FIFA 22: Squad Rating and Chemistry Styles Explained

FIFA 22 is a popular soccer video game that gives players the option to create their own custom player and join one of the five different national teams. The chemistry styles in FIFA 22 are an important part of building a team and improving performance, so we decided to break down the different types and how they work.

The best chemistry styles fifa 21 for each player is a guide that will help you find the best chemistry style for each player in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Squad Rating and Chemistry Styles Explained

Chemistry is a gaming mechanic that has been in FIFA since FIFA 13, and it is one of the first and most important things you should learn while playing FIFA 22. However, not everyone is aware of how this process works. Furthermore, Players’ Chemistry Styles, Players’ Individual and Squad Chemistry, and Players’ Individual and Squad Chemistry are all distinct words in FIFA 22, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

In FIFA 22, what is the difference between player and team chemistry?

This is a very cool feature in FIFA games in general. You can’t simply purchase two random players and instruct them to play well-connected together in real life, and you can’t do it in game either. 

In a nutshell, this is a mechanism that aids your players in gaining more “attributes.” The better the chemistry of a team, the higher the player rating. In a nutshell, this is a measure of your team’s “harmony.”

FIFA 22 Player and Team Chemistry

The impacts of Chemistry will be active at the start of each game, with distinct Chemistry effects for players in the starting XI and those on the bench. Team and individual player chemistry are important factors in player chemistry.

  • Team chemistry accounts for 25% of a starting XI player’s performance, whereas individual player chemistry accounts for 75%.
  • A substitute player is a player who comes in as a last-minute replacement for another player. Team chemistry accounts for 25% of the total, whereas static individual player chemistry accounts for 75%.

If the outcome is:

  • When a player’s characteristics reach 50, they begin to improve, eventually reaching a maximum of 99.
  • There is no change in the player’s basic characteristics at level 50.
  • Players’ characteristics are lowered to a minimum of 1 if they have a score of 49 or below.

The chemistry between the players

  • The various state of poor, decent, or great chemistry of a player with other nearby connected players is shown in red, yellow, or green beneath the player’s card. 
  • The maximal chemistry of a person is ten.
  • Overall, the chemistry of the players is influenced by:
    • Positioning: The team’s position in relation to the card’s allocated location. If you placed Ronaldo in CAM or CM instead of ST, for example, his initial chemistry would be 0. In FIFA 22, if you move a player from the Wing to the Centre (or vice versa), their chemistry will be removed, regardless of whether or not they have any teammates nearby. 
    • Teammate Links: If a player is surrounded by other players from the same real-life team, country, or league, the connection between that player and surrounding players will be orange if they share one similarity, green if they share two or more. The link will be red if there are none. 
    • If the squad’s manager is from the same league or country as a player, that player will get an additional chemistry characteristic.
    • Royalty: If you play 10 matches with the same team in any mode, each player will get one additional chem attribute for their devotion. This, however, can only be done once.
    • Icon Players, on the other hand, will share the Yellow Link with regular players and the Green Link with other Icon Players or players of the same nationality. With every player in the same league allocated to the FUT Heroes Players, FUT Heroes will have the Green Link.

Squad Compatibility (or Squad Rating)

  • The overall chemistry of every player on the team, excluding substitutes, is equal to the squad chemistry.
  • The amount of team chemistry that may be used is limited to 100.
  • If you apply the same technique to individual chemistry, you’ll finish up with 10 greater squad chemistry. This is important for your SBC later in the game since it is not always possible to locate both inexpensive and well-connected people for your SBC.

In FIFA 22, there are a few tricks that may help you get a better chemistry score.

We can take advantage of a “bug” here. Remember that “the benefits of Chemistry will be effective at the beginning of each game,” which means that if you alter your team configuration after kicking off, your player and team chemistry will stay the same. Here’s an illustration:

If you make it the starting XI for this team, your squad will be lacking in chemistry due to the lack of connections between individuals. As a result, the players’ characteristics will be degraded, impacting the overall effectiveness of the team. This is, nevertheless, my favorite configuration. 4-1-2-1-2, I’m not in a position to form a new squad, and I also like playing with the guys I already have. So, what am I to do?

Setting your Starting XI in a different configuration and changing it immediately after entering the match, spending one Position Modifier Item, is the answer. In FIFA 22, though, you’ll need to play a specific amount of games to ensure that your players have the best chemistry in the new structure.

I use a CM-to-CDM Position Alter Item to change Joao Felix’s position from CM to CDM. Despite the fact that this is not his allocated position, Felix still manages to earn 9 chemistry points thanks to his connections with three nearby players, and the whole squad’s chemistry may reach 100.

After manually kicking off, you may alter the formation. 

However, by clicking the D-pad to the left or right, depending on your configuration, you may configure the “edit placement” team in advance and change it to your own arrangement. To set up your “edit positioning” squad as described above, go to your Squad, press L2 or LT, and choose the custom tactics option. Remember that the starting XI in your Squad and Custom Tactics Squad must be the same, otherwise the Squad Chemistry may not reach 95 or above if any substitutions are required.

FIFA 22 Position Modifier

What are FIFA 22’s Chemistry Styles?

Chemistry Styles are consumables that help players improve their numbers over time. These goods may be obtained via packs, goals, or direct purchases on the transfer market. Each position and player needs and is best suited to one or more Chemistry Styles. In FIFA22, there are a total of 23 Chemistry Styles.


The Chemistry Styles can improve six characteristics:

  • DIVING ABILITY: The ability to dive.
  • HAN: The capacity to decide whether to catch a ball or punch it far away from harm (Handling)
  • KIC: The ability to make a long pass from a goalkeeper’s position (Kicking). This is not, in my view, an essential characteristic to concentrate on.
  • REF: The capacity to rapidly or slowly react.
  • SPE stands for sprinting pace. Again, this isn’t an essential quality to concentrate on.
  • POS: The capacity to select the best standing posture.

