Elon Musk Mocks Netflix and Wokism

Elon Musk took to twitter yesterday, mocking Netflix and Wokism. The tweet was quickly deleted but not before it spread across the internet like wildfire. Some of his followers found humor in the quips, while others were outright offended by them.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has recently mocked Netflix and Wokism. He is a well-known critic of streaming services. Read more in detail here: elon musk 2008.

Elon Musk Mocks Netflix and Wokism

Netflix and Wokism are mocked by Elon Musk.


Elon Musk is one of the most unusual celebrities in the world, as well as one of the most talented and entertaining. Musk has been a divisive figure in recent months due to his political views on the Ukraine conflict and his persistent defiance of the “woke” narrative. Musk is now ridiculing Netflix with a simple meme that criticizes the streaming service for its history of politicizing tales to the point that any narrative or historical event they adapt loses all of its original implications and becomes a pale version of itself.


March 14, 2022 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Few common sense individuals who have caught on to Hollywood’s woke sphere would be astonished if Netflix or another corporation altered history in this way, diluting the real-world tale to focus on an entirely other topic that would appeal to the Twitter crowd. If you’re having trouble deciphering the meme’s funny value, it’s because you’ve realized that Netflix creating the linked program is uncomfortably conceivable. It’s remarkable that a businessman, in an age when comedy is increasingly being forbidden and authentic humor is diminishing, is the one to crack a grin from a society rendered so jaded by state-approved entertainment that neither tests nor truly entertains.

Musk’s appeal is that, as the world’s leading developer of electric vehicles, he represents a cause that the SJW must support: climate change. When he comes out with takes and jokes like these, the woke mob begins to short-circuit because of his link to battling climate change. They must implicitly support climate change activists, but they are also radically opposed to Musk’s other viewpoints. All of this causes a struggle inside SJWs, which is amusing to the more common-sense-oriented individuals in the world.

Prior to this tweet, Musk sent another that sparked even more controversy, and it was this one that finally broke the Twitter NPCs’ impasse about whether or not to endorse Musk.


March 14, 2022 — Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

These memes come together to form a witty image of companies spreading misinformation and unthinking drones consuming it at any costs. It’ll be fascinating to watch how nasty the reaction to these two basic yet clever memes becomes. As it stands, neither is anywhere close to being ratioed, so those outraged may be vocal but minuscule in the grand scheme of things, as the majority of Twitter users appear to find enjoyment in Musk’s humor. Perhaps a coordinated effort to fire Musk will be launched, but it will be futile since a guy as wealthy as Musk is unconcerned about what a few individuals on Twitter have to say. Should Musk’s perspective be regarded above that of any other individual just because he is a celebrity, affluent, or happens to agree with the majority of people? No. At the very least, it’s interesting to see a guy like him take on the woke mob with such a basic instrument. His meme game is great, and we can anticipate many more hilarious antidotes to society’s woes from him in the future. For the time being, however, individuals must remember to laugh even in the face of adversity and/or in the presence of mad people, as Musk does.

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