GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP Review

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There’s nothing more tedious than spending all afternoon cleaning your PlayStation gaming system and its lenses. You’ve got to remove the casing, unscrew all those tiny screws, clean out old liquid, then dry everything off before you can put it back together again! That’s a lot of work for something that takes up little space on your TV stand. Well with this new GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP, suddenly playing games is just as easy as reading a book.

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Features of GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP

1. Cleans your PSP laser lens game console
2. Advanced motorized vibrating brush
3. Compact and portable
4. Helps to maintain optimum game performance
5. Included protective brush cover

1. Cleans your PSP laser lens game console

This product is a lens cleaning system that cleans the laser lens of your Sony PSP game console. It has two motorized brushes with bristles which are able to remove dirt, dust and other particles from the surface. Just insert your PSP into this case and it will automatically adjust itself for an optimal fit without having to use any tools or attachments. This makes it easy for you to clean out all those little spots on top of the lens where grime accumulates over time so that your vision isn’t impaired when playing games using its built-in camera feature!

2. Advanced motorized vibrating brush

GameDr is a motorized lens cleaner designed to remove dust and smudges from your digital camera’s photo quality lenses. The vibrating brush can scrub the dirt away, with minimal effort on your part. That means you get more time shooting beautiful photos instead of trying to keep up with cleaning hours-long jobs while out in the field.

3. Compact and portable

The GameDr is a handheld, portable lens cleaner for Sony PSP. It comes with several different attachments to clean various lenses and devices but it also has an attachment that can be removed from the top of its handle which will allow you to use it on other cameras and even telescopes! The GameDr’s design allows a single hand operation so cleaning your DSLR or telescope doesn’t take as long.

4. Helps to maintain optimum game performance

If you have a Sony PSP, and your games are not performing up to par because the lens is dirty, then try out this GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner. It helps maintain optimum game performance by ensuring that all the dirt on your lenses has been removed so that they can work at their best.

5. Included protective brush cover

The GameDr is the perfect way to keep your Sony PSP screen clean and protected. It’s designed for use with a lens-cleaning cloth, but also works just fine without one too. The included protective brush cover ensures that you need never worry about scratching or damaging your beloved gaming device ever again! This product even includes both an AC & DC adapter so you’ll be able to plug it in anywhere there’s power nearby.

Reviews & Ratings of GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP is a great tool to have in your gaming arsenal. It cleans lenses and comes with two different nozzles that can be easily screwed onto the top of the device so it can get into those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Its on/off switch also conveniently has three settings: off, low power, high power.
I found 23 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.,
Most people are very satisfied with their purchase – “This lens cleaner works well when I’m playing my Playstation 3 games” was one comment – but there were some complaints about not being able to fit all around the lens or getting stuck inside – none which seemed widespread enough to lower this product’s rating overall though (and certainly nothing worth worrying about). In general, customers seem happy with how easy it is to use as long as you don’t mind screwing something together yourself from scratch; many said things like ‘It does its job,’ or ‘it takes seconds.’ And then we come across another reviewer who says: “My Father gave me his old cleaning kit years ago! There wasn’t anything wrong with mine except now … I’m looking for replacements.” They recommend checking eBay if you’re having trouble finding replacement parts


In summary, the Sony PSP is an advanced handheld video gaming system that provides wireless game play with a high-quality screen. The GameDr Motorized Optical Lens Cleaner for Sony PSP enables you to keep your device clear and built in cleaning solution will not harm the lenses on your screen when used as directed.

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