For a GK, there are five different chemistry styles to choose from:

WallDiving, kicking, and handlingKIC: 2 DIV: 2 HAN: 2 DIV: 2 HAN: 2 DIV: 2 HAN: 2 HAN:
ShieldSpeed, Reflexes, and Kicking2 KIC, 2 REF, 2 SPD
CatSpeed, Reflexes, and PositioningPOS: 2 REF: 2 SPD: 2 REF: 2 SPD: 2 REF: 2 SPD: 2 REF: 2
GloveHandling, Diving, and PositioningPOS: 2 DIV: 2 HAN: 2 DIV: 2 HAN: 2 HAN: 2 HAN: 2 HAN:
GK BasicDiving, handling, kicking, reflexes, positioning, and speed are all skills that may be learned.DIV: 1; HAN: 1; KIC: 1; REF: 1; POS: 1; SPD: 1; DIV: 1; HAN: 1; KIC: 1; REF: 1; POS: 1

GK Basic or Glove are said to be the ideal Chemistry Styles for a GK. The Glove provides your GK +2 POS, +2 HAN, +2 DIV, all of which are important characteristics for a GK, whereas the GK Basic delivers 1 bonus point for each of the aforementioned attributes, distributing everything equally.


The Chemistry Styles can improve six characteristics:

  • DEF: Defending – the ability to display a player’s AI. The greater this stat, the “smarter” the player in the game will be.
  • PHY: Physical – essentially demonstrating a player’s strength.
  • Dribble: The ability to manipulate and move the ball in different directions.
  • SHO: Shooting – the ability to hit a target accurately.
  • PAS: Passing ability – the ability to make a solid pass and sustain a high proportion of successful passes.
  • PAC: Pace refers to a player’s speed.

A defense player may choose from six different chemistry styles:

SentinelPhysical, DefendingDEF: 3; PHY: 3; DEF: 3; PHY: 3; DEF:
GuardianDefending, dribblingDEF: 3 DRI: 3 DRI: 3 DRI: 3 DRI: 3 DRI:
GladiatorDefending and shootingDEF: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO:
BackbonePhysical, Passing, and Defending2 PAS, 2 DEF, 2 PHY
AnchorDefending, Pace, and Physical2 PAC, 2 DEF, 2 PHY
ShadowDefending, PaceDEF: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC:

We may pick the Shadow for a left-back or right-back player since it boosts the player’s Pace and Defending. You may choose between the Shadow and the Anchor for a center back.


The Chemistry Styles may boost six qualities, all of which are the same as the Defence.

For your midfielder, there are six different physical styles to choose from:

ArtistDribbling, PassingDRI: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS:
ArchitectPhysical, PassingPHY: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS:
PowerhouseDefending and passingDEF: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS: 3 PAS:
MaestroShooting, passing, and dribbling are all skills used in basketball.2 SHO, 2 PAS, 2 DRI
EngineDribbling, passing, and pace2 PAC, 2 PAS, 2 DRI
CatalystPassing, PacePAC: 3; PAS: 3; PAC: 3; PAC: 3; PAC:

Artist and Maestro are the two finest styles to choose for your CM or CAM. Players like Kovacic or Mount, for example, would benefit from the Maestro to improve their shooting skills, while Kevin De Bruyne or Modric would benefit from the Catalyst or Architect.

The Powerhouse may be a good fit for your CDM. If you want to physically reinforce your midfield, you might go with the Backbone.


The Chemistry Styles may improve five characteristics, all of which are the same as the Midfielder except for the defensive benefit.

Your Attacker may choose from six different physical styles:

SniperShooting and dribbling are two of the most popular sports in the world.SHO: 3; DRI: 3; SHO: 3; DRI: 3; SHO:
DeadeyePassing and shootingPAS: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO: 3 SHO:
HawkPace, shooting, and physical exertion2 PAC, 2 SHO, 2 PHY
MarksmanShooting, dribbling, and physical activity2 SHO, 2 DRI, 2 PHY
FinisherPhysical, ShootingSHO: 3; PHY: 3; SHO: 3; PHY: 3; SHO:
HunterShooting, PaceSHO: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC: 3 PAC:

It’s ideal to utilize the Finisher on your CF or ST to improve your strikers’ goal-conversion rate. Hawk, on the other hand, is a viable alternative, particularly for players like Lukaku and Immobile who need more ball-controlling skills rather than shooting or physicality.

It is dependent on your style for your LM, RM, LW, and RW. If you’re looking for someone who can make a game-changing impact, such as Messi or Salah, the Hawk or Finisher are the ideal match. If you want a player that relies only on his Wing, the Hunter or even the Catalyst is the way to go.

Note: When choosing Chemistry Styles, you should concentrate on the players’ flaws. Messi, for example, has 9x in DRI, SHO, and PAS in FIFA22. His Pace, on the other hand, is 85 and his Physical is just 65. As a result, Hawk will assign him a 2+ pace rating and a 2+ physical rating. It will be unnecessary and a waste of money if you give Messi the Sniper.

Check out the FIFA 22 area of our website for additional tutorials and related information.

FIFA 22 has a new system of chemistry styles and squad ratings. The fifa 22 chemistry styles prices is explained in detail by EA Sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does chemistry styles matter in FIFA 21?

Chemistry styles do not matter in FIFA 21.

What is the best chemistry style in FIFA?

There is no best chemistry style in FIFA. It all depends on the players preferences and what they want to do with their team.

Do chemistry styles affect subs?

No, chemistry styles do not affect subs.

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