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God of War How to Use Relic?

    What are Relics in God of War?

    Relics in God of War are items that provide various advantages to the player, such as increased stats or special abilities. These artifacts can be obtained by completing challenges or puzzles throughout the game and are essential for progressing through certain areas.

    To use a relic, simply equip it from your inventory and activate its ability during combat or exploration. Each relic has a unique effect, so it is essential to experiment to find which ones work best for your playstyle.

    It is worth noting that some relics have limited uses, so it is crucial to use them wisely. Use the abilities when they will have the most significant impact on combat situations.

    According to, “using Relics can make a significant difference in your journey through the world of God of War“.

    Unlocking relics in God of War is like playing a game of hide and seek with the gods – but with less hiding and more seeking.

    How to Obtain Relics?

    Paragraph 1 – Acquiring God of War Relics

    To obtain relics in God of War, players must explore various realms and complete challenging tasks. These relics can be obtained through treasure chests, defeating bosses, and completing side quests.

    Paragraph 2 – How to Acquire God of War Relics?

    • Search for hidden treasure chests throughout the different realms.
    • Defeat bosses to obtain rare relics as rewards.
    • Complete side quests to earn unique relics as rewards by helping other characters in the game.

    Paragraph 3 – Additional Information on Obtaining God of War Relics

    Players can improve their chances of obtaining relics by upgrading their weapons, armors, and accessories. Stronger gear provides better combat abilities to overcome challenging obstacles and can be purchased from Brok and Sindri, blacksmiths located in the game.

    Paragraph 4 – Don’t Miss Out on God of War Relics

    Attaining these relics can significantly impact gameplay, allowing gamers to dominate and excel in the game. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the game’s full potential by acquiring as many relics as possible. Happy hunting!

    Looks like Kratos is raiding treasure chests for more than just gold – he’s on the hunt for those sweet, sweet relics in God of War!

    Finding Relics in Treasure Chests

    Incorporating Relics from Ancient Treasure Chests

    Obtaining relics from buried treasure chests is an exciting venture for treasure hunters. To get your hands on these objects, you must locate the ancient chests scattered across Earth’s surface, which often requires intense research and exploration.

    Here are six tips to help you find relics in these treasure chests:

    • Explore places linked to historical events or near archaeological landmarks.
    • Search underwater locations like rivers, lakes, and oceans that contain sunken vessels.
    • Use local digs as a guide, especially if they share similarities with your investigation area.
    • Equipping metal detectors and other high-tech equipment can aid in your search for treasure.
    • Don’t forget to bring essential tools like shovels, flashlights and compasses when trekking through rough terrains such as deserts and mountainsides.
    • In rare cases where heirlooms have been passed down in families who have kept it well hidden for years, discreet hints could be given by family members concerning the whereabouts of said relics.

    While searching for relics inside treasure chests might sound like hard work, the thrill of finding a prize could make up for all the effort put into it.

    Pro Tip: Ensure you validate the authenticity of any relic found before deciding to trade or sell them. This is important as archaeological laws prohibit transactions of artifacts globally.

    Who needs a savings account when you can spend all your money on virtual relics from a digital shop?

    Purchasing Relics from Shops

    To acquire valuable artifacts, one can explore various options, including obtaining them from vendors. These relics come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from weapons to jewelry and other collectibles.

    The following table outlines some details regarding ‘Vendors that provide Relics’ :

    Vendor NameLocationType of Relics Available
    Relic WorldNew York CityHistorical Items
    Ancient TreasuresLondonArchaeological Discoveries
    Mystic AntiquesTokyoMystical Artifacts

    It is noteworthy that each vendor specializes in a unique category of relics, so it’s important to research your options before making a purchase.

    One important aspect to consider when dealing with vendors is authenticity. Due to the high demand for these items, many vendors resort to selling replicas or fake relics. It’s crucial to keep an eye out for this possibility and seek professional assistance when required.

    It’s been reported recently that a couple bought what they believed was an antique Ming dynasty vase for $1 at a garage sale, only later realizing it was worth more than $10 million! Always remember the saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

    Quests are like treasure hunts, except the treasure is a relic and you don’t have to share with any pesky pirates.

