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Escape From Tarkov 0.12.10 Patch Notes

Escape From Tarkov is one of the most popular survival shooters of all time, despite its Early Access label. A new patch is in development that includes many quality of life improvements, as well as a number of new features and other elements. Below is the complete list of patches for Escape From Tarkov 0.12.10 to see what other changes have been made to the game. There is no delete function with this EFT patch.

Escape from Tarkov 0.12.10 Patch notes

Here is the preview of the Escape from Tarkov 0.12.10 patch as of the 26th. March 2021:


  • New voices for the scavenger bosses (Resolute, Orderly and Gluhar)
  • New actions and states of the bins and sounds for them
  • New clothes for USEC, BEAR and Scavs.

New devices

  • Azimut SS Beetle chest unit (SURPAT)
  • Azimuth SS Beetle Chest (Black)
  • Tactical Shark Hazard4 Takedown (Multicam)
  • Hazard4 Takedown Tactical Snare
  • Umka M33-SET1 jacket
  • CSA chest
  • LBT 6094A Smooth plate holder (Olive)
  • LBT 6094A Plain plate holder (light brown)
  • Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II backpack (dry land)
  • NPP Condor ballistic goggles (with extra eye protection)
  • Earmor M32 Active Headphone Operator Ops
  • GP-7 gas mask
  • Military hat in different colours and camouflage variations

New articles

  • Emergency water ration
  • Hemostatic tourniquet CAT
  • AFAK Individual Tactical First Aid Kit
  • new patterns
    • 7,62 × 39 mm MAI AP
    • 5.56×45 mm SSA AP
    • 5.56×45mm Mk 318 Mod 0 (SOST)
  • STM-9 Pistol calibre rifle
  • PL-15 Pistol
  • New weapon parts
  • UFSR Taiga-1 Special Combat/Tools
  • New Objects for Exchange
    • TNT
    • Ratchet wrench
    • Glass with termites
  • New filter for stock items found during a raid.
  • Sort searches by current location
  • The message Goods already bought has been moved to the notification.
  • If you press the talk button twice, you will hear aggressive phrases (like in a fight).
  • When a new offer is published, the product selection window will appear on the left.
  • See the category icons on the screen after a raid


  • Steam’s audio option returns after bug fix
  • Thermal imaging system
    • Theft no longer attracts attention
    • The new system will allow for other dynamic temperature changes (heating, cooling).
    • Optimization for better performance when using a thermal imager or viewer
  • Closing offers will no longer be placed on the flea market.
  • The sound of the rain is now 30% quieter.
  • Reduced strength and endurance bonuses
  • A tuned drive generates in inches
  • Increased control of fade-out alignment speed during solar panel unit construction.
  • A simplified progression of attention to skills
  • Simplified progression of Mag Drills
  • Missing items in Scav after the end of a raid, if there was a game update at that time or if the backend was unavailable for other reasons.

Corrected by

  • The strong breath of some voices from BEAR and USEC.
  • One of the bugs with the grenade explosion with no sound or explosion effect.
  • Lightning problem during spawning at the fair
  • Fast Cure Blank Screen
  • Error 228 if the filter is exhausted during clean water treatment.
  • Reset the progression of the Mage Drill skill after leaving a raid.
  • The game doesn’t load if you take a lot of marked cards in a raid.
  • Resets the selected character setting to its default value
  • Sometimes vehicle extraction is not initiated at the end of the exfiltration period.
  • Difference in the cycle time of the shelter generator
  • Play the sound of a distance shot when the shooter is close to the player.
  • Bots do not spawn offline in the factory in Horde mode.
  • Several places where it rained inside.
  • Ability to save the preset if there are no critical parts.
  • A player received an expired group invitation after restarting the client.
  • Missing shadows in the plant after restart
  • Customer currency conversion error (when converting currencies at the customer, the received amount was displayed slightly lower than the desired amount)
  • Presence of sorting containers on screens where they should not be.
  • The exploration of an element on the element transfer screen in Scav is not activated when the element is in Scav
  • The sounds of falling shells and flying bullets reach the players in the bunker from outside the supply room.
  • Without holding the knife of cultism in your hands
  • Missing location of the recording mode in a robbery
  • Search for notes in a player’s profile
  • Various small adjustments to the site
  • Several small bugs
  • Various network errors
  • Other errors (spam errors, critical errors that cause crashes and failures, 228 errors, etc.).

Changes in AI

  • Moving bots now shoot even less accurately than stationary bots.
  • Changed the settings for the effect of the sleeve on the visibility of the bots (the bots now see less well).
  • Slows down the reaction of regular bots when a player is detected.
  • Changed settings for player tracking in the last point (bots track less the point)
  • The maximum detection range of enemy bots has been reduced.
  • The bots stop firing when you change position on the backrest.
  • Solid bosses are born when they can appear unattended.
  • Fixed behavior where the boss could not attack an enemy offline.
  • Fixed: Sniper bots appear
  • Various server errors related to bots


  • Changes to the shader system
    • Eliminates some of the freezing and micro-freezing caused by shaders at the beginning of a raid, during combat interactions, and during visual effects.
    • Memory optimization
  • Improved and corrected option in the Mip streaming settings
    • Dramatically optimizes video memory (for high VRAM graphics cards) and RAM memory (for low VRAM systems) consumption in the game, resulting in smoother rendering and less microstuttering when loading textures.
    • The option is now available for any texture quality, not just high settings.
    • This option is disabled by default.
    • In a raid, when the texture settings are low, the icons of some objects may be blurred when the Mip-Flow option is enabled.
    • Changing the texture quality option and mip streaming are not available in online raids (because there may be a delay due to loading/unloading of textures), but are available in offline raids and in the menu.
    • For an efficient texture streaming system, it is highly desirable to place the Windows swap file on an SSD.

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