Everquest Guide: How to Start Playing Everquest

Hey, guys! Almost every day in the Everquest communities I follow, I see posts about people returning to the game or people who have just arrived on Everquest and want to give it a try. These messages usually include questions about which server to play on and which character class to choose. I decided to write an article to answer these questions and get people started; it’s my way of giving something back to a game I’ve enjoyed for two decades now.

Everquest is one of the first massively multiplayer online (MMO) games to be released, and it remains one of the best. If you’re interested in Everquest but aren’t sure yet if you want to take the plunge, read my article 3 Reasons Why I Play Everquest, where I describe why it remains installed on my laptop.

Getting started with Everquest is not difficult, but there are questions and concerns that new or returning players may have at the beginning. This article provides a guide to each small step on the way to the game.

Everquest free download

Everquest is a free game with an optional All Access membership that offers additional benefits. I will discuss the benefits of membership in another section below. This means that you can basically play the game for free, with no hidden costs or microtransactions.

There are two ways to download the Everquest game client: the Everquest website and Steam.

If the Steam client is already installed on your PC, downloading Steam is logical and relatively easy. Find it in the Everquest store. Click the green Play button on the Everquest store page.

If you don’t have Steam installed, you might as well

Everquest.com and download the client. Click on the FREE button in the top right corner of the page and you will be prompted to create an account.

System requirements

Because of its age, Everquest is suitable for just about anything. The system requirements are quite low compared to the most recent games.

On an old laptop that kids spilled lemonade on? Download it and see what you can do!

Do you have an old computer sitting in your basement? Bring him up!

And if you have a super powerful new system with 4K, the wrap-around monitor – despite the old graphics – will still be fantastic!

Everquest runs on Windows 7 or higher. Check out the system requirements here.

You can run Everquest on a Mac operating system using Wine or a virtual machine (VM), I believe, but I have no experience in this area.

You can read the full article on Emergent Mage here.

The article contains the following:

  • Where you can download Everquest (for free!).
  • 6 reasons to pay for an All Access membership
  • Which waiter to choose.
  • Which class is best for you.

Start your adventure now!

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frequently asked questions

Is it worth playing in 2020?

EverQuest II is the same, but with slightly better graphics and character models. (And more populated than EQ1.) Both games are still entertaining in 2020, that’s for sure. (And more populated than EQ1.)

Will EverQuest be active in the year 2019?

The 16th. In March, EverQuest, the revolutionary fantasy MMO, will celebrate its 20th anniversary. But while most multiplayer games have an expiration date and rarely last a decade, EverQuest does. The game is still in active development at the Daybreak developer’s headquarters in San Diego, and more expansions are planned.

Is EverQuest 1 or 2 better?

If you’re trying to choose between the two, I’ll be sure to answer the eternal question I. Not only is the population much healthier, especially on progress servers, but they feel much better. … The biggest problems with EQ II are declining population and poor balance.

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