Fishing Clash – Gift Codes List (January 2021) & How To Redeem Codes

Fishing Clash is a very popular mobile fishing game in which players travel all over the world to catch fish.

During your journey, you will need to collect various items and resources.

To help you make faster progress, the developers of Fishing Clash occasionally publish gift codes that allow you to obtain useful articles and tools.

In this regularly updated guide, we publish all the active gift codes to help you participate in Fishing Clash.

Table of contents

Fishing codes

Active codes

The following codes have been identified as valid from 7. January 2021 confirmed.

  • gabeifg (1 lucky bag of gold)
  • fcappgallery2021 (100 multiple hooks, 100 sonars, 1 gold package)
  • Heist (1 pack black)
  • 보겸 TV (1 Black Pack) (some players)

If you have difficulty using one of the codes above, type with the same capital letters as above.

If you keep doing oops! That code is wrong! Message, the code has expired or you are not authorized to use it.

Expired codes

  • H20
  • Dolls
  • FCXmas20
  • kohaku
  • trutta
  • tvusa
  • taras

Guns of Glory developers periodically release new code that players can use.

We will update this list when new codes are published and old codes expire. We therefore recommend that you check this list from time to time.

Usually new codes are published by the developers and announced on the social media of the game when a major new update is released.

Sometimes developers release new code for parties and special promotions.

We love it when readers share new codes with us, so feel free to share any new codes you find in the comments section.

Please also let us know if a code marked here as active has expired.

For exchanging gift codes in fish class

Go to the main page to redeem your Vis-Clash Gift Voucher Codes.

Click on the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Select GIFT CODES from the menu on the right.

Enter the code of the active gift in the ENTER CODE field.

Press CLAIM and you will be immediately rewarded for the code.

See the previous section of this guide for active Vis-Clash Gift Codes.

What are the fish gift codes

Gift codes are special codes given by the developers of Fishing Clash.

Players can claim these in-game gift codes as long as they are active and redeem them.

When you receive a Gift Code, you receive a reward for that Gift Code, which often contains a package, useful items, or resource.

Gift codes expire after a certain period of time, usually at the end of the celebration, promotion or holiday for which they were issued.

Players can use active gift codes to speed up their progress.

We therefore recommend that you regularly check this article for new active codes.

How to get the other codes

There is only one way to get more code in Fishing Clash: wait for the developers to release new code.

Developers usually release new code for vacations, holidays, important updates, advertisements or content campaigns.

When there are new codes for holidays, parties or important updates, these are usually announced on the social media of the game.

Codes assigned to ads or content generating campaigns must be found directly in the ads or content.

To make it easier for Fishing Clash players, we have created this list in which we add all the active codes we find.

We therefore recommend that you log in every now and then to check for new active codes.

Here are all the discount codes we have for the Fisherman’s Clash!

If you want to improve our list of Fishing Clash coupon codes, please let us know in the Feedback section if you find new active codes or if you notice that some active codes have expired.


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