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Dead by Daylight 2.12 Update Patch Notes Today | Update 4.5.0 on Feb 10

The release notes for Dead by Daylight 2.12 are out and Behavior Interactive has released the mid-point update to chapter 4.5.0. We have all the information and details about the 2.12 update such as patch notes, a list of all the changes, bug fixes, additional content and many other features added in the 2.12 update of Dead by Daylight, take a look.

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The Dead by Daylight 2.12 update is available and can be downloaded by all users. According to the release notes for Dead by Daylight 2.12, this patch will bring many important changes, such as the addition of a new HUD layout, new HUD elements and many other additional features. In addition, many problems and bugs have been fixed with this patch. Apart from that, there are other performance and game optimization improvements.

Below we have the full list of changes and release notes for Dead by Daylight 2.12 – Update 4.5.0, take a look.

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Content added

  • Part VI and the slippery rush
    • Part VI for the archives begins tomorrow, February 10 at 11:00 a.m. (ET).
    • The slip-stamping begins the next day, February 11 at 11 a.m. (Eastern Time).
  • New HUD presentation.
    • Player Status has received a new design with many graphic and animated improvements.
    • The goal has been moved to the center of the screen to give the players more space.
    • The status effect and score events have been moved to the right side of the screen.
  • New elements of HUD
    • Added a new widget for the assassin that shows how many hooks he has won in the game.
    • A new set of markers will now be visible above each Survivor game.
  • Visual Update
    • Update of the model and textures of the outfits of the 4 sisters.
    • Some visual changes were made to the floor plans of the meat processing plant and the Gideon shelters.
    • Update the model, texture the clown’s base and update his VFX.

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Dead by Daylight 2.12 Update Patch notes Correcties de bogues

  • Fixed hiccups in the loading bar when selecting an item.
  • Fixed hiccup problem when opening the website after a certain level.
  • Fixed problem that allowed some survivors to passively fall asleep so as not to count toward the Dream Master’s realization.
  • An issue related to identity theft has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the torch’s beam did not extend further after successfully blinding the assassin.
  • Fixed problem where the piston of the 1st generator was moving abnormally fast.
  • The problem with the camera where the nurse would carry the survivors and the attack was solved.


  • Fixed: Elodie screams louder than the other survivors.
  • Fixed: different surface markings for steps and stamps.
  • Correction: the static attack doctor does not play his sound.
  • Fixed: The decor of the Legion’s “leather hooded sweatshirt”.

PC only

  • Crash occurred when inserting blank text into a promotional code.

PS5 only

  • Fix: The player did not return to the initial interaction screen when the Internet connection was interrupted.

Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 only :

  • There may be a crash after downloading the manual if the game is not fully installed.

PTB Editions

  • Fixed: Survivors could no longer nod.
  • Fixed: The survivor’s icon quickly changed direction.
  • Fix: When the survivor was bleeding from a deep wound, an incorrect animation was played.
  • Bug fixing: Players could control a character during Dead Hard.
  • Fix: Survivor returned to original position after releasing generator repair.
  • Correction: the survivor went through the vault doors during the escape.
  • Fix: When interacting with the fountains, the character took the “T” position.

All of these changes were made in accordance with the release notes for Dead by Daylight 2.12.

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I hope you enjoy our support of Dead by Daylight 2.12 Update Patch Notes Today | Update 4.5.0 on February 10.

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