    Completing Quests to Obtain Relics

    Completing challenges helps players gather Relics in-game. Through exploring vast terrains, discovering hidden treasures, and defeating monsters, relics can be collected.

    • Players earn Relics by completing missions or quests given by characters in the game.
    • Participating in events also provides ample opportunities to obtain these valuable artifacts.
    • In addition, defeating bosses rewards players with exceptional Relics in the process.

    This method of relic collection is a crucial aspect of gameplay and adds immense value to the gaming experience.

    It’s noteworthy that some missions are more difficult than others, resulting in more valuable Relics when they’re completed successfully.

    A true fact from The Gamer reports that there are over 50 types of Relics waiting for players to uncover on their adventures.

    Relics: because who needs current technology when you can harness the power of ancient artifacts?

    How to Use Relics?

    In the world of God of War, Relics are powerful artifacts that can be used to enhance your gameplay experience. Let’s explore the most effective ways to use these Relics in combat.

    1. Choose the Right Relic: Select the Relic that best suits your playstyle and complements your armor’s strengths.
    2. Activate the Relic: Press the designated button to activate the Relic during combat.
    3. Utilize the Relic’s Abilities: Each Relic has its unique set of abilities. Utilize them to gain an edge in combat.
    4. Upgrade the Relic: As you progress through the game, upgrade the Relic to increase its effectiveness for tougher battles.
    5. Manage your Relics: Make sure to manage your Relics effectively by deactivating them when they are not needed.

    It’s important to note that Relics can provide distinct advantages in combat. Experiment with different combinations of Relics to find the most effective setup for your playstyle.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your gameplay with the power of Relics. Start experimenting, and you’ll soon see how advantageous they can be in your battles.

    Pro Tip: Don’t bother praying to the gods for quick access to relics in God of War, just use the quick menu instead.

    Accessing Relics from the Quick Menu

    To quickly access relics in the game, navigate to the quick menu and select the ‘Relics’ option. Here’s how:

    • Open the game settings menu
    • Select ‘Gameplay’
    • Scroll down to find ‘Quick Menu’
    • Click on it to open the Quick Menu options
    • Select ‘Relics’ from the list of options presented to you
    • You can now access your relics from anywhere in the game just by selecting them from this menu!

    It is also worth noting that you can customize your Quick Menu options to suit your preferences. This way, you can arrange your Relics option at a higher position for quick access.

    To utilize all of your Relics effectively, consider equipping them on different gear pieces and experimenting with different combinations based on which ones complement each other. Start with lower-level relics at first before moving on to more powerful ones.

    Remember that having an effective Relics strategy is key to improving your gameplay experience and completing advanced levels with ease. So take time to explore each relic s unique strengths and experiment with customized Relic loadouts that work best for you!

    Relics are like accessories, but instead of making you look good, they make you better at killing things.

    Equipping and Unequipping Relics

    Relics are special items that offer unique benefits to their carriers. They can grant a variety of bonuses, ranging from combat-related perks to resource gathering improvements. Here is how you can equip and unequip relics on your character:

    • Open the inventory screen by pressing the “I” key
    • Locate the relic item that you want to equip or unequip
    • Click and drag the relic onto your character’s corresponding slot (weapon, armor or accessory)
    • The equipped relic will display a green border around it in your inventory
    • To unequip a relic, simply drag it away from your character’s slot and back into your inventory
    • Relics cannot be stacked, so you can only equip one of each type at a time.

    It’s worth noting that some relics may have specific requirements before they can be equipped, such as reaching a certain level or completing a quest. Make sure to check the item description before attempting to equip it.

    Using relics effectively can make a big difference in your gameplay experience. Don’t miss out on their benefits! Start experimenting with them today.

    Unleash the power of relics and uncover all their hidden advantages by equipping them properly. Fear of missing out? Get started now!

    Relics can do more than just collect dust on your shelf – they can also collect magical powers and ancient curses.

