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David Bowie, 1947-2016 – the Addison Recorder

Now and eternally, Ziggy Stardust


David Bowie’s music, at first glance, was not emotional. He by no means got here throughout as utterly chilly and unfeeling, however he didn’t write many love songs or political songs or songs that reeked of the sentimental. What I’ve come to consider is that with every new report, and each new character to accompany that report, Bowie built a new world. The songs on his albums have been observational sketches of what life on this world was like, be it the world of Ziggy Stardust, Halloween Jack, the Skinny White Duke, or the slick determine dancing beneath critical moonlight. And these worlds have been so wealthy and full that spending time in one crammed you with feeling, and gave you the emotional experience of a unique perspective on existence.

The 1960s have been a decade through which a lot of what we considered establishments and the buildings of existence was dashed away, or the groundwork was laid for them to be dashed away. I consider our society continues to be reeling from this upheaval. I also consider Bowie was one among the individuals who acknowledged this greater than anything and stepped into the void. His message was that for those who didn’t like how your faculty, your church, your government, your elders, whoever or whatever outlined you, then you would be yourself. You may create a world. You possibly can set the guidelines, determine your destiny, and in doing so find achievement and happiness. However these worlds were not self-contained…there can be enough in them that other individuals might acknowledge and relate to and share in, so when you have been dwelling as the individual you dreamed you possibly can be, you’d also never be alone.

This sounds idealistic. But I think of going to the Museum of Modern Art last yr to see the David Bowie Is… exhibit and spending two hours tracing his career by way of one straight line that showed how all of his worlds fit together. And I consider watching Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, a live performance documentary for which D.A. Pennebaker only miked the stage, not the viewers, so when it cuts to crowd photographs we see boys and girls underneath flickering strobes screaming and sobbing in silent ecstasy as if they have discovered the most welcoming, reassuring Messiah. And I think of how that well-known glam-rock run in the 1970s, when Bowie’s worlds helped redefine for the mass tradition what gender and sexuality meant, reached past people who needed and needed to redefine gender and sexuality. Clearly it touched a cis straight white male recent out of Catholic faculty like my father, who owned all the early data and sang Bowie songs to me once I was in preschool. Clearly it touched many others like him, because whoever we’re and nevertheless we consider ourselves, we all share a need to merely be ourselves. Bowie advised us, and can all the time inform us, that self-expression is a vital and delightful thing.

It’s exhausting for me to select the “best” Bowie document (they’re all so totally different and my favourite, Station to Station, is an oddity even for this biggest oddity) however I might argue “Heroes” from 1977 is the best six minutes of his career because of this: read the Wikipedia article. Now picture this recording session with the man pressured to sing louder with each verse and hold that straightforward, lovely melody intact. There isn’t any room to think about plans or concepts or commerciality. For these jiffy David Bowie is pure and uncooked, and he becomes what he tried to show us to be: merely himself.


Understand how I first discovered about David Bowie? I mean actually decided to hunt out his music? I discovered of Bowie because of that entire bullshit with “Ice Ice Baby.”

Back in both fifth or sixth grade, my radio station choices have been limited. I lived in somewhat Wisconsin village that was in between greater towns and cities. There was the native nation station, there have been the nearby oldies stations, and there was the Prime 40 station in Inexperienced Bay. My hand-me-down boombox came with choices for “mono” and “stereo” sound, but didn’t get many stations to test that change.

Anyway, I keep in mind the Prime 40 station joking about the “Ice Ice Baby” / “Under Pressure” kerfuffle. I keep in mind hearing the Bowie & Queen collaboration and realizing that there appeared to be a niche in my music information. I mean, I knew Bowie as the Goblin King from Labyrinth; I vaguely recalled a couple of songs of his. (Queen, meanwhile, was solely “We Will Rock You” to my restricted information back then.) The indiscretion of a vanilla flash-in-the-pan made me perceive that there was more music among the stars and the earth that I had not yet discovered.

It’s not that I all of the sudden went on a Bowie kick, or even thought-about myself an enormous fan of his. It’s that, as I was discovering music, Bowie’s affect was all the time there. He was the idea and the influence behind so much of what shaped my love of music. Meat Puppets, Nirvana, TV On The Radio, the entire throughline from proto-punk to various — Bowie was a guiding star in the rock firmament. He was so embedded into my cultural, he even confirmed up in my favorite show. Probably the most highly effective villain in The Enterprise Bros. could possibly be anybody he needed — and he needed to be David Bowie.

It was Venture Bros. that lead me to re-discover Bowie’s music. In the episode “Ghosts of the Sargasso,” the collection introduces the short-lived character of Main Tom. Remembering that it was based mostly off a Bowie music, I gave “Space Oddity” my first real pay attention. Holy fuck, that was a discovery.


