Fallout 76: Inventory Update Notes – January 26, 2021

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Today’s update brings an increase in supply, some improvements to your inventory and V.I., a new wave of bug fixes, and much more. Below is a full list of changes to Fallout 76.

Highlights of update

  • Save more stuff! We have raised the reserve ceiling to 1,200 euros to give you even more room to loot.
  • Sort your inventory easily: Keep track of all the collected material with three new tabs in your inventory: New, armor and food/drink.
  • What’s bothering you? From this point on, when you select a stack of items in your inventory, the menu will display the total weight of that stack.
  • You should know before you go: Player Notes The vending machine on the card now shows how many legendary 1, 2 and 3 star items it sells.
  • Update the colors of the creation mode : Boundaries in build mode are now shown in blue instead of green, making it easier for color-blind players to distinguish between good and bad placement.

Update to version

You will find below the update and download size for your chosen platform:

  • PC (Bethesda.net) : (1.6 GB)
  • PC (Microsoft Store) : (5.0 GB)
  • PC (by) : (2.0 GB)
  • PlayStation 4 : (4.2 GB)
  • Xbox One : (4.8 GB)

Enhancements to the inventory and user interface

  • Extension of the shelter : Save the extra material with the increased offerings! We’ve increased the weight your warehouse can support by 50%, so you can now work with 1,200 pounds.
  • New inventory panels : We’ve added new tabs to your inventory menu to help you better organize your gear, from snacks and reinforcements to outfits and armor.
    • New – This tab contains all the items you collected during the game session, sorted by newest and oldest.
    • If you already have a stackable object like. For example, if you have scrap metal in your inventory, the new scrap metal you pick up will not appear on the New tab. Instead, it is added to the existing stack.
    • In addition, the New tab is reset when you leave the current world.
    • Armor – We’ve separated armor into its own menu tab, so you can keep defensive gear separate from other gear.
    • Food / Beverages – Your food and drinks are now separated from the helper in their own Food / Beverages tab.
    • Please note that your chemicals and sera will remain in the Help section.
  • Stacking the weights: What’s bothering you? Now when you select an item stacked in your inventory, Pip-Boy will show you the individual weight and the weight of the stack.
  • View the vending machine map : The tooltip that appears when viewing another player’s vending machines on the map shows the number of Legendary 1, 2, and 3-star weapons and armor they sell. This way, you’ll have more information about the legendary goodies players have for sale before choosing the quick trip for their C.A.M.P.s.
    • In addition, the categories of empty vending machines are no longer displayed in the tooltip, making it easier to see what types of items players have for sale.
Additional user interface updates
  • Atomic Shop: We’ve added a button to every category page in the Atomic Store that lets you show or hide already available items, so you can see what’s available with less clutter.
  • How to build the visual extension : We’ve changed the color of the outline that appears when you build objects in your C.A.M.P. from green to light blue, which should be more pleasing to our builders who suffer from color blindness.
    • This change is only visible if the object you are trying to place is in the correct location and the outline of the invalid placement is still red.

Daily operation

  • Rewards for seniors: In response to community feedback, we’ve tweaked the Daily Challenges Rewards program so that each time you complete an option, you’ll receive an item from the Rare Rewards Pool soon enough to reach the rank of Elder.

Spreading love: New challenges and rewards

  • From today until 4 p.m. In February, you can get a free Heart Key skin at the Atom Shop and use it to complete challenges that open up new cosmetic options and rewards for consumers!
    • Win lunch boxes, benefit card packs and repair kits by beating your opponents with a wrench each day during the Spread the Love event.
    • You may also be eligible for an outfit and even a new version of the Backwoods Bungalow if you complete the weekly challenge with your heart’s desire.

