Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Lost Sectors Locations

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The European Dead Zone in Destiny 2 is a big place, and finding all the Lost Sectors can be a bit of a challenge. But if you’re keeping a close eye on your map, you should be able to find them all.

If you’ve been looking for Destiny 2 European Dead Zone Lost Sectors Locations, you’ve come to the right place. Bungie’s new shared world shooter is currently tearing up the gaming community, and with good reason: it’s fun. (And if you’re a Guardian, you’ll need to know where to go to find the best loot in order to defeat the most powerful enemies.)

The European Dead Zone (EDZ) has the highest number of lost sectors in Destiny 2 : It has more than three times as many lost areas as any other site.

EDZ has been occupied and invaded by various factions, and you can expect to encounter various enemies from each faction, some even fighting each other.

Most lost areas of the EDZ are controlled by the Fallen, making them good places to collect kills for their faction for achievements or quests.

See also the location and map of the lost areas below:

We have detailed the lost areas of Trostland. Visit this page to learn more about the 3 lost areas listed below.

  • The Widow’s Walk (Wanted by Mazan, who has lost track of the captain)
  • Atrium (where the pariah captain Skecksis resides)
  • East Terminal (location Sunless Captain)

Scavenger’s Den (location of blind captain Groxus)

  • Leader: Groxus, the blind captain
  • Elite: No
  • Group : Like
  • Area: Suburbs

The scavenger’s lair is a cave in the sewers near the edge lake, accessed through a tunnel at the base of the cliff.

In the scavenger’s lair, you’ll encounter fallen enemies, and as you move through the place, you’ll need to defeat enemies to break through barriers.

If you go to the end of the cave, you will encounter a final boss, Groxus, the blind captain, who only fights normal fallen enemies, not elites.

The Drain (requires: Captain Metal’s location)

  • Leader: Required: The metal captain
  • Elite: Nightmarish and smelly.
  • Group : Like
  • Area: Suburbs

Drain is a series of underground tunnels with a ghostly creature, as you will later see a shadowy figure floating around.

There are few enemies to get in the way of fighting the final boss, and he’s easily accessible within seconds of you entering the tunnels.

If you stay to the right and pass the previously fallen troops, you will face Wanted: A metal captain who fights the Nightmare Reapers and other enemies of the Fallen.

Whispering Falls (location of the captain you are looking for)

  • Leader: Required: The exhausted captain
  • Elite: Nightmare Shaft.
  • Group : Like
  • Area: Suburbs

Whispered Falls is a hidden cave with an underground waterfall where Wanted is hiding: Captain.

The cave is full of fallen enemies, including the Nightmare Shanks, a more powerful version of the Shanks that fight alongside the final boss.

When you reach the end of the cave, you’ll be face to face with Hotei: Captain destroyed, as well as his fallen reserve troops.

The Crying (Storm master required)

  • Leader: Required: Captain of the Cloudburst.
  • Elite: Nightmarish and smelly.
  • Group : Like
  • Area: The bay is curvy.

The area that Weep lost is an underground forest cave where the final boss Wanted: Captain Liv is hiding out with the other monsters of the night.

You’ll find the entrance at the top of the hill, behind the stray sector marker, which will lead you to the cave itself.

The inside of the cave can be a bit confusing, so you’ll have to climb up to higher ground, which is the path to the location of the final boss fight.

Pathfinder Crash (Location of Unstoppable White’s wanted grain)

  • Leader: Requires Zerz, the unstoppable leader
  • Elite: Nightmare beast.
  • Group : Company
  • Area: Hades Firebase

The lost Pathfinder Crash area is a cave that leads to the wreck of a ship called Pathfinder that crashed some time ago.

There are no enemies when you enter the main area full of Kabala, a crash site with a small facility that gives the impression that there were survivors here.

In the main area, there will be Kabal enemies accompanying the Boss Want: Zerz, the unstoppable warrior who battles the beasts of the nightmare.

Excavation XII (dusty fragment searched)

  • Leader: Required: The dust has settled
  • Elite: Legionnaires of the Nightmares
  • Group : Company
  • Area: Hades Firebase

The excavation site for Lost Sector VII is an underground mine in a cave near the Hades Firebase.

This place was lost long ago and is now occupied by the forces of the Cabal, led by their leader, the Wanted : The fabric is choked with a fragment.

When you enter the cave, you’ll come to a path that leads you to a large room where Wanted: Dustk Chok Trag has been placed with his Nightmare Legionnaires.

The Source (Location of the Almighty Power of Coorg)

  • Leader: Required: Kurg, the power that sees all.
  • Elite: Legionnaires of the Nightmares
  • Group : Company
  • Area: Hades Firebase

The Hades Firebase is the lost sector of the Pit, a part of the facility where weapons, vehicles and more are stored under the base.

When you enter the main area where Kurg, the omniscient power, resides, you must contend with the many forces of society.

You must take on the Nightmare Legionnaires and other forces of society as you take control of Wanted: Kurg’s omniscient power in the facility’s large storage room.

Skydoc IV (Desolator Darg site searched)

  • Leader: Required: Darg Devastator
  • Elite: Nightmare beast.
  • Group : Company
  • Area: Sunken Islands

You’ll find the entrance to the lost sector of Skydock IV by passing a marker on the Sunkle Islands in a room under a large ship.

There aren’t many enemies along the way, as you first take a malfunctioning elevator and see several doors leading to the back of the room.

At the end of the complex, you meet a company boss named Wanted : Darg Eater, fighting on the side of the Nightmare Beasts and other forces in society.

