Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exotics Guide

In this Destiny 2 Season 2 Exotics guide, we will walk you through all the exotic items you will find in Destiny 2 Season. With each new Destiny 2 update, players can expect new exotic weapons and armor, and Season of the Chosen is no different. You can unlock and use many new exotic weapons and armor in the game, and this guide will help you unlock them all.

Exotic Guide – Destiny Season 2

Our Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen Exotics guide contains everything you need to know to unlock the exotics in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen.

Exotica in Destiny Season 2 selected

In Season of Favorites, you can unlock two new exotic weapons and three new exotic armors. Each of them comes with different unlock conditions. Below we have listed all the exotic items, their details and how you can buy them for yourself.

Tikuu Divination

Ticuus Divination is a powerful solar arc that can shoot three arrows at once. If you have a subscription card, you will get it right at the start of the game. However, if you stay on the free path, you will unlock it after reaching rank 35 on the free level. You will have to grind a bit to reach this level. He comes with the benefit of the Holy Flame, which allows any shooter to blow up their target when they die. You can unlock an additional catalyst for Ticuu’s Divination, making him even more effective in the game.

The story of a dead man

The Deadman’s Tale, although part of the Season of the Chosen, is an exotic weapon that has not yet been unlocked in the game. It is a bolt-action rifle, but the quest required to unlock this particular weapon has not been unlocked in the game and will not be available until later.

Exotic armor

There are three exotic armors in the game that players must unlock during the game by completing the Lost Sector on Legend or Master Difficulty. You can complete them on the moon, Cosmodrome and Europa. They are in rotation, so you can try them again once they are back in rotation.


Omniculus is an exotic armor for hunters that comes with the “Beyond the Veil” bonus. With this bonus, you gain a second smoke charge and increase your resistance to damage while remaining invisible. This bonus also allows you to make an ally invisible, giving them resistance to damage and a little melee energy.

Quiras the shooting star

The Shooting Star Armor is an exotic armor for Titans that carries the exotic bonus “Glorious Charge”. This bonus doubles Thunder’s damage and puts him on the same level as Celestial Falcon. There may also be a slip that lasts a bit longer if the player travels a bit before crashing.

The mantle of combative harmony

The Cape of Battle Harmony is an exotic armor for wizards and comes with exotic bonus absorption cells. With this exotic bonus, the weapon kills your super at an incredibly high rate to reload. But for this to work, the energy of your weapon must match the element of the subclass. If your Super has already been hit, you’ll receive a damage award instead.

These are all exotic products that you can find in season 2 of Destiny of the Chosen. If you need more help with the game, check out the related guides below:

This concludes our guide to selecting exotic species in season 2 of Destiny. If you have anything to add to this guide, please do so in the comments section below.

Frequently asked questions

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Can you get the exotics from previous seasons?

Once you have an exotic number, bring it, 100,000 mirrors, 3 prism upgrades, and some planetary materials to Cryptarch, Master Rahool, in the tower. On his menu, you’ll see that Rahool has exotics from Season of Immortality and Season of Dawn – he’ll probably also have exotics from Season of Worthiness this fall.

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