Error correction

  • Colonel Forager: Fixed missing player dialogue options for foraging settlers.
Art and graphics
  • Clothing: The texture issues with the samurai helmet have been resolved.
  • Clothing: Reduce the distance between the deep cave hunter’s backpack and the player’s back.
  • Clothing: The light from the Pip-Boy no longer shines behind the player wearing the Brotherhood’s recognition helmet.
  • Clothing: Solved a texture problem in the carnival beret.
  • Decoration: An update on the explosion during the destruction of the wrapped gifts.
  • Decoration: The flames of the skull candles no longer seem out of phase with the wick.
  • Topics: Updated the effects of the explosion in the destruction of Mr. Handy Fuel Tanker and portable fuel tanks.
  • Lights: The yellow light effect is not retained after the color wheel is stopped.
  • Lights: Adjust the lighting on the Kill, Laugh, Love sign so that the word laugh is no longer too obvious.
  • Power armor: Headlights no longer shine in the wrong direction when you wear the lacquered Power Armor T-65 headphones.
  • Power armor: Missing textures and reduced cutting issues solved with Captain Cosmo’s armor.
  • Power armor: The warrior’s power armor now protects the player’s back well.
  • Vending machines : Adjusted for the explosion when Joe Slocum’s vending machine was destroyed.
  • Weapons: The visual effects of the material no longer appear over the player’s shoulder when viewed in the third person.
C.A.M.P. and workshops
  • Explosion: He corrected a performance that affected the storage of objects in the storage box.
  • Shelters: It is now easier to place structures such as the family barn, the rear wooden bungalow and others in the shelter if there is enough space to do so.
  • The stairs: The ladder can now click on the front of the Steel Scout Brotherhood.
  • Super Mutant Tube : Players can no longer get stuck in the super-mutant tube during construction.
  • Peace: You can now complete the Discover Beckley subtask as part of the Discover the Land in the Ash Pile challenge.
Daily operation
  • Price: Fixed a bug that did not allow for a rare reward to be given if the item the player would have received was a non-exchangeable item plan they had already learned. Players are now rewarded every time this happens.
  • Work report : Fixed a visual issue that could incorrectly indicate reward levels in the daily mission report as already earned.
    • Note to self: The Daily Ops Awards are at noon. And every day.
  • The red worms: Radioworms now only increase radiation damage from food and drink.
  • Spawn: Fixed a bug that sometimes caused enemies to gather in the wrong place.
  • Giant hermit crabs: Players can no longer shoot clips through the giant hermit crabs.
  • Clothing: The wild spirit mask and the cuddly clown mask no longer block Pip Boy’s light.
  • Clothing: Dr. Musk, a pest specialist, now rightly claims to prevent airborne diseases.
  • Clothing: The Kamo Hazmat swamp suit can now be repaired.
  • Armor: Raider armor now works well with the legendary benefits of Funky Duds and Sizzling Style.
  • Armor: Recognition armor now adjusts well to the player’s physique.
  • Flora: The thistle now correctly turns into an irradiated thistle when bombed. Irradiated thistles can now be harvested for raw fluorescent flux.
  • Newspapers: Fixed a bug that caused Live & Love 8 to cancel the Very Well Rested bonus from the fourth lunchbox.
  • Newspapers: The bonus in Amazing Tales 3 has been modified to allow the player to breathe and regenerate underwater while swimming.
  • Mod: Weapons with cartridges that add fire damage, such as. B. War Glaive models with Flaming Blade, now work with Friendly Fire Perk.
  • Mod: The modern heating coil now correctly indicates fire damage.
  • Mod: Applying Brawler armor modifications to Brotherhood Recon armor now increases unarmed damage by 7.5% each.
  • Mod: The legendary Ammunition Weight Reduction Effect now properly reduces the weight of explosive ammunition.
  • Mod: Adding modular bags to a boiled leather case will not extend the life of the product.
  • Plan: Solved a problem where players could not learn the plans for the Flamingo lawn and wooden tables.
  • Power armor: Mod. Targeting HUD now only highlights enemy targets.
  • Power armor: The Blast Fans mode has been renamed Cooling Fans. The cooling holes slow down the discharge of the melting core by 5%.
  • Weapons: Fixed an issue where some weapons that fired multiple shots were doing too much damage.
  • Weapons: Crusader’s pistol reflexes no longer seem distorted when the pistol grip is mounted on the receiver.
  • Weapons: The stabilized run now correctly counts for the mods qualified at 0.44.
  • Weapons: Bread to which paint or leather has been applied can now be restored to its normal appearance.
  • Weapons: The description of the plasma cutting speed has been changed to an average speed.
  • Weapons: The crossbows can now be replaced with a standard attachment.
  • Weapons: Players can now correctly apply the Bone Club Injury mod after switching to No Upgrade.
  • Plague Walker: The description of the plague runner mutation no longer falsely states that it nullifies the duration of the disease. This was only a change in description, the functionality of the mutation was not changed.
  • The Brotherhood: The Brotherhood of Steel Hopes and Initiates no longer has bomb damage.
  • The Brotherhood: NPCs will no longer greet the player when speaking to Russell Dorsey.
  • The Brotherhood: Fixed problems with dialogue with NPC during approval.
  • The Putnam brothers: They now have a dialog box for this purpose if none were recruited when the player returned to Fort Atlas.
  • The settlers: Make a collision at the watchtower on Ostberg.
  • Clerk Valdez: No further comments on the documents were collected from the players during the mother of the invention.
  • Clerk Valdez: Fixed a problem that prevented Valdez from playing certain vocal lines during Mother of Invention.
  • Clerk Valdez: Valdez’s clipboard will stop spinning while he is in the animation below.
  • Vendor: The Flatwoods seller will sometimes no longer be invisible to players.
Performance and stability
  • Stability for the customer : Many crashes that can occur during combat have been fixed.
  • Stability for the customer : An error that could occur when scrolling the Notes tab in Pip-Boy has been fixed.
