COD Black Ops 4 Ranked Play Guide | How the Rank System Works?

Activision has already implemented COD Black Ops 4, but players still don’t know how to play it. This guide will help you play COD Black Ops 4 Ranked, so take a look at it.

Last year, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 got a new competitive playlist for the PS4 console. But many gamers seem confused when it comes to the Cause of Duty Black Ops game, which is ranked fourth, because they don’t understand how it works and what to do about it. So here we have a complete guide to help you understand the ranked game in a simple way, let’s continue.

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COD Black Ops 4 is an excellent game that can be played in a variety of modes. Last year, Activision introduced a competitive playlist for PS4 users that they did not understand, and it was a bit confusing for everyone to understand the Ranked Play system and how the Ranked League system works.

Therefore, the developers of COD Black Ops 4 should publish a comprehensive guide at a later date to explain to players how the ranking system works in COD Black Ops 4. But in our opinion, this guide is a bit long and not easy to understand for all players and especially for beginners, and there are no other guides available online to explain how Black Ops 4 League Play works. So here is our explanation.

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COD Black Ops 4 Ranked Play: COD How does the competition work in CoD BO4?

When a player joins the World League Hub, they must participate in a Pro Series playlist, and the Pro Series playlist uses the World League COD rules. This playlist contains championship events that last approximately 3-4 days. The duration of the event is the period of time you work on your league standings.

After you have played all 5 skill matches, you will be placed in a division with up to 50 players who have the same skill as you, and the players in each division will compete for ladder points. Ladder points are added or subtracted and depend on your win or loss. You must earn as many points as possible to reach a high rank in your division.

You must earn a certain number of ranking points for all wins, which is fixed, and you can earn additional points for each win in a series of up to four games for additional wins. In addition, there is a bonus point each day, as well as a ranking bonus if you are in the division.

Depending on your rank in league games, you’ll receive what’s called a World League rank, a constant progressive rank that’s a combination of life and achievement. You can improve your rank by winning gems. These gems are the rank rewards that can be earned by completing a championship event. You get 2 gems if you finish in the top 25 of your division, 3 gems if you finish in the top 10, and 4 gems if you finish first.

Three gems are needed to move from the first to the tenth row, and four gems for each row between 11 and 20.

Here’s how the COD Black Ops 4 ranking system works, if you have any other confusions, let us know.

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I hope you enjoy our approach to COD Black Ops 4 Ranked Play Guide | How the Ranked Play System Works.

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