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God of War How to Get Ares Armor?

    Kratos, the main protagonist of God of War series, has some of the best armor sets that allows him to become nearly invincible. Getting the Ares Armor set is one such instance. This article explains how to get this powerful armor set.

    To acquire the Ares Armor in God of War, first, you must defeat five certain enemies known as the Furies in a timed sequence across three different chapters. The battles can be tough and require precise timing. Once completed, you will earn a unique item named Bloody Thumbs and several red orb rewards.

    After completing the final trial, you can take Bloody Thumbs to an optional challenge where you fight waves of opponents with new weapons. You need to finish ten levels in a row without failing or quitting to get your ultimate prize – a full Ares Armor set made from powerful gold ore materials.

    This attire bonus is particularly good for those who like brute force combat more than any form of magic, as it increases both physical damage done by Kratos and his overall resistance against enemy attacks. If you’re wondering how to get Mist Armor in God of War, check out the link for a detailed guide.

    Pro Tip: Before attempting this challenging task, ensure that you are upgraded with necessary weapons and have adequate health items to tackle the formidable enemies.

    Ares Armor: It’s like a bulletproof vest, but for your ego.

    What is Ares Armor

    Ares Armor is a powerful piece of attire that can be obtained in the game God of War. It grants immense strength and boosts to the wearer’s combat abilities. To obtain this armor, players need to complete certain challenges and defeat the legendary warriors.

    The Ares Armor belongs to Ares, the god of war in Greek mythology. It was said that whoever wore this armor would become invincible in battle. The armor is made up of multiple pieces such as gauntlets, boots, chest plate, and helmet, which are scattered throughout the game world.

    To obtain these pieces, players need to complete various trials and battles such as defeating Valkyries or completing Muspelheim challenges. Once all the pieces have been collected, they can be smithed together by Brok or Sindri to create the legendary Ares Armor set.

    What sets this armor apart from others is its unique ability to grant a massive boost in strength when the player’s health drops below a certain threshold. This can make all the difference between victory and defeat in some of the toughest battles in God Of War. If you’re wondering how to get Tyrs armor in God of War, you’ll need to complete a series of challenges and puzzles in-game.

    Legend has it that once someone wears this armor, they are granted unimaginable power and become unstoppable on the battlefield. Will you be able to master all of its challenges and emerge as a true warrior?

    Getting Ares armor is as difficult as convincing your mom to let you play God of War for 24 hours straight.

    Main Ways to Obtain Ares Armor

    To obtain Ares Armor in God of War How to Get Ares Armor?, you need to defeat Ares, purchase it or obtain it through gameplay. This section discusses the three main ways to obtain the armor in different versions of the game including defeating Ares in God of War (2005), purchasing Ares Armor in God of War II (2007), and obtaining Ares Armor in God of War III (2010).

    Defeat Ares in God of War (2005)

    To vanquish the powerful Ares in God of War (2005), there are certain tactics required to defeat him.

    Follow this 4-Step Guide to triumph over Ares:

    1. Remain patient while evading his attacks and strategize your moves to inflict damage on him.
    2. Once you gain an opportunity, assault Ares with everything you have, including combos and magic attacks.
    3. Keep the pressure on him while avoiding any of his dangerous attacks.
    4. Finally, use Quick Time Events to complete the fight.

    Additionally, it is crucial to note that various weapons and power-ups will aid in this battle against Ares.

    Pro Tip: Mastering every weapon and magic attack available will prove advantageous during this epic fight.

    Looking good on the battlefield is just as important as fighting well, so make sure you snag some Ares Armor in God of War II.

    Purchase Ares Armor in God of War II (2007)

    Ares Armor is a powerful armor piece that Kratos can acquire in God of War II (2007) to enhance his abilities and increase his chances of succeeding in battles. Here’s how you can obtain it:

    1. Head to the upper level of Atlas’ stomach to find a Pedestal with a glowing green orb.
    2. Hit the orb with a projectile to activate it, causing two adjacent doors to open.
    3. Go through the doors and solve the puzzle inside.
    4. After solving the puzzle, you’ll reach a room where you have to fight enemies.
    5. Defeat all the enemies and proceed further until you reach another chamber.
    6. In this chamber, defeat Ares’ servants and then open the chest to claim your Ares Armor.

    In addition to its combat benefits, Ares Armor also alters Kratos’s appearance into a more menacing figure once equipped.

    The history books tell us that in ancient Greek mythology, Ares was the god of war, violence, and bloodshed, hence making it an apt name for this powerful armor piece in God of War II (2007).

    Who needs a personal trainer when you can just obtain Ares Armor and become a god in God of War III (2010)?

    Obtain Ares Armor in God of War III (2010)

    To acquire the powerful Ares Armor in God of War III (2010), follow these four steps:

    1. Defeat all enemies in the Olympian Citadel to get the Claws of Hades.
    2. Find the three judges in the Judges Way and defeat them to unlock the Bone Crusher ability.
    3. Enter Combat Arena and successfully complete 35 rounds to gain access to Gorgon Eyes and Minotaur Horns.
    4. Trade five Gorgon Eyes, five Minotaur Horns, and one Philosopher’s Stone for Ares Armor at the exchange nearby

    Adding to this, once players obtain Ares Armor, it will grant Kratos enhanced strength, power, and agility that make him nearly invincible.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gameplay experience with Ares Armor! Follow these four simple steps and immerse yourself into a world of unparalleled power as Kratos. To find the strongest character in God of War, get ahead of others by acquiring this powerful armor now.

