Destiny 2 Shaping Extraction Quest

Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Forsaken, has brought a wealth of new characters and activities for players to explore. One controversial quest involves the search for an unknown artifact that is rumored to solve one particular player’s most pressing issue: their lack of light.

The “shaping extraction destiny 2 step 3” is the last quest in the Shaping Extraction Quest. It’s a difficult one, but it will reward you with a powerful weapon and some reputation. The key to completing this quest is patience.

Destiny 2 Shaping Extraction Quest

Shaping: Extraction is a quest that introduces you to the Deepsight Resonance of weaponry and Resonant Materials.

It will teach you the fundamentals of unlocking a weapon’s Pattern and obtaining Resonant Elements, both of which are required for forging.

This quest revolves on crafting, gathering resources for making, and unlocking Patterns from weapons.

Extraction Quest: How To Get Shaping

The Shaping: Extraction quest is accessible once you complete The Relic quest and may be found in the Relic conduit.

This assignment is accessible after completing the introductory quest The Witch Queen (not to be confused with the campaign).

Visit to learn more about The Witch Queen Intro quest.

Extraction Quest Steps: ShapingD2ShapingExtraction-2

Step 1: Put on the Deepsight Weapon.

The first step is to equip a Resonant weapon obtained from Throne World rituals, rituals, or other activities.

This weapon, which you should have by the time you get the Shaping: Extraction task, will be required.

Step 2: Finish the Weapon Mission

To unlock your Resonant Weapon’s Pattern and Resonant Elements, you must accomplish the weapon goal of your Resonant Weapon.

Viewing the weapon’s tooltip will reveal the Resonant Weapon goal.

3) Remove the Resonant Element

You may now access the Resonant Weapon and extract the Resonant Element from it, since the Resonant Weapon’s purpose has been completed.

View the weapon and pick the Deepsight Resonance, which will now give you the choice to claim the Resonant Elements.

This will also reveal the Pattern for the weapon from which you just extracted Resonant Elements, enabling you to form it at the Enclave’s Relic.

Step 4) Return to the Enclave’s Relic Conduit.

To get Resonant Alloy as a reward, you must go to the Enclave’s Relic. This will complete the task.

Extraction Quest Reward Shaping

You will have previously earned Resonant Alloy and the weapon Pattern of your unlocked Resonant Weapon after completing the Shaping: Extraction task.


  • This is an overview of the operations of the Resonant Weapon, as well as its applications, such as accomplishing missions and extracting Resonant Elements.
  • Players may repeat the procedures they took to unlock new patterns for different weapons by repeating the steps they took throughout this mission.
  • Unlocking Resonant Elements is required for the creation of certain equipment, as well as a means of obtaining certain resources.


You may start acquiring more with newer weaponry now that you know how to extract Resonant Elements and get Patterns.

This quest primarily functioned as an introduction to educate players how to prepare for weapon forging by using Patterns and Resonant Elements.

You may continue to complete the tasks in this quest to expand your arsenal and customize your weapons even further.

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The “reshaping the enigma destiny 2” is a quest that is available in Destiny 2. The objective of the quest is to collect materials and destroy enemies with your weapon.

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