In FFXIV, players can purchase the Petrify Grenade in a wide range of different ways. While it is often not worth buying outright, many have found other uses for this item ranging from obtaining easy money to farming rare items. One particular use that will be discussed here is how bribing and stealing enemies with level 50s can yield an incredible amount of loot.

The “petrify grenade ffx bribe” is a technique that involves the use of a petrify grenade to kill enemies, which can then be stolen from their corpses.

Stealing Grenades that petrify from Jormungand in the Monster Arena is the best method to get them. Its most frequent theft (with an 80% probability) is x4 Grenades.

Additionally, merely unlocking Jormungand will provide you x99 Grenades that petrify as a one-time bonus — a veritable treasure trove of petrification explosives!

After capturing one duplicate of every fiend on the Highroad Djose, Jormungand is unlocked. There are seven in the neighborhood:

  • Garm
  • Simurgh
  • Bite Bug
  • Flan de neige
  • Bunyip
  • Basilisk
  • Ochu


Bribes using Grenades that petrify

You can bribe x24 Grenades that petrify from Basilisks for a total of 50,625 gil on the Highroad Djose if you need them early in the game.

Alternatively, you may pay 9,250 gil to Iguion fiends in the Woods of Macalania for x5 grenades.

You can bribe a variety of fiends for Grenades that petrify, but the two described above are probably your best bets.

Having said that, here’s a list of every fiend you may bribe for Grenades that petrify:

Fiend Bribe Grenades that petrify Location
Iguion 9,250 gil x5 Woods of Macalania
Iguion Cave 1,375,000 gil x6 Purifico Way
Basilisk a total of 50,625 gil x24 Highroad Djose
Raptor 5,000 gil x3 Road to Mushroom Rock
Dinonix 3,500 gil x2 Kilika Woods is a forest in Kilika, Kenya.
Melusine 6,625 gil x4 Plains of Thunder
Yowie gil 22,500 x12 The Stolen Fayth Cavern
Ipiria 4,500 gil x3 Mi’ihen Highroad Oldroad & Road to Mushroom Rock


Basilisk on the Highroad Djose / FFX HDBasilisk on the Highroad Djose


What Are Grenades that petrify Used For?

Their principal function in warfare is to be thrown with the “Use” command. As you may assume, they have an above-average probability of petrifying all adversaries.

You may also apply Stonetouch and Stonestrike to weapons using them.

With physical attacks, Stonetouch has a 50% chance to petrify foes, while Stonestrike has a near 100% chance.

Grenades that petrify can also be used to customize Stoneproof onto armor, which is arguably the more valuable skill. Stoneproof almost 100% protects against Petrify (there’s still a very minor chance, though).

  • Stonetouch requires x10 Grenades that petrify to customize
  • Stokestrike requires x60 Grenades that petrify to customize
  • Stoneproof requires x20 Grenades that petrify to customize

Grenades that petrify can also be mixed up with Rikku’s Overdrive for some pretty neat results. Some of these include:

Chaos Grenade (Amulet + Petrify Grenade): Inflicts Full Break, Slow, Poison, Darkness, Silence, and Sleep on all opponents.

Megalixir (Antidote + Petrify Grenade): Completely recovers the party’s HP and MP. Not what you’d expect from a Grenade, to be sure.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Petrify Grenade): Restores full health to all KO’d party members. The Grenade is both a taker and a giver.


Jormungand from the Monster Arena / FFX HDJormungand is being fought.


Are Grenades that petrify Worth It?


One of the earliest ways to cheese the game is by farming sixty Grenades that petrify as soon as you get to the Highroad Djose, that way you can customize Stonestrike onto a weapon – preferably for somebody like Wakka who has high accuracy.

You may just glide through the rest of the tale, converting every non-boss you come across into a rock with a single hit.

Aside from that, there are a few of late-game bosses where petrify protection is really useful. So having a couple sets of armor ready to modify with Stoneproof isn’t a bad idea.

And these grenades are a simple addition to some of Rikku’s most inventive mixtures.

In summation: yes, it is super nice to have a stack of Grenades that petrify in your inventory. And they’re not even that hard to get!

The “ffx stoneproof” is a key item in Final Fantasy X. It has the ability to turn enemies to stone and can be used as an attack or defense. The “ffx stoneproof” is a great farming tool because it can help you get money, items, and experience points.

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