Does anyone think that Save The World being “absorbed” by Battle Royale COULD be a good thing for Save The World?

After a controversial leak of an internal Battle Royale development document, the Save The World team announced that they would be “absorbing” the game into their own title. This decision came as a result of poor player retention and decreasing revenue. What do you think about this move?

“Epic Games” has announced that they are going to be “absorbing” the popular Battle Royale game, “Save The World”. This could potentially be a good thing for the Save The World game. Read more in detail here: epic games.

Does anyone think that Save The World being

Listen, we all know how Save The World has been put on life support, with the majority of the development team focusing their efforts on Battle Royale.

With the recent update that changed the Game Mode Select Screen and relegated Save The World to the Discover page, it’s no secret that many within the STW community have been left with a bitter taste of disappointment and obvious neglect by the development team, especially for those who invested in the Founder’s Packs during the early-access days hoping their contribution would be like that of a GoFundMe/IndieGoGo page where being an alumnus meant being an alumnus meant being an

Aside from the Founders Pack, those financial contributions appear to have been redistributed to the BR scene, where collaborations with media behemoths abound, and while I openly admit to enjoying some of the many collabs, I am still bitterly disappointed by Epic Games’ decision to disregard STW and its community in favor of the BR and that community. I’m not talking about skins so much as fundamental modifications to the terrain, backstory (or mythology), and gameplay mechanics (you can’t even crouch, much alone slide).

Now, let me just clarify for a moment, as someone who played during the early days of STW and was befuddled by the unfriendly User Interface, I am grateful for the changes STW has undergone. The menu screens are easier to navigate through, legendary weapons have a sixth perk, and last year, we saw the addition of Chaos Agent, which has been a major game-changer for those with him in their loadout, especially those who have favored Outlanders s.

While it may seem insignificant in compared to the almost regular upgrades Battle Royale has received since its beginning, it is still “something.”

It was recently revealed that STW would have another another Hero in the game, this time in the form of a BR skin known as

Gia, ostensibly as an Outlander, and the Primal Weaponry, which were initially reskinned/repurposed weapons from the Black Metal set, might be included. Aside from the Black Drum shotgun, anybody who has played BR during Chapter 2, Season 5 can verify that the Primal Weapons are not the same as the Black Metal set.

Aside from possible weapon additions, Gia would be the second character from BR to be brought to STW since Epic Games shut down STW development.

Now, I may be exaggerating a little when I suggest that STW being demoted to BR’s Discover page COULD be a “positive” thing… Is it feasible, though, that STW’s new status as “part” of BR means they now share resources since they’re no longer functioning independently of BR? Not just digital assets, but also financial assets? Is it feasible that this “one step back” will turn into a “five steps ahead” scenario, with growth finally picking up speed?

I get that dwelling on the negative requires no effort since we’d rather not have any hopes to look forward to than risk feeling disappointed and let down, but what good has ever come from that type of thinking? It just serves to restrict ourselves and our ability to progress in any way.

TL;DR: When two development teams really care about one other,

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There is a lot of speculation that the “absorption” by Battle Royale COULD be a good thing for Save The World. It’s been reported that season 3 of Fortnite started on October 12th, 2018 and chapter 1 was released on December 10th, 2018. Reference: when did season 3 of fortnite start chapter 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fortnite save the world help with Battle Royale?

What does Save the World give you in Battle Royale?

A: Battle Royale gives you a chance to experience the story of Save The World. You are tasked with fighting off zombies and other creatures that have overrun major cities all over the world, culminating in what is called the Infection. Players are given a variety of weapons at their disposal as they traverse through abandoned buildings and forests, which will require them to use stealth tactics if they want any hope of survival. As well as special items like gas cans or Molotov cocktails

Is fortnite save the world still a thing?

A: I am not sure if it is still a thing, but the last time I checked there was no news on its removal.

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