Capcom Acknowledges Street Fighter 6 Leak Revealing 22-Character Roster, including Akuma, Cammy, and More

In a recent interview with Forbes, Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter 6’s leaked roster revealed during the Sony conference had been officially announced. The company states it will be “working toward releasing more fighters in future updates.”

The “street fighter 6 leaks reddit” is a Reddit post that reveals the roster for Street Fighter 6. The post includes 22 characters, including Akuma, Cammy, and more.

Image courtesy of Capcom

Following Capcom’s official Street Fighter 6 reveal yesterday, artwork leaked online suggested that the sixth installment of the popular fighting series would feature at least 22 characters, including all eight original World Warriors from Street Fighter II and other fan favorites like Cammy and Akuma (Gouki), who debuted in Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo, respectively. Capcom has officially recognized the leak in a tweet, noting that “we’ve all seen things we weren’t intended to see” and that it appreciates all the good feedback, implying that the photographs, as well as other leaked information such as closed alpha gameplay video, are genuine. In 2023, Street Fighter 6 will be released with an entirely new graphic style and a single-player immersive narrative mode that “pushes the limits of what a fighting game is” and enables players to build their own avatar.


It seems that ten characters from #StreetFighter6 have been released.

3 June 2022 — Knoebel (@Knoebelbroet)

The last one.

3 June 2022 — Knoebel (@Knoebelbroet)

We’ve all seen things we weren’t intended to witness as Metro City citizens, but we’re all in this together. We are grateful for all of the excellent feedback. Thank you for your help!

June 4, 2022 — Street Fighter (@StreetFighter)



The origins of the leak is unclear – some sources claim it was first uploaded on 4chan before being shared on other sites – but the photographs have already spread over social media and forums such as ResetEra.

The lineup looks to be genuine, and if so, Street Fighter 6 will include all eight original ‘World Warriors’ from Street Fighter II.

Cammy and Dee Jay from Super Street Fighter II, Akuma from Super Street Fighter II Turbo, Juri from Super Street Fighter IV, and Ed and Rashid from Street Fighter V are among the returning characters.

A Mexican fighter named Lily, a dreadlocked American fighter named Kimberley, and a mystery clawed Chinese fighter named A.K.I. are among the new characters.

Capcom is the source of this information (via VGC)

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Capcom has finally acknowledged that the leak revealed 22-character roster, including Akuma, Cammy, and more. The company also confirmed that they will be releasing a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 on April 24th. Reference: street fighter 6.

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