    Still trying to get your hands on Ares Armor? Don’t worry, there are more ways to acquire it than there are gods in Olympus.

    Other Ways to Get Ares Armor

    To help you obtain the coveted Ares Armor in God of War, here’s an alternative solution for you to explore: Other Ways to Get Ares Armor with Finding it in God of War: Ascension (2013) and Using Cheat Codes in God of War (2018) as solution.

    Finding it in God of War: Ascension (2013)

    In God of War: Ascension (2013), there are multiple methods to acquire Ares Armor, the iconic attire of the game.

    One way is to complete challenges in the single-player mode and collect red orbs. These orbs can be used at the Temple of Ares to purchase the armor set.

    To simplify the process, refer to the following table showcasing all components required for each armor piece and their respective prices:

    Armor PieceComponents NeededRed Orbs Required
    Gauntlets22,500 each
    War Belt22,500 each
    Greaves31,667 each

    It is noteworthy that one playthrough does not provide enough red orbs to buy all pieces. Replaying challenges or using Passes can help gather more orbs. Moreover, obtaining trophies throughout the game unlocks a bonus costume in addition to Ares Armor.

    Pro tip: Keep an eye out for hidden chests throughout Ascension’s story mode as they may contain valuable items like red orbs or unique armor pieces.

    Who needs skills when you have cheat codes? God of War (2018) just got a whole lot easier… and boring.

    Using Cheat Codes in God of War (2018)

    In God of War (2018), players can use various cheat codes to enhance their gaming experience. These codes allow players to unlock new abilities, power-ups, and other perks without having to complete certain tasks.

    Using Cheat Codes in God of War (2018) can be done by accessing the Main Menu and entering specific button combinations. Some of the cheat codes that can be used include “Give Me God of War,” which makes the game extremely difficult, and “Deadly Mist,” which enables Kratos to regenerate health quickly.

    Another way to access cheat codes is through the use of certain collectibles in-game. For example, collecting all four Nornir Chests will give players an item that allows them to enter cheat codes at any time during gameplay.

    It is worth noting that using cheat codes may disable some achievements or trophies for that playthrough. Therefore, it is advisable to utilize them with caution and as an enhancement to gameplay rather than a replacement for it.

    If players wish to experience God of War (2018) without using cheat codes, they can try playing on different difficulty levels or experimenting with new play styles. Additionally, exploring every inch of the vast game world and completing side quests will provide players with a more challenging and fulfilling experience.

    Even if you can’t get your hands on Ares Armor, at least you can still impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of Greek mythology.


    To successfully obtain the coveted Ares Armor in God of War, one must complete the game on the ‘God of War’ difficulty level. This feat requires intense strategy and precision.

    In addition to completing the game on this highest difficulty setting, players must also find all pieces of the Tunic of the Champion scattered throughout various realms.

    Unique details include the fact that each piece of armor has its own specific location and challenge associated with it. Players must explore thoroughly to uncover each piece and overcome its respective trial. Check out this guide on how to get Zeus Armor in God of War.

    To assist with obtaining Ares Armor, it is recommended to utilize in-game upgrades such as enchantments, talismans, and skills. These enhancements will provide an extra boost during battles and challenges.

    By following these tips and mastering every aspect of God of War gameplay, players can successfully obtain Ares Armor and prove themselves as true warriors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Ares Armor in God of War?

    A: Ares Armor is a powerful armor set that increases your strength and decreases the damage you take in God of War. If you are wondering what is the best armor in God of War, then Ares Armor is definitely one of them.

    Q: How do I get the Ares Armor in God of War?

    A: To get the Ares Armor in God of War, you need to complete all of the challenges in the game’s Arena mode.

    Q: What challenges do I need to complete to get the Ancient Armor Set in God of War?

    Want to know how to get Ancient Armor Set in God of War? Completing the “Family Business” favor and collecting certain materials is a great start. This epic armor set provides powerful bonuses and a unique look for Kratos.

    A: To get the Ares Armor in God of War, you need to complete all six challenges in the game’s Arena mode. These challenges include fighting waves of enemies, beating a boss, and completing a timed challenge.

    Q: Is there a specific difficulty level I need to play on to get the Ares Armor in God of War?

    A: There is no specific difficulty level you need to play on to get the Ares Armor in God of War. You can complete the challenges on any difficulty level.

    Q: What are the benefits of wearing the Ares Armor in God of War?

    A: If you’re looking for information on how to get the Travelers Armor in God of War, check out this guide: How to Get Travelers Armor God of War?.

    The Ares Armor in God of War gives you bonuses to your strength and defense, making you more powerful in combat and harder to kill.

    Q: Can I get the Ares Armor in God of War on New Game Plus?

    A: Yes, you can get the Ares Armor in God of War on New Game Plus, but you will need to replay the Arena challenges to earn it again.

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