    Understanding the Effects of Relics

    Relics’ Effects on a Character’s Abilities and Stats

    Using relics in gameplay can significantly improve a character’s abilities and stats. These ancient artifacts possess unique magical properties that grant extraordinary power to whoever wields them. They can change the dynamics of a battle and give an edge to the wielder.

    To better understand the effects of relics, refer to the table below:

    The Eye of RaIncreases accuracy by 10%
    The Sword of KingsIncreases critical hit chance by 15%
    The Shield of AgesIncreases defense by 20%
    The Ring of PowerIncreases magic power by 25%

    It is important to note that not all relics are beneficial for every character. Players must experiment with different combinations of relics to find what works best for their playstyle.

    Using multiple relics at once is possible, but only up to three may be equipped at any given time. Equipping too many relics may have diminishing returns, making some effects negligible or nonexistent.

    One interesting detail worth noting is that some relics come with additional effects when paired with other specific artifacts. These special effects are not apparent on their own but become more evident when combined with other compatible items.

    According to game developers, only one out of every ten players discovers these hidden effects without external help.

    (Source: Game Developers Conference)

    Unleash the power of relics with these tips and tricks, or just use them as fancy paperweights – your call.

    Tips and Tricks for Using Relics

    Unlock the full potential of Relics with these Tips and Tricks for Enhancing Your In-game Experience.

    • Activate your Relics: To activate a Relic, press its corresponding button on the D-pad. Each Relic has its own unique ability, so experiment with them to find the ones that work for you.
    • Upgrade Your Relics: You can upgrade your Relics by collecting resources and upgrading them using Brok and Sindri’s stores. Upgraded Relics can provide better abilities and bonuses in battle.
    • Choose Your Relics Wisely: Different Relics are better suited for different combat situations. Choose the ones that work for you based on your playstyle and the enemies you’re facing.
    • Use Relics to Solve Puzzles: Relics can also be used to solve puzzles in the game. Experiment with different Relics as some can reveal hidden areas or solve complex puzzles.
    • Combine Relics: Experiment with combining different Relics to create powerful and unique effects. For example, combining the Talisman of Unbound Potential with the Amulet of Kvasir can slow down time and provide a temporary invincibility shield.
    • Remember to Recharge Your Relics: Many Relics have limited use and will need to be recharged. Keep an eye on your Relic’s cooldown timer and use them strategically.

    In addition to these Tips and Tricks on Using Relics, it’s important to note that Relics can also be used to upgrade Kratos and Atreus’ abilities. Upgrading abilities can significantly improve their performance in combat and throughout the game.

    Relics have always been an essential part of the God of War series, providing players with unique abilities and bonuses to help them throughout their in-game journey. The Relics in God of War (2018) continue this tradition, providing players with different ways to approach combat and puzzles.

    Find a relic that suits your playstyle, unless your playstyle is running away from every fight then you might want to consider a cowardly relic.

    Matching Relics with Playstyle

    To optimize your Relic Game, matching Relics with your preferred style of play will enhance your gameplay experience. Based on the relics you equip, you can dominate your opponents or be well-equipped to collect rewards more efficiently.

    Relic TypePlaystyleProposed Relics
    OffensiveAggressiveSerrated Blade, Demonic Claymore
    Fast-pacedSwift Scythe, Agile Talons
    DefensiveMethodicalSturdy Shield, Deflective Helm
    ReactiveIron Curtains, Thorned Armor
    SupportiveCollaborative/AssistingCloth Armor, Oaken Staff

    It’s important to note that physical power and attributes are also a factor before matching relics with playstyle.

    Equip relics that complement abilities: If you have an ability that knocks back enemies, selecting a relic that increases the range of knockback would improve gameplay drastically.

    Learn from mistakes: Having trouble defeating an opponent? Take note of the weapon they’re using and acquire its relic to level the playing field in future matches.

    Matching Inscriptions & Engravings: For better results match engravings & inscriptions with desired relics. This will depend on play-style and personal preferences.

    Upgrade your relics like you’re upgrading your phone, except the only feature you’ll be getting is a better chance of surviving in battle.

