Black Legend – An Atmospheric RPG with Lackluster Combat

Developed and published by Warcave, Black Legend is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG that seems to be heavily inspired by the art style of Bloodborne. Unlike traditional turn-based titles, Black Legend takes a unique approach to turn-based combat with unique combat mechanics not typical of the genre. With cultists and beasts roaming the streets, it’s up to you to take back the city and help the local resistance strengthen their position in it. Here’s our review of Black Legend, in which we explore a beautiful city and take on a bloodthirsty cult while trying to solve the mystery behind the fog.

Black Legend is set in the fantasy town of Grant, where you lead a group of mercenaries. After arriving in the city, you join the resistance that is trying to retake the city from a deadly cult. The town of Grant is shrouded in a mysterious fog, and your goal is to find the cause of the fog and bring the town back from the cult. The town of Grant is a 17th century town. You will find many allusions to the architecture of Northwestern Europe. The entire city lies open to you, where you can fight enemies, complete side missions, search for loot and follow the main story of the game.

Black Legend features turn-based combat, but in its current state, it’s not very successful. Perhaps it’s because you have to fight the same battles so often that it quickly becomes boring and repetitive. The game offers the ability to skip stealth battles if you manage to stay hidden from enemies. While moving, the entire group is represented by the main player, but when the battle begins, you can place the entire group in different nets on the battlefield. Since most battles don’t offer much space, this deployment area is often limited, and since characters can’t slide behind each other, this means that some of your characters will sometimes be blocked from behind until those in front can join the action.

After you place your pieces on the board, you can start fighting your enemies. As in most turn-based battles, each side can move, use skills and items, or attack the other side within the allowed action points. When this character runs out of action points, he passes to the other side, who can then play his turn as he wishes. This continues until the player wins the game or the AI destroys all members of your party.  At the beginning of the game, the battles seem a bit boring, but once you know enough and unlock more skills and better weapons, you can unleash some really powerful attacks on your enemies. One of Black Legend’s unique mechanics is the ability to inflict humor on your enemies.

While Black Legend is a reasonably addictive game, some of the game mechanics desperately need polishing. One of the things you’ll notice fairly early on in the game is how lazy the dialogue is. While this is acceptable for the sound, the text stays on the screen for an absurd amount of time even after the dialogue ends, and when you press forward, the text sometimes changes automatically, causing you to accidentally miss the dialogue. It would have been better if the text had moved quickly and only to the next dialogue. The speed parameter is not presented in the dialog box, and no option to change the speed is presented.

Another thing I found annoying was the respawn time of the enemies. It’s only natural that enemies come back in RPGs because you can farm them and earn XP to level up, but when you have to traverse the same area multiple times for the same quest, fighting the same enemies in the same place becomes really hectic and repetitive. Since there are a lot of backtracks in Black Legend, this means that every time you return to a certain area, you have to start all the battles all over again. It’s fun at first, but later in the game it ruins the pace of the quests and the story.

The combat is enhanced by the addition of 15 classes to the game, which you can unlock by finding and collecting their equipment. Each class has its own weapons, items and skills. Skills are divided into active and passive skills. Active skills are acquired as you use them in the game, and once you learn them, you can use them with other classes. Passive skills are linked to classes, and if you change classes, they also change with the new class. You can switch classes along the way once you’ve unlocked them, giving you an edge over your competitors. The more you use a particular skill, the better you get at it, and eventually it becomes part of your arsenal forever, even if you change weapons or classes. Black Legend also brings the concept of alchemy, where you can apply colorful humor to your enemies.

Rubedo, Nigredo, Albedo and Citrinitas, among others. Combining them allows you to put a different kind of humor on your opponents, and once you’ve applied them, you can team up for some of the most powerful catalytic attacks in the game that inflict massive damage on enemies. What’s special is that the AI can also use these mechanisms, allowing you to play on equal footing. Overall, the game’s AI is stupidly good. In most situations, the AI will make you cry, while sometimes using the dumbest attacks and just ignoring the different attack options, making you think the AI is just stupid. For now, it hangs in the middle. You can also inflict extra damage on your enemies by positioning your characters on the right, grabbing them from behind or stabbing them in the back.

Visually, the town of Grant is very attractive and encourages you to explore it further. The levels don’t differ much from each other, but the art style of the game is brilliant. The misty streets and open spaces offer a breathtaking sight. If this was a first or third person game with a camera, it would be really scary. The design of the enemies is really good, although I would have liked to see a crazier design for the non-human enemies. Sex enemies are the most mediocre human enemies in the game, and also the most annoying to fight in the game. You can also interact with various NPCs who hide if they have a lantern shining outside their door. This is a great reference to Bloodborne, and I loved it. There is also a lot of loot in the streets, which makes exploring very rewarding.

Let’s move on to the technical side of Black Legend : The game runs very well and there are no visual or technical problems. The visuals remained stable throughout the sequences, and I couldn’t detect any major visual issues that would lead me to believe the game wasn’t properly optimized. It can be said that the game is very well optimized and runs very well even on older systems. The audio and soundtrack are also pretty solid, and the music speeds up and slows down depending on what’s going on in the game to set the mood for upcoming battles or action scenes. The graphics are not very refined, but the game looks pretty good when all the sliders are set to maximum. If controller support is enabled, you can use the mouse and keyboard or a controller of your choice to play. Most of the bugs in the game have already been fixed, but the developer is working on a sequel title to make the game even better.

Black Legend is an excellent title as it stands, but some mechanics need to be reworked, and Warcave is fully aware of that. Since its release, the developer has released several updates to the game that have fixed various issues reported by players and even added a few new features. A new patch for Black Legend is already in the works, and I took a look at what we can expect from the next patch before writing this review, and I was excited to see that the developer is bringing some additional and brand new features into the game that some of the fans would like to see in the game. It shows that Warcave is serious about the game and has the potential to be a solid turn-based fighting game in the future.

Last block :

Black Legend is set in a beautiful fictional city with an atmosphere that reminds me of one of my favorite games of the previous generation. Right now, the game needs some polishing in terms of combat and some other mechanics, but overall Black Legend is a pretty decent turn-based fighting game. One of the best things about the game is that Warcave actively listens to fan feedback and releases regular updates to address these issues and problems with the game. If the developer continues on this path, Black Legend will eventually be an excellent turn-based sci-fi title, but at this point I’d say we should wait a little longer and let Warcave release a few more updates for the game. Additional features and patches are on the way, and they will make Black Legend even better. If you want to immerse yourself in the game, it still offers plenty of action and a beautifully atmospheric city to explore. If you like turn-based games with a bit of fantasy, then Black Legend is definitely a must-have title for you.

Overall score: 7.0/10

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