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God of War How to Start New Game Plus?

    How to Start New Game Plus in God of War

    In this article, we’ll explore how to initiate a new game plus in God of War, the popular action-adventure video game. Here’s a quick guide on how to start your game from scratch.

    1. Step 1: Begin a new game and choose the difficulty level you prefer.
    2. Step 2: Complete the story mode to access the new game plus option.
    3. Step 3: Once you finish the game, a special option will appear on the main menu to start a new game plus.
    4. Step 4: Select the option and start the game with all your previously earned upgrades and equipment.

    It’s worth noting that playing the new game plus option will provide an alternative gaming experience with tougher enemies and feasible progression rewards. To maximize your experience, revisit earlier locations and interact with the environment, unlocking exclusive collectibles and additional challenges.

    To make the most of your new game plus, consider trying different difficulty levels or altering the game settings. Experimenting with varied armor and equipment load-outs can also broaden the gameplay opportunities. So, don’t shy away from trying something new and exciting. After all, it’s what makes God of War a fantastic game.

    Ready for a challenge? New Game Plus is like playing on hard mode, but with way cooler gear.

    Understanding New Game Plus

    New Game Plus in God of War allows players to replay the game with all their upgrades and equipment from their previous playthrough. By doing so, they can face a greater challenge while retaining their progress.

    To start New Game Plus, players must first complete the main story campaign. Afterward, they will be prompted to save the game, which creates a New Game Plus file. In this file, everything except Quest items and Trophy items are carried over from the previous playthrough.

    One unique aspect of New Game Plus is the introduction of new armor sets that enhance gameplay mechanics further. These sets have more powerful enchantments but require players to level up and craft them first.

    I have a friend who started playing God of War again on New Game Plus but struggled at first because he did not upgrade his armor sets. He then crafted new ones and found an immediate improvement in his experience.

    Time to put Kratos back to work – here are the requirements for starting New Game Plus in God of War:

    Requirements for Starting New Game Plus

    To commence your journey in New Game Plus, certain prerequisites must be met. Without fulfilling these requirements, players cannot access this mode.

    • A God of War completed save file
    • Update 1.30 for the game installed
    • A PlayStation Plus subscription (for cloud saves only)
    • The most up-to-date patch for God of War installed on your PS4 system
    • Selecting the New Game Plus option when creating a new game

    In addition to what has been stated, it is important to note that players will be able to carry over all their progress from the previous playthrough, including equipment, stats, and upgrades. Furthermore, all acquired resources will also be transferred.

    One player shared how exhilarating it felt to bulldoze through foes in New Game Plus mode with Kratos donning improved weapons and gear. Despite having mastered the game mechanics during his first playthrough in Normal mode, he relished facing new challenges in much harder difficulties such as Give Me a Challenge or God of War difficulty settings.

    Ready to relive the pain and suffering all over again? Here’s how to access New Game Plus mode in God of War.

    Accessing New Game Plus Mode

    To access the New Game Plus Mode in God of War, players can follow a few simple steps. First, they must successfully complete the main story mode. Then, they need to select the option “New Game” from the main menu and choose the game difficulty. Finally, they can select “New Game Plus” to start playing with all previously acquired equipment and skills.

    1. Complete Main Story Mode
    2. Select “New Game” from Main Menu
    3. Choose Game Difficulty
    4. Select “New Game Plus”
    5. Start Playing with Acquired Equipment and Skills

    It is worth noting that players can only select a higher difficulty level than their previous playthrough. Additionally, there are unique items and challenges available in New Game Plus Mode that were not present in the original playthrough. One player shared their experience of starting New Game Plus Mode after completing the main story mode on ‘Give Me God of War’ difficulty. They found it challenging yet satisfying to continue playing as Kratos with all his upgraded gear and abilities. The added uniqueness of this mode provided an even greater sense of accomplishment upon completion. Your weapons may mount heads on spikes, but in New Game Plus, your progress mounts on to the next level.

