Gnosia Review: Where Zero Escape, Among Us, and Raging Loop Collide

This week we’ll be reviewing the Japanese puzzle game Gnoia, an interesting blend of visual novel and escape the room game where you escape the rooms you’re in, or you’ll escape the room you’re in. You’re in the dark, and you’re locked in a room with a key and a safe. You have to find the key to open the safe, but you can’t see anything.

Since its release, the critically acclaimed Zero Escape visual novel series has captured the hearts of gamers around the world. The series was actually the result of a collaboration between most of the key people behind the genre-defining games, namely the director of the first game in the series, Kotaro Uchikoshi, and the writer of the first title, Dai Nagato.

The Final Decision was a fantastic visual novel, but it wasn’t the only game in the Zero Escape series. That series has been around since 2009. The second game in the series was called Zero Time Dilemma in the US, and it was originally released in Japan in 2015. This year, 2016, the third game was finally released in the US as well. The story in this game, as the name implies, is that you have to choose which of the four characters you want to save the most in a race against time.

Although Gnosia grabbed attention with its 2019 release in Japan on PS Vita, the game has flown under the radar due to its somewhat odd position in the visual novel genre. The game is now available in western territories as a localized port to Nintendo Switch. Although it borrows elements from other games, including Among Us, Zero Escapeand Raging Loop, Gnosia is one of the best story-driven games you’ll get in 2021. Without hesitation. Between exciting gameplay, a great cast of characters and an interesting story, there’s a lot to like about Gnosia.

Gnosia magazine: Where Zero Escape, Among Us and Raging Loop collide

word-image-11910 The game takes place in a spaceship where creatures called Gnosia are trying to completely destroy the crew. The team is trying to do the same with Gnosis and determine who is infected and what to do about it. After discussing who is and who is not a Gnosis, team members vote for the one they think is a Gnosis, and then send them into a cold sleep for the rest of the round. The maximum number of players in a round is 15, with one to six players in Gnosis. If you’ve ever playedMafia or Werewolf group games, that’s essentially what you get here. In each round, there are different roles you can take on. Not only can you play as an infected and fool other players, but you can also take on roles as a doctor, engineer, guardian angel, security guard and others. Other characters can also be regular team members, with no special abilities, but they do participate in debates and votes. These special crew members have special skills that allow them to gather important information from other crew members. For example, every morning the doctor can determine if a player who chose Cold Sleep the night before is actuallyGnosis. An engineer would, for example. B. to choose one person each evening to investigate whether he is Gnostic and to report on his findings the following morning. Using the information from these reports is critical to eliminating the enemy and surviving. Based on the information you get, you can decide to cover up or interrogate certain characters, and some team members will support you while others will oppose you. Wild accusations against everyone around you arouse suspicion, and excessive silence suggests you may be hiding something. However, there are a few twists and turns that make the action even more interesting. Gnosis can falsely claim that certain members play different roles. There may be multiple doctors or engineers in the game at any given time, but which ones are real and which ones are gnoses? In any round where the Doctor and/or the Engineer are present, only one of them is really among those claiming both roles. The choice between two, or in some cases three, team members vying for the same role adds tremendous tension to each round. And the pressure is on, as each night Gnosia can kill one person, gradually reducing the team to zero.

Gnosis is Sus

One of the most interesting mechanisms of the game is the state system, which includes parameters such as stealth, charm, logic, charisma, performance and intuition. After each round, whether you win or lose, you get experience points to increase the level of these statistics. For example, increased stealth reduces the chances of being attacked by Gnosia at night, while high charms allow you to escape from dangerous situations. There are also statistical requirements for different types of skills. One of the skills, Revelation, allows you to refute certain accusations when a crew member accuses you of Gnosis. Each night, after trying to put someone to sleep from the cold, you can visit the other members of the ship’s crew. The events marked with an exclamation point take you further in the story, give you new skills, or create an alliance. As you progress through the game, you’ll recognize similar answers from previous rounds, but sometimes you’ll discover unique dialogue that hints at an upcoming event. It may be in your best interest to keep the characters involved in these conversations alive until the next night to trigger a special event, even if you know one of them is Gnosis for that turn. During each cycle, these special events can unlock characters for each team member. The ultimate goal of the game is to collect them all to complete the cycle and reach the real end. While the first few rounds are on the right track and introduce you to the story and mechanics of the game, over time you can set the terms for each round, for example. B. what roles you play, how much Gnozia, how many crew members are on board and what role you will play in all this.

