Dragon Ball Super vs Dragon Ball GT pros and cons of each one

Drakenbal GT versus Drakenbal Super

Franchise Dragon Ball – one of the most popular anime series in the world, it would be extremely difficult to find anyone (even among those who do not watch cartoons) who has not even come close to the series. It is the superstar level of this anime that has defined the classic anime for a generation of fans. As always, you’ll find the most loyal fans who grew up with anime and are incredibly loyal to it. This loyalty goes hand in hand with a very strong opinion about each phase of the anime over the years.


It is therefore only natural that they react strongly to the non-cannonical sequel to their favourite series Dragon Ball Z. That show was nothing more than Dragon Ball GT, and we can safely say that it is one of those shows that fans absolutely love and hate at the same time! So you would think that when the studio finally releases the official plot of Dragon Ball Z, it will bring the fandom together in mutual joy and pleasure, but there seems to be a problem. To understand this topic, let’s discuss the fans’ feelings regarding individual contributions in a little more detail.

Dragonball GT

Dragon Ball GT (Grand Touring) is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of Akira Toriyama Dragon Ball and the manga of Dragon Ball Z and the anime show. At the end of Dragon Ball Z, Toriyama was creatively burned, but the fire in the hearts of the fans was still burning brightly and there was a lot of momentum to build on. With Toriyama’s blessing and minimal involvement on her part (with the exception of the GT name), Toe’s animation team began working on a noncanic sequel based on the characters and story of the previous games.

The most common reason for the disappointment of Dragon Ball GT fans was the extremely important plot decision that influenced the entire series from the first episode, namely the decision to bring Goku back to a younger, less powerful and somewhat boring version of itself. This was the biggest problem for a certain group of fans, for those who grew up with Dragon Ball & Dragon Ball z, this solution gave them the feeling that everything they experienced with Goku, everything they watched his performances, was completely useless. It’s understandable, as many people expected Dragon Ball GT to be the next chapter in the story and make Goku young again. This was the method of Toei’s animation, which consisted of betting on the success of Dragon Ball Z without taking too many risks in the plot. Without Toriyama’s advice, they actually wanted to restore the success of the original Drakenbal and not risk a whole new plot.

But not all fans responded badly to little Goku’s decision, many fans defended the decision and said they like Goku even more because they appreciate and love adult Goku even more. Those who couldn’t imagine life without Dragon Ball Z welcomed the story in all its forms and were able to spend more time with their favourite characters! It is true that Kid Goku did not have a bad character, and many people loved his cheerful character.

It is quite difficult to build a successful series without the original creator, and the same goes for Dragon Ball GT! The story is full of holes in the plot, problems with the execution scale (why was the Android 17 so powerful?) and creating and editing below average characters (the moustache and vegetation hairs were not well received). The GT story gave them the chance to create new fantastic characters, as they now roam the universe, but the result didn’t live up to the expectations of the fans. However, there were some characters, even some very critical fans like Ice Shenron, Nuova Shenron, Omega Shenron and of course, last but not least, Bebi.

Bibi was a complex character with a great story and an ideal motivation for his actions. The saga about Bibi appealed to the public and few people can find the flaws of this concept, which is why it was identified as one of the salvation points of GT. Another advantage of the Dragon Ball GT was the possibility to take the filling material with you and breathe new life into it. It was a great recipe for nostalgic jogging and expanding the work that many fans have already enjoyed! Fans also enjoyed the performance of Super Sayan 4 and the episode with the Golden Uzar, which some thought should have been a cannon, especially since it was built by Super Sayan according to Vegetas hunch! Dragon Ball GT has many more positive and negative features, but for the purposes of this article, let’s talk about the last part of the franchise, Dragon Ball Super! The long-awaited story of the canon

Dragonball Super

The announcement of Dragon Ball Super sent a wave of excitement through his enormous fandom, the long-awaited story of the guns that lies between the incident with Majin Buu and the end of Dragon Ball Z.

The reaction of the fans was undoubtedly amazing, because Dragon Ball Super has really managed to capture the essence of Dragon Ball Z, the battles and the characters are all at the same level of development and intensity, and it can be said that this series has been much more successful in satisfying Dragon Ball Z fans who were not satisfied with GT. The recent events of the Power Tournament have received rave reviews, and this is mainly due to the fact that much is at stake and we can see the adult Goku again, decompressed in all its glory. However, there are a few other things that really critical fans can complain about, such as the below-average animation of the first two arches and the fact that they are virtually the same story as in the last two films. In that sense, it’s best to skip those arches and start the Power Tournament, but most fans have enjoyed every bit of Dragon Ball Super!

Criticism of the combat animations is mixed, with some considering them to be good, others claiming they don’t meet Dragon Ball Z’s standards, and yet others blaming the characters for their personality, such as claiming that Vegeta has affected her personality even more, and that overall the intelligent writing and spirit of Dragon Ball Z seems to have diminished over the years. There are also complaints about the degree of power and a conspiracy to make the future Sword Chest sometimes even more powerful than Vegeta.

Although all these questions are far from unfounded, Dragon Ball Super also has a lot of positive moods. If you’re a fan of Dragon Ball Z, you’ll love this new series, it’s a great opportunity to relive your childhood and enjoy some old-fashioned fight scenes. The series will delight all fans as it successfully captures the epic nature of Dragon Ball Z and the comedy of the original Dragon Ball. No matter which series you like or don’t like, it’s important to note that in every series that lasts for so long, the fans who grew up with it are the ones who are beginning to notice the flaws and holes that would even exist in the original series, but perhaps the original will appear to those of us who saw it at a time when it made such a strong impression on us that no other storyteller can ever truly surpass it, so beautiful and untouchable!

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