Comprehensive Guide to Doing Bounties Runs Correctly

A comprehensive guide to making bounty runs correct.

The “diablo 3 bounty rewards per difficulty” is a guide that will help you to do bounties runs correctly. The guide will also include the “Must Have” text.

Comprehensive Guide to Doing Bounties Runs Correctly

This is basic stuff; no one’s channel numbers will be boosted by a 20-minute film.

To respect everyone’s time, you want to complete the bounties as quickly as possible.

  • EXPECTATIONS FOR THE BOUNTIES GAMES – People participate in Bounties games with the assumption that other participants are aware of the game’s mechanics and social expectations. Bounties games, ranging from “Normal” to “Torment VI,” may be a little chaotic since anybody can participate. This is the one time I give folks the benefit of the doubt — I tell them what they’re doing wrong so they don’t develop bad habits that will get them thrown out of Torment XVI. You should be expected to know what others anticipate of you once you get to Torment VII. You should, ideally, know before then. Everyone in Torment XVI should be able to do all of these instinctively. Do this at the start if you’re instructing someone new to low-difficulty Bounties games. If you have a certain item(s) in mind, let the players know as soon as possible.
  • SPLIT BOUNTIES – When you say “split bounties,” it indicates that everyone divides up and performs their own bounties. This is the default — if you can’t finish a level relatively quickly, you’re in too much misery to do bounties. See the next two points.
  • ELECTRIC BOOGALOO – SPLIT BOUNTIES II If you and another player are both starting at the next bounty, give the reward to the first person to depart the spawn place, and then choose another. And, unless there are literally fewer bounties than players left (see CLEANUP), don’t accept another player’s boss fight – it’s a waste of everyone’s time, and experienced players will frequently kick players who do this in bounties games, especially at Torrent XVI, where all players should be expected to know better.
  • BOSSES – If a particular torrent boss is causing you problems but the other bounties aren’t, don’t spend anyone’s time fighting it. Act VI – Urzael and Malthael are two frequent bosses that may cause you trouble. These should ideally not be an issue for you, but if they are, delegate them to someone else.
  • TOWN PORTAL – Press M to advance to the next bounty from the one you just completed. If a bounty isn’t completed, go to town, then to the next bounty, and so on. It’s a waste of time to do this. It is preferable to spend as little time as possible in cities. Simply do the bounty job.
  • LOOT – We get it; you’re not going to miss out on that primal. Perhaps you’re lacking in jewels. Take what you need. However, if you’re strong at a certain sort of thing, abandon it and move on. This isn’t the time to stockpile yellows, open every chest, or obsess over the fact that you forgot to collect a few Death’s Breaths. It’s not only your own time that you’re squandering.
  • PARTIAL PARTIES – Don’t turn in any bounties if your party isn’t full and you want to recruit more players to help speed things along. The easiest way to avoid this is to keep one bounty each act unfinished so that no one may turn in an act and lock out the option to bring in an extra player. The game will not provide you any more players after you’ve completed an act.
  • FOCUS ON BOUNTIES – This isn’t the time to be thinking about Rifts, Greater Rifts, or anything else. If you notice someone beginning Rifts or Greater Rifts, tell them to concentrate on bounties. If they refuse, you may be tempted to right-click their icon and pick “kick,” explaining that you’re “doing Rifts in a Bounties game.” This isn’t about being a jerk; it’s about respecting other people’s time. There’s a site where you can do Rifts: Rift games.
  • SPEED, SPEED, SPEED (AND MORE FOCUS) – Don’t be sidetracked by anything else if the goal is to perform something. If you’re at a level where you have to kill X enemies plus a boss, the cursed chest may help you get more kills. If your reward has nothing to do with killing X creatures, however, cursed chests are a waste of time. In fact, if you’re using a quick build, the smartest thing you can do is rush through any material that has nothing to do with the reward you’re on. Don’t perform your inventory management in the midst of a bounty game — ideally, you’ll have a “trash tab” or two where you can drop unidentified stuff and deal with them later, and you should only do so when your inventory is getting close to being filled.
  • RAINBOW PORTALS, VAULTS, AND COW LEVELS – Players should make a mental note of them and go on, making sure to come back to them and inform everyone that there are more goodies to be found on spawning portals towards the conclusion of the game. However, you and I both know that players lose concentration on things, especially vaults and rainbow portals, and that some will do them regardless of what others advise. If I’m the one who discovers them, I maintain my attention on the current bounty, finish it, teleport to the next bounty, and note where the content (typically a vault or rainbow portal) is. I tell anybody who asks that we’ll pick it up in the end. If someone else discovers one, there’s roughly a 75 percent chance that they’ll want to do it right away, and you’re unlikely to receive an invite to join in, so keep a watch on chat/status.
