G.J. Maerker is a game designer and passionate gamer living in Germany. He has extensive experience in creating strategy games for the PC, and now he’s trying to break into the mobile gaming market. He’s currently working on his first mobile game which he hopes will be a success.

Hey I’m G.J. Maerker, and this is my blog about little things. Not really, but I sometimes write about small things, and the things that are small in my life, and how I relate them to the things that I’m used to.

It’s rare that I get excited about a game with the same enthusiasm that I do for the movies that I watch, but I have been playing The Secret World, an MMORPG that takes place in a modern-day New York City, for over a year now. Not only is the game fun to play, but the storyline is intriguing and keeps me coming back for more. The main reason I’m excited about The Secret World is because it has been one of the best games to come out in years. The game itself consists of a lot of stuff, but one of the most important parts is the amount of content you get with the game.

Salutations, Captains!

I wanted to try something different as a main dd player since I usually play high DPM HE spamming dds or quick torpedoes firing pan European. The new German dd line is the only alternative I see as feasible for a different style of play. I watched several vids showing ELBING eliminating cruisers, and with the game’s current meta promoting more cruisers (6-7 cruisers each game), I decided to give it a go.

It’s been a nightmare.

I put my hard-earned Free XP into Tier 7 dd Z-31, played several games, and then chose to go for Tier 8 G. J. Maerker since I couldn’t take the circus in Tier 7. So here’s what I’m thinking:


  1. It’s a little more durable than other dds.


  • Guns are a bad idea. Just stay away from 1v1s with high dpm dds; they’ll burn you up before you can fire your fifth salvo. You already know you can confront Tier IX / X dds, therefore there’s no need to say more. You won’t start citadeling cruisers if you believe you will. Switching to HE is possible, but you’re not HE Spamming dd if you do so. Because the weapons are single guns that are dispersed around the ship and spin slowly, you’ll need to Grease the Gears.
  • Torpedoes are a nightmare. They move at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. If you want to squander your ship and captain construct to make them quicker, they can only travel 55 kilometers per hour, which is still not good. Essentially, ignore the fact that you have torpedoes and just fire them when they become available, hoping they hit anything. Dds in smoke were the most I received.
  • 7KM of concealment I get it with fast ships; I can detach or charge whenever I want; some of them are quicker than Maerker torpedoes. So you’ll be discovered, and it might be any ship; don’t be an Asashio, or you’ll be detected like a BB all the time.
  • AA: Well, I get a good sensation when I shoot down one aircraft; it’s really gratifying, since the AA on this one isn’t expected to accomplish anything.
  • This thing is stiffer than other BBs when it comes to maneuverability. It’s slow and not especially quick (36 knots), so get going before your 89s smoke runs out.
  • Only Smoke is consumed. There is no Hydro, Speed Boost, Heal, or Reload Booster. Defensive AA is available at Tiers IX and X, which is extremely exciting. Oh, and while we’re at it, utilize the Repair Module wisely.
  • Range: You may and should utilize your captain abilities (4 points) to increase the range to 14.3 kilometers, since you don’t want to approach too near.


G.J. Maerker has nothing positive going for it. It’s presumably intended to be played like a tiny cruiser, but don’t expect cruiser damage to anything. You should not go to the caps early in the game if you have poor concealment; it will enrage a lot of your team’s BBs in chat; just ignore them.

So, with no gimmicks and no redeeming qualities, you’ll have to deal with it and possibly waste a lot of flags and Free XP to go for the Schultz at Tier 9, which may be the only reason G.J. Maerker exists.

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Post for the game World of Warships titled “G.J. Maerker helps me appreciate the simple things in life.”

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