The Quarry (location of Yann Fortifier wanted)

  • Leader: Required: Janne Amplifier
  • Elite: Legionnaires of the Nightmares
  • Group : Company
  • Area: Sunken Islands

The quarry in the lost sector is an abandoned mine, now occupied by Cabal troops led by their leader, Fortifier Yann.

On your way to the quarry, you’ll have to battle enemies like psions and legionary troops.

At the end of the cave you’ll enter a large area where the Boss Wanted is located: The reinforcing Jann will be waiting for you with his nightmarish legionnaires.

Abyss under water (searched by Fisanne, location of drowned captain)

  • Leader: Required: Fisanne, the drowned captain.
  • Elite: Nightmare Shaft.
  • Group : Company that fell
  • Area: The Gulch/Winding Cove

The lost area of Flooded Chasm is either in The Gulch or Winding Cave, as one opening leads to the other, creating a shortcut from one area to the other.

Inside, you are faced with the Society and the Fallen fighting each other and you find yourself in the middle of the crossfire.

The boss of this area is Fisanne, the drowned captain, who fights the company with his nightmarish Shanks and other fallen troops.

Sanctified Tomb (Vendraxis, location Shadow Of Oryx)

  • Leader: Vendraxis, the Shadow of Oryx.
  • Elite: No
  • Group : Originating from
  • Area: Sediments

Hallowed Grave is an underground tunnel that leads to several open areas where growth occurs, but it is also a haven for various Taken forces.

You have to fight your way through certain areas, towards the final boss, fighting against the many Taken enemies that appear in that area.

When you reach the end, an end boss named Vendraxis, Shadow Of Oryx, and other Taken enemies will appear and attack you.

Shaft 13 (site of the wanted captain of Calzar’s scar)

  • Leader: Required: Calzar, the captain with the scar…
  • Elite: Nightmare Shaft.
  • Group : Like
  • Area: Sediments

Behind the dilapidated and abandoned building lies the lost area of Shaft 13, the remains of the mines inhabited by the dead.

To get to My 13, after entering the building, climb to the last room where the Lost Sector sign is.

Once in Shaft 13, you’ll have to fight enemies in the trap and eventually face Wanted: Calzar, the mutilated captain, and his nightmare trees.

Cave of Souls (Wanted: Wargul, Orix fragment location)

  • Leader: Required: Vargul, the oryx fragment
  • Elite: No
  • Group : Originating from
  • Area: Sediments

The lost area of the Cave of Souls is one of the darkest caves in Destiny 2, and you’ll have to fight the Taken and make your way through the cave in low light.

You have to fight Taken, and these enemies will keep popping up as you progress through the cave until you reach the end.

Once you reach the end of the cave, Vargul and other Taken enemies will appear in the area and start attacking you when they notice your presence.


  • There are several quick travel points in the EDZ that can easily lead you to lost areas.
  • Taken has great control in the EDZ, and that makes it a great place to kill some traps if needed.
  • Beware of the nightmare enemies in the lost sectors, as they do more damage and are harder to kill than their normal versions.
  • Precipice is the only place in the EDZ where the main inhabitants are enemies of Taken, making it the only place on the planet worthy of breeding Taken.
  • You might want to look at the tasks you need to do, as many of them can be done on EDZ, as there are several factions and many lost sectors to exploit.


There are many lost areas in EDZ, and some are easier than others, allowing players to complete their farming in a short amount of time.

EDZ is one of the best places to do quests that require you to kill enemies, as there are many events and lost areas to farm.

There are a total of 16 lost sectors in the European Dead Zone, most of which are occupied by the Fallen, while the others are exiled by the Society and the Taken.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Lost Sector in EDZ Destiny 2?

The EDZ is the first “new” planet that players get to explore after leaving the comforts of the Tower. Not only is it a great place to shoot aliens in the face, it has a ton of hidden secrets for players to find. One of these secrets is the Lost Sector. Lost Sectors are areas hidden within different planets in Destiny 2. These areas are filled with tough enemies and the promise of a powerful reward for completion. To access the Lost Sectors players must first unlock the EDZ Lost Sector by completing Patrol missions, Public Events, and Heroic Public Events. Completing the EDZ Lost Sector will reward players with a Legendary Engram and a piece of a gear set. As if the giant red Cabal drill at the center of the EDZ wasn’t menacing enough, now there is a mysterious hole in the ground just waiting to swallow Guardians whole. But where did this new area, known as the Lost Sector, come from?  The Lost Sector can be found in the northern part of the EDZ, and coming in from the east or west, you can see a large Cabal drill. Head towards the drill, then head towards the new area that has now appeared. If you wait around, it won’t be long before a Cabal Centurion shows up, ready to fight.

How do I find lost sectors?

There are many different ways that you can go about finding lost sectors in the game Destiny 2. As you probably know, the main mission of the game is to defeat the main villain, and once you have finally defeated him, a new area will open up in the map. As you explore the new area, you will find lost sectors that will contain loot and also some sort of challenge. There are many different ways to find lost sectors in Destiny 2, and the best method will likely depend on your level and the time you have. Want to know how to find lost sectors? We’ve got you covered.

How do you get to Lost sectors in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 players should be familiar with the Lost Sector mechanic. When the player enters a Lost Sector, they will be able to collect a chest after they have killed all of the enemies in the room. Those chests are usually guarded by a mini-boss or a special boss. Those chests can contain some of the best loot in the game, and are usually worth the time it takes to run through them. The Dawning was always meant to be a special event, but one that was not going to overstay its welcome. However, as with any online game, players are always looking for ways to gain an advantage over the competition. Since the launch of December’s new update, players have been scrambling to complete as many quests and bounties as possible in order to reach the new level cap and unlock their Powerful Engram. This has also lead to more players searching for ways to reach the game’s newest dungeon, the Lost Sector.

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