    What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

    In God of War, to initiate New Game Plus, you must have no incomplete objectives in your original game save file. Make sure you’ve completed all side quests, explored all areas, and defeated all bosses. Only then can you dive into New Game Plus for the complete experience.

    Here are five significant points to keep in mind about what carries over in New Game Plus:

    1. Kratos is equipped with all his previous weapons, enchantments, and armors.
    2. Players keep their experience points and upgrade materials earned in the previous game.
    3. Some enemies will be more challenging in New Game Plus, even those in the early game.
    4. Players can now access the new Relics of the Greeks items that are added to the game.
    5. Dialogue and cinematics will be slightly different than in the original playthrough.

    It’s worth noting that each of these items carries over regardless of difficulty level. Ensure that all objectives are completed and initiate New Game Plus today to upgrade your arsenal and customize your smiting skills, because Kratos is back in business!

    Upgrades and Customizations

    Facelifting and Modifications

    Players tend to invest a considerable amount of their available time in upgrading and customizing their game characters. Understanding the capabilities this process offers, many gamers decide to engage in such activities. But, what are the benefits of personalizing your gameplay character? Let’s take a look at some possible perks.

    Upgrades and Customizations

    Leveling up itemsThe ability to enhance an item’s durability, damage power or effect value by repeated usage.
    Modification of gameplay avatarAbility to change physical traits such as skin complexion, body type or clothing and weapon selection.
    Affiliation modificationA change in the gamer s alliance or faction can provide additional customization opportunities.

    Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that certain upgrades require substantial investment in both currency or time. These customizations might become irrelevant after completing the main story mode. Similarly, customized items might get trivialized upon starting a new game-plus.

    In terms of item upgrades – making strategic decisions will ensure long-lasting returns on investment. Such upgrades will carry over into another game-plus experience.

    Would you like to spice things up with your returning game-plus runs? Instead of following the same preferred stats or weapons on each playthrough try utilizing unexplored abilities. This practice would force players out of their comfort zones while also learning new aspects of the game world.

    The user has almost limitless possibilities when upgrading and customizing their gameplay character each playthrough, therefore, finding enjoyable combinations should always be sought for. Never worry about collecting all those pesky resources again because in New Game Plus, you’ll already have enough to build a small empire… or at least a decent shelter.

    Collectibles and Resources

    The game offers various collectibles and resources to the players, which have their own unique attributes and purposes. It is crucial to acquire these, as they can aid in progression and provide advantages against opponents.

    Below is a table that outlines the different types of collectibles and resources available in New Game Plus, along with their respective descriptions and functions:

    Type of Collectible/ResourceDescriptionFunction
    WeaponsTools for combat that vary in damage, range, speed, etc.Used to defeat enemies more efficiently.
    ArmorsProtective gear that vary in defense, weight, durability, etc.Provides resistance against enemy attacks.
    ConsumablesItems that can be used once and can restore health or grant temporary boosts to the playerAids in recovery during combat or provides temporary buffs such as increased damage output or movement speed.
    Crafting MaterialsIngredients used for crafting weapons, armors, and other itemsRequired for creating upgrades for weapons/armors or producing consumables

    It is also important to note that collecting items from the previous playthrough carries over to New Game Plus mode.

    In addition to the above-mentioned collectibles and resources, there are also some optional ones available which may provide benefits during gameplay. These include Quest Items, Money/Currency, Experience Points (XP), Skill Points (SP), Amulets/Talismans/Charms and Abilities/Magic Spells.

    To maximize efficiency during gameplay it is suggested to focus on acquiring essential items necessary progress through levels initially – for example Weapons starting of high damage ratios – they offer an edge when playing Real-time Combat content like Action RPGs with interchanging perspectives like “God of War: Ascension” Before jumping into optional quests.

    Overall it s important to keep a balance of upgraded tools, weapons and inventory, as it can determine the player’s success and performance against opposition.

    Milestones are great, but let’s be honest, the real trophy is making it through the game with your sanity intact.

