic wastelands to discover the source of the mutations that have left the human race mutated and unable to survive in the environment. You will find new weapons, new vehicles, and new mutations that will help you to explore the wastelands and to survive. Each mutation is unique and can change your abilities, skills, and combat options.. Read more about biomutant collector’s edition and let us know what you think.

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