There are three specific things to speak about Bowie, they usually’re culled from moments of my very own life.

1) The Discovery

Like most red-blooded Midwesterners of an age, I came to Bowie by way of the radio, driving round in my automotive. As a kid, I discovered most good basic rock by means of my mother and father (Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, and so on.). Nevertheless, as with all particular person, their information and tastes assorted from mine, and neither of them seemed a lot into that bizarre guy who played dress-up and sang about spacemen.

So, I sought him out alone. I listened to songs like “Rebel Rebel” on the radio, heard “Under Pressure” underneath very comparable straits to J., and found a lot of different tracks on basic rock radio (104.7 in Dayton, to be actual). After deciding that this cat appeared all right, I sought out a “Best Of” CD during the summer time between my freshman and sophomore yr of school. At that time, I used to be still spinning about in wild abandon, still making an attempt to discover myself. I used to be an oddity.

And here was Bowie, singing about bizarre shit that no one else sang about and never giving one iota of fucks. To me, Bowie was the freak on the edge of the crowd, very similar to me. He was forlorn, completely rejecting Trendy Love – and that performed all too properly for a nineteen yr previous reeling from the first rejection of my younger life by the woman I’d pined after for several years. (Ah, to be nineteen once more…) Bowie informed me that it was okay to feel that approach, that life would go on. Let’s dance.

2) The Romancing

Flash-forward one summer time, and I’ve acquired my head wrapped round my favorite Bowie tracks. I’m dwelling in Bowling Inexperienced for a summer time, my first actual time spent dwelling away from residence and worrying about shit like lease and bills. And then I received forged in a show in Toledo with two of my greatest pals of the time, and I was the one with a automotive. That meant that we relied an excellent deal on my music. And I simply so occurred to have that Bowie CD sitting in my dashboard.

And I discovered about the other tracks on the CD. “Golden Years” had escaped my notice earlier than. I didn’t know “Fame” was co-written by John Lennon. Hey, Bowie did a music with Nine Inch Nails that was totally dope. And holy fuck is “Heroes” superb whenever you’re doing 90 on I-75 at night time with the prime of your automotive roof vast open and the stars are out and also you and your mates sing along at the prime of your lungs off-key and voices cracking however no one cares because we are young and we might be heroes only for in the future. For Bowie is the voice of eternal youth – he never appeared to age, so immortal and alien was he. He was our hero.

Sidenote: I gained an argument with my good friend Tyler because of David Bowie. He advised me one time that, regardless of his various profession, Bowie never actually believed in modifications. Cue “Changes”. End end result – Tyler had nothing left to do however to confess my argumentative superiority. That is certainly one of two arguments I’ve gained with Tyler.

3) The Finish

By now, you all might have seen the new music video for “Lazarus”, released simply two days earlier than his demise. It’s haunting as any video I’ve ever seen – when it comes to context, it’s rivaled only by Johnny Money’s rendition of “Hurt”.

In the video, Bowie languishes in a hospital mattress. He sings “Look at me, I’m in heaven”. He disappears, trembling and ashen, right into a black wardrobe, never to emerge once more.

His whole career, Bowie carried out a personality. That lack of identifiable traits helped to bolster the sense that Bowie couldn’t die, that we might by no means lose him. And, in the finish, he knew that this should not be true, that he would die. So, naturally, he performed his dying for the world at giant. That’s directly the most Bowie thing Bowie might have finished, and a terrifying factor to actually contemplate – how typically can we get to find out about our imminent deaths after which broadcast it from station to station across the world?

There’s one moment to go away you with, and it’s a picture of David Bowie, sitting cross legged on the stage at Madison Sq. Backyard at the beginning of the Live performance for New York Metropolis. 9/11 has simply happened. The ruins of the World Trade Middle are nonetheless smoldering. And here’s Bowie, barefoot and clad in grey, seated earlier than a toy keyboard. He tinkers out a tiny organ-grinder melody. He sings “America” by Simon and Garfunkel, and his voice directly conveys elation and sorrow. It’s the most real I’ve ever seen anybody play any track without resorting to over the prime melodramatics. It’s painful…and but you are feeling entire again, as if the whole lot can – and will – be right once more.

Ziggy performed guitar.

Andrew Rostan

Andrew Rostan

Andrew Rostan’s first graphic novel, “An Elegy for Amelia Johnson,” was named one among the greatest comics of 2011 by USA At the moment. His second ebook can be revealed by Archaia/Growth! Studios in 2015. When not telling fictional stories, he enjoys nothing greater than conversing together with his fellow Recorder members and the rest of the world.

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