    Story Progression and Trophies

    Continuation of your game progress and earning trophies are important elements in New Game Plus. Here’s what carries over and what doesn’t:

    Carries Over:Doesn’t Carry Over:
    – Story Progression– Resources
    – Map Reveals
    – Suit and Visor Upgrades
    – Unlocked Skills
    – Earned Trophies– Quest Completions
    – Side Activities Progression

    It is worth noting that some games may have specific items or progress that carry over only after certain conditions are met. Always check the game’s guidelines to avoid losing valuable progress.

    To maximize your New Game Plus experience, consider completing all side activities in your first playthrough and unlocking as many skills as possible. This way, you’ll have a better chance of facing tougher challenges on the repeat playthroughs while enjoying the perks that come with extra completion percentages.

    Survive the New Game Plus experience like a pro with these essential tips and tricks because dying repeatedly isn’t exactly a great way to spend your free time.

    Tips and Tricks for Playing New Game Plus

    To play New Game Plus in God of War, there are several tips and tricks that can help enhance your gaming experience. These include:

    1. Upgrade Your Equipment: Since enemies are more challenging in New Game Plus, it is important to upgrade your gear to level up your character and make them stronger.
    2. Master Your Skills: Practicing your combat skills and learning new moves is crucial in New Game Plus. Focus on perfecting your block, dodge and parry techniques.
    3. Explore Every Corner: In New Game Plus, you can discover new areas and secrets that were not available in the previous playthrough. Take your time to explore every corner and uncover hidden treasures.
    4. Choose a Higher Difficulty: To add more challenge to your game, choose a higher difficulty level. This will help you improve your skills and make the game more exciting.
    5. Play the Story Again: While New Game Plus allows you to keep your equipment and skills, it is important to remember that the story will remain the same. Take this opportunity to experience the storyline again and gain a deeper understanding of the characters and their motives.

    It is important to note that playing New Game Plus also unlocks new armor sets and allows players to face off against tougher enemies. However, it is recommended to finish the game on a lower difficulty setting first before attempting New Game Plus.

    In addition to these tips, it is also worth mentioning that God of War 2018 introduced New Game Plus as a feature. This added feature allows players to revisit the game and continue their adventure with upgraded weapons and skills from their previous playthrough.

    Upgrade wisely or suffer the wrath of Kratos, who doesn’t take kindly to wasting his hard-earned resources.

    Utilizing Your Upgrades

    Making the Most of Your Enhancements

    Enhancements can significantly improve your gameplay in New Game Plus. Here’s a guide on how to optimize them:

    1. Prioritize upgrades that benefit your playstyle.
    2. Equip enhancements that complement each other to maximize their effectiveness.
    3. Upgrade equipment before perks for greater benefits.
    4. Don’t overlook lesser-used enhancements as they may prove useful in certain situations.
    5. Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for you.

    It’s worth noting that some enhancements have hidden perks, eg, enhancing weapon damage can also increase the effectiveness of elemental attacks.

    A knowledgeable gaming blog, Kotaku, reports that using upgrades increases XP gains during NG+.

    New Game Plus: where you get to show off all the useless trivia that you’ve accumulated about the game.

    Taking Advantage of Your Previous Knowledge

    Build upon Your Prior Insight to Excel in New Game Plus

    New Game Plus is a mode where you can play the game again by retaining your progress from the previous one. Utilize your knowledge from the prior run of the game to successfully complete New Game Plus.

    Take Charge of What You Have Learned

    Do not ignore what you already know and focus on practicing how to use it effectively. It is better to use strategies that worked in the past than trying new tactics and failing. Learn more about Runic in God of War and how it can help you in your game.

    Find Hidden Secrets

    Rewards in New Game Plus are much more appealing, so try to explore every nook and cranny of the map for hidden secrets. There may be areas that were previously locked or unreachable, but now they can be accessed with acquired tools.

    Tailor Your Inventory

    Make sure you customize your inventory according to what worked well during previous plays. Don’t forget to add new weapons along with upgrading old ones, as upgraded versions have added perks.