These buckles will make you furious

word-image-11912 To reach the end, you must summon and exploit these events. And there are so manyGnosia includes an event search feature that automatically sets conditions for each turn that can trigger a story event. However, this is where the game is the most difficult. The feature is useful, but it’s not specific enough to indicate who you should try to keep alive. If you accidentally vote for a certain character without knowing that he or she is needed for a story event, you will have to play out that round without learning anything new about the story. In a way, this is understandable given the scenario of the game, where you have to go through different rounds over and over again. But it can be frustrating to finish 10 or more rounds in a row without getting any new information, given the strength of the overall plot. It can be fun to stumble upon certain events to create little plots, but it can also do the exact opposite. But no matter how you slice it, in the end, when the truth comes out, it’s worth it.

Gnosia Exam – Results



  • Many interesting mechanisms that make each turn special
  • The story, the plot and the ending are all fantastic.
  • The characters are unique and expressive
  • The great art of the game


  • More direction could have been given to the players to steer them in the right direction until the end.
  • This may depend on your ability to solve the logic puzzles and the game itself.
  • Lack of voice output is disappointing

Every character in Gnosia is incredibly unique and alive, so much so that you’ll be sad to vote them into a spaceship or sad when you discover that Gnosia killed them in the middle of the night. This bond is enhanced by the game’s excellent art style, where the character portraits are atmospheric and the special CGI scenes are beautifully rendered. The only downside is the lack of voice-over, which could have enhanced some of the more poignant scenes, especially at the end. Overall, Gnosia is a fantastic game with a compelling story and interesting characters, supported by rich graphics and solid gameplay mechanics. If you can tolerate some repetition – and the eventual need to get through a few rounds without any visible progress – the end of Gnosia will be one of the most reassuring games you’ll experience this year. [Note: PLAYISM provided a copy of Gnosia used for this review].”Pandemics spread quickly. It’s not a matter of if, but when. For years, the world’s deadliest diseases have been ravaging the planet. In the face of this catastrophe, the Coalition of Humanity has created a vaccine to be administered to all countries in the world. This vaccine is a cure for all major and minor diseases. The vaccine was created by combining DNA and imaging information from the world’s most talented doctors and scientists.” “But, as the vaccine was being tested, strange things began to happen. The Coalition of Humanity’s top scientists began to regress and die. Those who were targeted were those who knew about the vaccine, and who would not cooperate. Those who followed the orders of those in power were also targeted.. Read more about gnosia gina and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Gnosia have a story?

God of War is one of the most critically acclaimed console exclusives of this generation, and that is one of the reasons it is receiving such a sequel. The game’s narrative is actually the weakest part of the game, but its gameplay and graphics are a sight to behold. A couple of years ago, the gaming community was treated to a game that was unlike any other title they had played. It featured an auto-generated story that twists and turns as you play, with a mystery at its center that would make some films jealous. This, combined with unique art style, innovative gameplay, and an overall aesthetic that is unlike anything else out there, has made it a hit.

Does Gnosia have an ending?

Gnosia is a new survival game from a new indie studio called Access Games, and its first game. It looks like a mix of Prison Architect and Zero Escape, with a heavy focus on the story. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the game in December, and I’ve been playing it ever since. You can’t have a series of games without a conclusion, and the developers of Gnosia were no different. The conclusion of the game was surprising, and not what fans were expecting. Gnosia leaves fans with many questions, as a ton of misdirections are present within the game.

Is Gnosia randomized?

A lot of people, including myself, were very hyped about the premise of Gnosia. The idea of a planet where the weather, diseases, and even the people themselves are completely randomized made for a fascinating concept. However, after playing the game, I found that the game was more focused on delivering the story than it was about creating an interesting world. As one of the best-selling titles for the 3DS, the 3rd-person adventure game, Gnosia, continues the series of Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and Raging Blast 2. In it, you play as Adem, who was a test subject in an experiment to combine the DNA of humans and animals. Your goal is to escape the maze-like building, which is shaped like a labyrinth, and save the other victims as well.

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