  • GOBLIN MOB SPAWNS AND BANDIT SHRINES – These should be handled differently from the previous item. Goblin tribes are diverse. With pets and long-range attacks, depending on your build, you may have already attacked a goblin gang by the time you notice them, thus it’s too late for them. If you come across a bunch of goblins without initiating the assault, notify your fellow players in chat so they may join the battle and split the treasure. Unless you’re truly playing with blinders on, you’ll probably notice it before you click it in Bandit Shrines. Invite the players to the goblin shrine to join the assault and divide the treasure, as previously. These don’t spend a lot of time, and getting the jump on goblin groups without engaging them first is fantastic – but once they start running, they’ll either flee or you’ll kill them all — in any case, they only have a short lifetime once they spot you. You can reserve bandit shrines for later, exactly like portals in the previous point, but it’s not as much of a distraction as portal-based encounters, so simply get it out of the way and people will appreciate the thought.
  • BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR BOOTS AND SPONGERS – I don’t think it’s a good idea to assume people are bots. Things happen when individuals do strange things, or when they connect to a game and are summoned away from the computer. However, whether you’re looking at your map or hovering over the symbols of other players, make sure they aren’t simply sitting in town (or in the same location) for 15 minutes. Certain bounties have issues, such as massive “kill all the mob” missions where you miss an early monster and have to backtrack, or Leoric’s where a mob is trapped behind a wall and some characters can’t reach them (and if that happens, let chat know, a sentry Demon Hunter can often take them out behind the wall). If you see someone at the same bounty spot as you did previously, complete your bounty and come back to check on them after your next. Start a kick vote: “idling in bounty location” or “idling in town” if they haven’t moved yet. They’re squandering the time of others.
  • WHY YOU SHOULD START A PRIVATE GAME BEFORE GOING PUBLIC – If you’re seeing latency in public games (like Season 25 has), it’s usually less noticeable in games you create yourself and invite people to join. If you have certain bosses in mind (for example, replenishing your Soul Shard supply in Season 25), you may do it first before opening the game to the public. If you want to perform the bounties in Act I through IV, which are also Keywarden domains, you should complete them first. If you require a certain boss for a season objective and then want to conduct bounties, you should probably take care of that first.
  • CLEANUP — After everyone has completed their new bounties, just a few players remain on the last bounties. Assist the remaining players in completing the last bounties and/or turning in the bounties from the other act. Don’t just teleport to town and wait – you might find that the other players don’t need your help, but you might find a player on one of those tedious bounties where you have to kill all monsters in a maze but one is missing, and a second player or two to backtrack to find the missing monster would be very helpful. If there are no bounties left except bosses, feel free to join them; there is no use in wasting time now.
  • WHAT TO DO IN A GAME AFTER THE BOUNTIES HAVE BEEN COLLECTED – If you’re going to do it in the game you just completed, open your caches. It’s fair game when the bounties are finished if you have a group with whom you wish to perform Rifts or Greater Rifts. Because they’re all voluntary at that point, the Keywarden domains on Act I may be unlocked, and the multi-boss encounters can be conducted quickly and without disturbing anyone’s schedule. Quick-run bosses (Skeleton King, Belial, Maghda, or notably Zoltun Kulle) may be dashed to and completed in under a minute apiece if there’s a cause to do them, such as acquiring Season 25 Soul Shards. The important aspect is that, since the bounties have already been completed, folks may leave if they don’t think it’s worth their time, and no one will be angry. Complete any Vaults, Cow Levels, or Rainbow Portals you’ve been putting off. Consider running any Vaults that include Puzzle Rings, Cow Levels that have Bovine Bardiches, or Bandit Shrines that you’ve saved. When the bounties are finished, conduct your inventory management. Drop stuff that other players may need. If everyone is in the same Act town, this will work best. Personally, I like Act I for post-gaming since the town is tiny and there is less layout bullshit.

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For the game Diablo 3, write a “Comprehensive Guide on Doing Bounties Runs Correctly.”

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The “diablo 3 bounty farming solo” is a guide that covers the basics of doing bounties runs correctly. The guide also includes a list of the best places to farm bounties in Diablo III.

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