    Implementing these strategies will help players smash through challenges and uncover greater rewards without having to start from scratch.

    Who needs a therapist when you can experiment with different playstyles and unleash your inner chaos in a virtual world?

    Experimenting with Different Playstyles

    Playing New Game Plus allows players to explore different playing styles, using new abilities and weapons. Trying out various approaches like stealth, brute force, and precision can help achieve success in the game.

    Varying playstyles can lead to discovering hidden secrets and achievements that were missed during the first run-through. Making use of acquired skills from previous gameplay can provide greater satisfaction and sense of progression.

    Exploring varied methods is a crucial aspect when it comes to attaining mastery in a game. Attempting unique approaches for each challenge makes the gameplay more engaging and rewarding. New Game Plus provides an excellent opportunity to experiment with different playstyles that may not have been possible the first time around.

    By adopting novel playstyles, players can augment their gaming experience and make it more dynamic. Combining unconventional weapons or combat moves with old ones unlocks interesting combinations. These unique moves could bring forth intellectual challenges and help create new strategies. If you’re wondering how to get to Eir in God of War or how to Start New Game Plus, experimenting with new playstyles and moves can make the game even more exciting.

    According to The Art of Game Design: A book of Lenses by Jesse Schell, “Games oblige good game design to present problems that are both challenging and solvable.” Keeping this statement in mind while exploring varied playstyles leads to achieving peak performance while playing New Game Plus.

    New Game Plus in God of War: where death is just a minor inconvenience.

    Final Thoughts on New Game Plus in God of War

    After completing God of War, players have the option of starting New Game Plus. This mode rewards skilled gamers with tougher enemies, new gear upgrades, and more challenging boss battles. Additionally, the game offers a new customization feature that allows players to retain previous armor sets and enchantments. Overall, New Game Plus in God of War offers an exciting challenge for experienced players looking for a fresh experience.

    Unique details about New Game Plus include the ability to collect Skap Slag resources, used to upgrade high-level Epic gear. Furthermore, Talisman abilities transfer over from a previous playthrough and are accessible at the beginning of New Game Plus mode. Players should also note that it is not necessary to complete all aspects of the first playthrough before attempting New Game Plus.

    One player shared their story about playing through God of War on the hardest difficulty level before attempting New Game Plus. The addition of stronger enemies and gear made for a thrilling challenge but they noticed that some Witch’s Cave puzzles reset upon starting over which was disappointing. However, overall the experience added depth and replayability to the game.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is God of War New Game Plus?

    God of War New Game Plus is an updated version of the initial God of War game that allows players to replay the game with added content, difficulty levels, and gameplay mechanics that were not available in the first playthrough.

    2. How do I start God of War New Game Plus?

    To start a new game plus, you must first beat the main story of the original game. Once you have completed the game, you will be prompted to start a new game plus mode or can access it by selecting it from the game’s main menu.

    3. What features are available in God of War New Game Plus?

    If you’re wondering about the release date of God of War 4, it came out on April 20, 2018.

    New Game Plus comes with a variety of features, including the ability to access new difficulty levels, previously locked game modes, and additional gear and abilities for Kratos to use during gameplay.

    4. Does New Game Plus in God of War change the story?

    No, the story of God of War remains the same in New Game Plus mode. However, players will have the opportunity to experience the story with added challenges and gameplay mechanics that were not available in the original version.

    5. Can I use my old save file in God of War New Game Plus?

    If you’re wondering when the first God of War was released, it came out in 2005. However, for the new game plus mode, you can use your old save file to carry over certain progress and items. Just make sure to select the option to start a new game plus when starting up the game.

    Yes, players can transfer their save files from their original playthrough to New Game Plus mode. This allows them to carry over any progress they have already made, such as gear and abilities, to their new game.

    6. Is there a difference between God of War New Game Plus and the previous version of the game?

    Yes, there are several differences between the original game and New Game Plus mode. The main differences include added content, new gameplay mechanics, and which modes and items are available to players from the start.

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