Destiny Update – Destiny 2 Games Guide

Destiny 2’s latest update has been released, this time with new changes on weapons and more. This guide will help you find what the patch includes in its entirety as well as some of the best ways to get ahead in your personal game.

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter video game. The “destiny update” is the latest update for Destiny 2, which includes changes to weapons and armor as well as improvements to gameplay and balance. Read more in detail here: destiny video game.

Destiny Update - Destiny 2 Games Guide

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Osiris’ Trials

  • After completing a Flawless passage, players were not automatically put into the Flawless matchmaking pool.

Avarice’s Grasp

  • The faction icon for Grisprax was not showing up. This has now been fixed.
  • Reward lockouts have been removed, allowing each encounter to be looted for rerolls an infinite number of times each week, as intended. New treasure and power items are only available once a week, per class.
  • When killing Servitors in the Sunken Lair encounter, the action crashed.
  • Bad bread crumbing was no longer causing players to get stranded in the crystal pit after exiting the Loot Cave.
  • During DPS, players are no longer able to create cursed engrams.
  • When the countdown runs out, Servitor bombs no longer vanish without any explosion VFX.
  • Corrected a mistakenly promoted service When moving between classes and creating new characters, the weekly challenge pinnacle award is revealed.
  • In Ogre and Loot Cave encounters, fighters that did not despawn were fixed.
  • Fixed teammates not being able to be resurrected after being killed by a trap on the Sparrow section’s beginning platform.
  • Cursed engrams dropped by the Reaver Vandal will no longer fall into a pit thanks to improved pathfinding.

Eternity’s Dares

  • Damage to Aspects of Crota would occasionally not ramp up in sync with the Team Buff counter, which was fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where vex craniums might inflict harm on other players.


  • The Lake of Shadows is a mysterious place.

    • Grask’s health has been boosted by 34%, to a total of 1340% of its prior value, to put this boss encounter in line with other strikes and our current sandbox gameplay. Even against ‘ol Gally, he may survive a minute or two against most fireteams now.
    • Fixed an issue where if the second and third Blights were destroyed before the first, a number of fighters would not spawn. In addition to their usual behavior, they now spawn whenever you try to advance up the alley, regardless of the Blights’ condition.
  • The Keep of the Scarlet

    • Fixed an issue where the crystal used to continue the attack was rendered indestructible if players killed the Wizard at the elevator’s first stop before the crystal spawned.

Investment and Gameplay


  • Completing the Blind Well event now guarantees the drop of Dreaming City weaponry.
  • Fixed a problem with the Wish-Ender Exotic Bow that was preventing the ornament application from working.


  • In PVE modes, Hunter’s Marksman and Gambler’s Dodges now disable projectile tracking.
  • Stasis Crystals were causing damage to themselves when spawning, which has been fixed.
  • When Magnetic and Flux Grenades hit teammates, they would delete themselves. This has been fixed. On impact, you may now attach to allies.
  • After the Winter’s Wrath super expired, uncharged melee attacks were inhibited for 1.5 seconds. This was fixed.
  • The area that Coldsnap Grenade utilizes to locate its first target has been increased from 10m to 20m.
  • Penumbral Blast now consistently creates Iceflare Bolts if the subject is killed outright by the impact or explosion damage.

Pursuits and Bounties

  • Champion kills as a Stasis Subclass—rather than Champion kills with the Stasis element—are now required for the Stasis Fragment quest Umbral Flames’ Champion kills goal.
  • Players who abandon the Xenology quest for a character will be able to reclaim it from Xûr.


  • Players were able to claim the Resplendent Reward Package from Xûr several times and on various characters due to a bug.

    • The Resplendent Reward Package will now be received by players who possess the 30th Anniversary Pack the first time they complete To the Daring Go the Spoils, and it cannot be claimed from Xûr before being acquired via the task.
    • Following completion of the onramp, players may buy the 30th Anniversary Pack from Xûr in Eternity.
  • If the class-specific Streetwear Bundle packets are delivered to the Postmaster, they may now be reclaimed before being removed if the Postmaster gets full. If the Resplendent Reward Package has been claimed but the Streetwear Bundle package is not presently in the player’s inventory, these packages may be retrieved from Xûr in Eternity.

  • If players disassemble the Strange Key before utilizing it as part of the Magnum Opus quest, they may now retrieve it from Xûr in Eternity. As long as they are on an acceptable phase of the quest, players who have previously gained and destroyed the Strange Key might regain it.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to collect prizes from Xûr’s Treasure Hoard’s free chest without using a Treasure Key.


  • After re-enabling text chat, an issue in which numerous clan messages might be received all at once was fixed.
  • Ciphers of the Forsaken

    • The Monument to Lost Lights now only accepts Forsaken Ciphers for Ascendant Shards if players have previously obtained Forsaken Exotics from the dungeon.
    • If players have Forsaken Ciphers to collect, the Monument to Lost Lights now shows a waypoint.
    • To avoid unintentional purchases while exchanging Forsaken Ciphers for Ascendant Shards, a four-second purchase delay has been added. In my Christmas season, am I experiencing buyer’s remorse? It’s more probable than you may assume.

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  • Update 3.0.2 for Destiny 2 Source: Capabilities in Combat Fixed a problem where Stasis crystals from the Code of the Siegebreaker route and Phoenix Cradle Exotic might produce unseen Sunspots. Flawless Execution’s trigger was delayed due to a bug. Unfrozen targets now take less damage from Shatterdive. The maximum range damage has been lowered from 50 to 5. Damage reduction when using an ability has been lowered…

  • Update 3.1.1 for Destiny 2 Crucible Activities When one player received the I Am Invincible medal in Trials of Osiris, the medal appeared for all players. The medal wasn’t really given to the players who didn’t win it; instead, they received the UI popup wrongly as if it had been. There was a problem where…

  • Update 2.9.2 for Destiny 2 Activities Gambit: A bug that caused players to freeze upon spawning in Gambit has been fixed. Dungeon of Prophecy Fixed an issue where opponents in the Hexahedron region would cease spawning, preventing players from continuing. Nightfall fixed a problem where opponents would cease reacting to players if they brought motes inside the Savathun’s from a Contact event…

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