Epic Games Is Giving Hundreds of QA Temps Full-Time Jobs with Benefits

Epic Games reveals that it is giving hundreds of QA temps full-time jobs with benefits. This isn’t a groundbreaking change, but the company’s shift in policy could be indicative of how other companies will handle workforces as they transition to new technologies and more automation.

Epic Games is giving hundreds of QA temps full-time jobs with benefits. Epic Games is a gaming company that produces games like Fortnite, Unreal Tournament and Paragon. The company has been hiring for the past few months for their QA department. Read more in detail here: working at epic games.

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The Verge has verified in a recent article that Epic Games has opted to change many of its US-based contingent workers into full-time employees with benefits, which is the polar opposite of what transpired between Activision Blizzard and Raven Software’s QA team. According to Epic spokeswoman Elka Looks, the offer is being offered to both quality assurance (QA) testers and other “qualified” contract-based personnel. “A few hundred” contractors, the majority of whom are QA testers, will be employed as full-time employees. However, Epic Games will continue to hire contract labor for “short-term requirements.”

Hundreds of temp testers are being turned into full-time workers with perks at Epic Games. (On the Precipice)

  • The revelation was initially revealed in an internal document acquired by The Verge. The business adds in the letter that it would “provide full-time at-will employment to qualifying US-based contingent employees,” with “many of those offers effective April 4th, 2022.” However, certain individuals will not be offered the job, since “there are a few circumstances in which it makes sense for both the worker and Epic to preserve contingent worker status,” according to the document.
  • According to Looks, all of the employees will be entitled for Epic Games’ US employee benefits programs and will be directly hired by the business. QA testers and other personnel are currently hired via temp agencies such as Eastridge, Hays, and Nextaff.
  • Epic’s decision to make contract-based staff full-time employees comes at a time when tensions between workers and large game production companies are at an all-time high; it’s also a significant step toward improving working conditions for QA testers and other employees. Activision’s Raven Software fired a dozen QA testers in December, sparking a strike and the formation of the Game Workers Alliance union.

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