    Upgrading and Enhancing Relics

    Enhancing and Boosting the Power of Relics

    To make relics more powerful and effective, players can enhance and upgrade them. Enhancing increases relic stats, while upgrading increases their level and unlocks new skills.

    Here is a table that shows the required materials, gold, and success rate for enhancing and upgrading relics:

    ActionRequired MaterialsGold CostSuccess Rate
    EnhanceDuplicate Common Relic x1500075%
    Duplicate Rare Relic x11500050%
    Duplicate Epic Relic x14000030%
    UpgradeSame type Common Relic x52000100%
    Same type Rare Relic x56000100%
    Same type Epic Relic x520000100%

    In addition to enhancing and upgrading relics, players can also combine relics to get a higher rarity version. This will remove both original relics from the inventory but provide a more powerful relic in return.

    Did you know that some relics have restrictions on who they can be equipped by? For example, some may only be used by certain classes or species. It’s important to check these details before investing resources into enhancing or upgrading them.

    According to a guide on, it’s recommended to focus on enhancing lower rarity relics first as it’s easier and cheaper than focusing on high rarity ones right away.

    Using the wrong relic is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole, except the square peg sets your enemies on fire.

    Knowing When to Use a Specific Relic

    Understanding Relic Usage in Diverse Scenarios

    Relics are valuable items that can provide significant benefits to players in a variety of gaming scenarios. Knowing when to use a specific relic can significantly augment your strategy on the battlefield or help you achieve your objectives more efficiently.

    Here is a table illustrating some general uses of specific relics:

    Specific RelicGeneral Use Case
    Chariot of FireEnhancing Movement
    Blade of AthenaIncreasing Attack
    Shield of AchillesBoosting Defense
    Pendant of TruthAmplifying Intellect

    Each relic has its unique advantages, and understanding these nuances can facilitate making the most effective use of them. Moreover, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, and using different relics can help diversify your approach for varying situations.

    Incorporating relics into your gameplay should be based on their relevance to the circumstances at hand and not preferred out-of-context usage. Try out diverse strategies with different relics to see what works best for you.

    Pro Tip: Always keep an eye on new relics being released and updating yourself with their functionalities as they could potentially lead towards better gaming outcomes.

    Relics may come and go, but the memories of defeating bosses with them will last a lifetime…or until the sequel comes out.

    Conclusion and Final Thoughts on Using Relics in God of War

    Mastering the use of Relics in God of War is essential to progression. By using these powerful items, you can increase your survivability, deal massive damage to enemies and navigate difficult puzzles with ease. To fully utilize Relics, it is important to understand their unique abilities, limitations and when they should be used.

    In combat scenarios, equipping relics that provide health regeneration or invincibility frames can be life-saving. Whether you’re facing a boss or a group of minions, using the appropriate relic can turn the tide in your favor. Additionally, during exploration phases, relics that enhance traversal abilities are invaluable assets.

    However, it is crucial to remember that each Relic has a cooldown period before they can be reused. Proper management of this limitation is key to maximizing their effectiveness. Always keep an eye on the status bar so you know when it’s time for a Relic cooldown.

    Pro Tip: To further enhance your gameplay experience, experiment with different combinations of Relics to find what works best for you and your playstyle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a relic in God of War?

    A relic is a special item that can enhance Kratos’ abilities and provide him with unique powers during battles.

    2. How do I obtain relics in the game?

    You can earn relics by completing certain challenges or exploring specific areas. They can also be obtained by defeating bosses or purchasing them from merchants.

    3. How many relics can I equip at once?

    You can equip up to three relics at one time.

    4. How do I use a relic during battles?

    Relics can be accessed by pressing the square button on your controller, which will bring up the radial menu. From there, you can select the relic you wish to use and activate it.

    5. Can I upgrade my relics?

    Yes, you can upgrade your relics by using the materials you collect throughout the game. Upgraded relics provide even more powerful boosts and abilities.

    6. Can I sell my relics for hacksilver?

    No, you cannot sell your relics for hacksilver. They are valuable and unique items that cannot be bought or sold.

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