Destiny 2 Cold Boot Mission Walkthrough

  • Type of assignment: History
  • Place of employment: Old Russia, Earth.
  • Deployment time: 10-15 minutes

Shaw needs your help to get into the room where the golden relic, the superconductor, is located, but he can’t get there without access to the network.

You need to get to the array and find the control panel, where you need to reset the main hull so Shaw can open the room that leads to the superconductor.

Once the superconductor is found, you and Shaw must bring it to town and put it in the right hands.

Operational condition

Before you can access the Cold-Blooded mission, you’ll need to complete a few simple tasks at the separation site.

Acknowledgement of receipt

During the show, there will be bounties available for you to pick up and complete, which will also earn you a good amount of XP and Glimmer.

Recorded data waste

You may have to kill instances of powers in a partition slot to get a total of 20 data volumes.

Lost box in area.

In order to defeat the enemies in the lost sector of Exodus Garden 2A, located in The Divide, you must go and loot the chest in the lost sector.

Mission Statement Objectives

Move to table

You start outside the structure from which you previously removed the barrier, and go to the place indicated by the landmark on the map.

Inside the building you will encounter enemies, including a dark room full of cursed Thralls.

Once you get past the dark room where you met the cursed slaves, you’ll enter a more open area where your enemies are waiting for you and the ogre.

You have to fight your way past enemies and head for a nearby door, marked by your waypoint, which you must hack through as it closes in front of you.


Once you start the hack, enemies will come to you and you will have to defeat them before the hack is finished.

After killing a few enemies, Ghost finally opened the door and you have to continue your way to the painting.

Approximation table (Part 2)

You go to the waypoint and enter an open world area where other players are completing their quests.

If you continue in the direction of the waypoint, you will be asked to deviate, giving the ghost the idea of letting you eliminate a nearby shadow drift.

Light Shadow Drift

To remove the shadow, stay near the green circle marker and wait until the counter is full.

Once the shadow area is cleared, there will be crystals floating around you that you must destroy to complete the clear.

Destroy crystals

The crystals to be destroyed are marked with landmarks, and you must destroy all 3 of them to continue the mission.

Shaw will contact you once the crystals are destroyed and tell you that what you are doing is working and that you should keep deflecting.

Defeat the Avenging Knight

Your next task is to kill the Revenant Knight. This is a stronger enemy marked with a landmark that will lead you to the nearest one you can kill.

You need to hurry to the Revenant Knight, as other players may already be working on the quest. If you miss an opportunity, you may have to wait a while if no one is around.

Hive defeat

After you defeat the Avenging Knight, the enemies in the hive react like Ghost said, and you have to fight the reinforcements.

To reach the goal, you must reach 100% of the defeated hive, which depends on the enemies killed in that area.

When you’ve killed enough enemies, Shaw will ask you to leave the area before reinforcements get you.

Approximation table (Part 3)

Make your way to the location of the control panel, which is in a nearby building accessible through an entrance or opening on top of the building.

The show will tell you to go to the control room to reset the main hull, as it is currently locked by the subsystems.

Find control panel

You must continue your way to the crosswalk until you reach the land complex, which is off-limits.

Be careful in this part of the mission, because you can’t restart, and you have to restart this part if you die.

When you get to the control panel, go with it to start a hack that Ghost can work with.

Examine the table top casing

The show begins with instructions on what to do with the control panel, but this is quickly interrupted when Ghost gets the job done prematurely.

Shaw will then instruct you to examine the satellite dish to see if it is working as intended.

The ghost will claim that the network is functional, but suddenly enemy forces will come at you en masse.

Control room security

The ghost will see large swarms of Hives coming towards your position, and you must defend the control room by killing the advancing enemies.

Enemies will arrive in ships and come from two directions, depending on where you are, and you must take them all out before the mission continues.

At this point, communication with Shaw is interrupted and becomes rare, apparently caused by the arrival of enemies.

Consolidation with Ghost

After defeating the Hive troops, the problem disappears and you must regroup with the Ghost.

The connection will be restored once you reach the Ghost, and Shaw will ask you to retrieve it before Navotas reappears.


  • In many cases, you will encounter waves of enemies and will need to find a place where you can easily defend yourself.
  • Cursed Thralls can be pretty mean when they get close to you. So shoot them from a distance and prevent them from exploding when you’re around.

As you defend the control room, you’ll need to shoot waves of enemies, and it’s best to do so strategically, as they’ll try to surround and corner you.


The mission ends after you survive the enemy’s attack on the control panel, and then you must confront Shaw.

Shaw will apologize for putting you in that position and expecting something bad to happen when the connection was broken.

The plan proved to work and the camera that Shaw needed access to was unlocked, allowing access to the superconductor.

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