  • Communication : Fixed a bug that caused PC players to get the Disconnected message because game files were changed during normal play and dropped out of their current world.
  • Server stability : Fixed an issue that could cause a server to crash.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue where the game client could freeze when displaying the Help tab in Pip-Boy.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue that could cause game client hiccups when sorting Pip-Boy for perishability.
  • Performance: Fixed an issue that could cause a drop in frame rate in Fort Atlas.
  • Shady: Now, there’s two seconds of hypothermia on the AP tube. Damage control remains active while the AP cools. This prevents AP players from becoming completely exhausted when hit by large amounts of firearms.
  • Friendly fire: The regenerative health effect of the Friendly Fire no longer accumulates, but heals faster. As a result, all weapons heal at the same rate.
  • Stabilized: Fixed an issue that prevented stabilization when wearing a Power Armor.
  • Super Duper: Fanfares and sound effects no longer play badly when creating legendary objects.
Requests and events
  • A disarming discovery: Dagger will no longer try to talk to the player when he is in the barn.
  • A disarming discovery: It now takes longer for the dagger key to appear on the corpse after disconnecting and reconnecting if the player has already stolen it.
  • The dogwood is dying: Fixed a bug where a target in a quest was incorrectly displayed in the trunk.
  • Fasnagh Day: Players will now correctly receive a legendary three-star item after completing the event.
  • Fasnagh Day: Suicidal super-mutants don’t keep reproducing after the carnival.
  • Fasnagh Day: Fixed a problem that could cause the Master of Ceremonies to spawn outside the event area.
  • Fasnagh Day: The robotics expert’s advantage can no longer be used to hack the Parade Marching Bots’ robots.
  • Fasnagh Day: Destroying porcelain jugs during the carnival no longer prevents players from collecting more porcelain jugs at the next carnival on the same continent.
  • Field Trials: Putnam’s parents are now more present in the introduction scene.
  • Field Trials: Fixed a rare issue that allows the player to see a blank dialog when communicating with Paladin Rahmani.
  • Forbidden knowledge: Several questions about forbidden knowledge and technical data were resolved, and this search was repeated.
    • Note to self: Technical data cannot be omitted, exchanged or sold.
  • Mother’s invention: The mysterious element now remains the object of a post-move search.
  • Mother’s invention: The dust bag in the Ultracite battery case will not disappear when the player returns to the instance.
  • Mother’s invention: Fixed an issue that could cause Valdese’s scribe to not defend himself when attacked by enemies.
  • Mother’s invention: The mystery component of Mother Invention now displays an inventory message when the player is called.
  • Mother’s invention: Rahmani and Shin’s dialogue on Paladin Taggerdi evoked the continuity of history.
  • Over and out: The animation of the destroyed transmitter is no longer played back prematurely.
  • Caretaker, janitor: The dialogue and investigation will now continue appropriately with the return of the surveillance footage to Chief Engineer Brass.
  • The best defense: The purpose of the quest now rightly points to Paladin Rahmani after he is instructed to speak to the Brotherhood.
  • The best defense: A problem solved that may result in more enemy waves than expected in the final encounter of the quest.
  • Trade secrets: The Pip-Boy kit collection quest marker now permanently points to Walt Tech University.
  • Scoreboard : A quick mention on the scoreboard won’t make the noise go away.
User interface
  • Atomic Shop: The Brotherhood of Steel icon, which was once part of the Brotherhood, is now correctly displayed on the player icon page in the Atom store.
  • Quick trip: Added an error message when quickly switching to a C.A.M.P. the player has gotten too close to.
  • Map: Fixed a bug that allowed the map to open when displaying the terminal.
  • Card: Fixed a rare problem that can cause the number of items in the player’s card machine preview to not match the number of items in that machine.
  • Notes : This is a problem we have to face, but the brass band doesn’t have a problem, because it’s not about the time we have to do it.
  • Perk-Münzen: Fixed a visual issue that could cause a player’s total benefit tokens to show the wrong amount of benefit tokens after throwing benefit cards.
  • Pip-Boy: Elements with long names are no longer truncated in Pip-Boy.
  • Suchen: Fixed an issue that would cause the Forge Trust target tracker to remain on the screen after completing the quest.
  • Scoreboard : Exclusive Fallout 1 rewards are now claimed separately from standard rewards on the leaderboard.
  • Social menu : Improved mouse control in social menu pop-ups.
  • Teams: Die Kommandoschnittstelle blinkt nicht mehr, während Elemente auf dem Desktop repariert werden.
  • Peace: He set up several places around the world where players could get stuck.
  • Peace: Restores various places that players can see outside the world.

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  • File 76 Update of notes – 25. February 2020.

Wir veröffentlichen ein kleines Update für Fallout 76, um einige Vorbereitungen hinter den Kulissen für das kommende Wastelanders-Update zu treffen. If we’re going to patch in the January issue, we need to make sure we have the right implementations in place and that we’re working on a fallow site for the first time. Read today’s release notes. Updated version…

  • File 76 Update of notes – 25. February 2020.

We’re releasing a small update for Fallout 76 in preparation for the next Wastelanders update behind the scenes. As with our last patch in January, we are fixing some bugs that were safe to implement without interrupting our work on Wasteland. Read today’s release notes. Updated version…

  • File 76 Update of notes – 25. February 2020.

We’re releasing a small update for Fallout 76 in preparation for the next Wastelanders update behind the scenes. As with our last patch in January, we are fixing some bugs that can be safely implemented without interrupting our work on Wasteland. Read today’s release notes. Updated version…

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