Company of Heroes 3 Announced

World War II’s “The Big One” was the largest and most catastrophic war in the history of the world. It cost the lives of tens of millions of people and changed the course of history. Of course, the war is remembered for the battles that took place: Stalingrad (6-8 million lives), Kursk (10-12 million) and the final battle at Berlin (3-4 million). But there was a huge lack of coverage for the war as a whole, so World War II is often looked at as just a series of battles. Today, we commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the “Big One” with the announcement of World War II: War of the Allies.

Relic Entertainment, the studio behind Company of Heroes, have just announced that they are working on a new game – Company of Heroes 3. The game will be based on the World War II era and is said to be a real-time strategy title. The game is expected to be released in late 2013 if all goes to plan.

Company of Heroes 3 from Relic Entertainment and SEGA Europe takes you to a whole new war arena.

A set of new features based on Essence Engine 5. Players can command air, land and sea troops and set up supply lines on a dynamic campaign map. Players must lead an Allied campaign to retake mainland Italy from entrenched Axis forces.

Find out more in the upcoming trailer:

Company of Heroes 3 –Trailer


You can see the game in action with the gameplay trailer below:

Company of Heroes 3 –Gameplay Reveal Trailer


According to Justin Dowdeswell, CEO of Relic Entertainment:

We are very excited for players to experience Company of Heroes 3 in its pre-alpha phase and receive their valuable feedback. We’ve been developing the game for a few years now with some of our fantastic community members, and they’ve provided us with consistent and meaningful feedback at every stage of the development process. We look forward to extending this reach to fans around the world through the development of CoH, made possible by Amplitude Studios™ remarkable Games2Gether platform.

You can get pre-alpha access to the game on Steam here.

Source: Press release

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Company of Heroes 3 from Relic Entertainment and SEGA Europe takes you to a whole new war arena.

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With the release of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl from Ludosity, Fair Play and GameMill Entertainment, players can compete against their favorite Nickelodeon characters.

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