Fall Guys Update 1.15 Released – Complete Patch Notes, Changes

The last 1.15 update for Fall Guys was released a few hours ago, and everyone in the game is excited about it. This update was published on the 11th. January was released in the game to make some changes and add new features.

Get all the details about the latest Fall Guys update, 1.15, coming on January 11, 2021, including download instructions, update file size, changes in the game caused by this latest update, and much more. Now let’s look at all these details.

Val type Update 1.15 released

The 1.15 update for Fall Guys was released on the 11th. January 2021 was released, and this latest update made some changes to the game. This update can now be downloaded to PS4 and PC via Steam. To update Fall Guys to the latest version on PS4, you need to consume about 1.1 GB of data. The size of the update file depends on your gaming platform. Check this before updating your game.

This latest update is actually a small update, and you should not expect to see a lot of new content in the game thanks to this latest patch. For more details, see comments on corrections in the next section.

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How can I upgrade Fall Guys to version 1.15?

If you have enabled the automatic update on PS4, this game will be updated automatically. If you have disabled automatic updates, you can still update this game manually. Select Fall Guys with the Options button. Now click on the Check for Updates button. This will launch the search for the latest update for this game.

There are three different update options for this game on Steam. The first option is to enable automatic updates for this game. The next option gives priority to updates for the Fall Guys on your computer. You can also disable automatic updates for this game. If you do, Steam will check for updates when you launch Fall Guys on your PC.

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So choose a random method and update your game to the latest version 1.15.

Full Patch Notes for the latest 1.15 Fall Guysupdate

Now it’s time to discuss the patch notes for this latest update. Here’s how to find out more about the changes to the game that the update you downloaded today will bring. In fact, there are no detailed patchnotes available yet for this latest update. But in the meantime, you can consult the little rags. We’ll update it as soon as possible.

  • The game includes bug fixes and new customizable options.

Please sign up and visit this page regularly to receive all patch notifications for this latest update. We will try to add detailed correction notes as soon as possible.

Fall Guys is one of the most exciting games you can play on PC and PS4. It’s actually a non-violent fight that has a lot to grind. This royal combat platform game is very popular among players. Mediatonic developed this great game, and the publisher is Devolver Digital.

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Be sure to share your thoughts on this latest update with Fall Guys 1.15 in the comments below. We would like to hear your experiences with this game.

Conclusion: File type update 1.15

Finally, we hope you have all the information about the latest update of Fall Guys, 1.15, released today. Update your game now to get all the changes. If you have any doubts or questions about this latest update, you can ask them in the Comment section. We are here for you and will help you with all your questions and wishes.

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