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God of War How to Use Special Items?

    How to Use Special Items in God of War

    Using Special Items in God of War

    Special items are an integral part of the gameplay experience in God of War. These items bring unique abilities and can also be used to solve puzzles throughout the game. Here is a simple guide to using special items effectively.

    1. Accessing special items: Press the left side of the D-pad on your controller to access the quick-select menu for special items.
    2. Switch between special items: Use the right joystick to switch between available special items.
    3. Charge up and use the item’s power: Hold down R2 to charge up special items with runic powers, then tap R1 to use them.
    4. Collect and upgrade: Collecting enough hack silver will allow you to upgrade your existing weapons or buy new ones from Brok and Sindri s shop.
    5. Experiment with combos: Combining different weapons and special abilities can lead to a unique combo that deals extra damage.
    6. Press L3 + R3: Discover new ways of turning enemies into punching bags by pressing L3 + R3, which highlights all destructible objects within view.

    One thing worth noting is that each item has its own specific attributes when it comes to the mechanic system, so better pay close attention while choosing and upgrading them based on how they fit your playstyle for maximum impact during combat situations.

    Try experimenting with different combinations of weapons and upgrades for optimal outcomes during gameplay without getting caught in rigid patterns or same repetitive movesets repeatedly making each game experience refreshing.

    Get ready to hoard more items than a dragon with OCD – here’s the complete list of special items in God of War!

    List of Special Items in God of War

    Special Items in God of War allow players to gain unique abilities and advantages throughout the game. Here are some of the items that can be found:

    • Amulets – found in hidden locations, they grant specific bonuses upon equipping.
    • Talismans – found by completing challenges, they give Kratos new abilities and advantages during combat.
    • Pommels – attached to weapons, they also provide unique perks and boosts.
    • Enchantments – added to armor pieces, they give bonuses such as increased attack power or resistance against certain damage types.
    • Runic Attacks – special abilities that can be assigned to Kratos’ weapons for powerful attacks with varying effects.

    While each Special Item has its own unique benefits, the overall effect on gameplay can be significant. Properly utilizing these items can mean the difference between life and death for Kratos.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your experience with these powerful tools. Make sure to explore every corner of God of War’s rich world to ensure you don’t overlook any hidden gems. If you’re wondering how much God of War costs, check out our website for more information.

    Kratos can finally accessorize without compromising his manly reputation.

    Using Talismans to Enhance Kratos’ Abilities

    Using Special Items to Enhance Kratos’ Abilities

    Kratos has access to various special items that can enhance his abilities in combat. One such item is the talisman. These powerful artifacts provide unique passive bonuses and active abilities that can turn the tide of battle.

    Wondering why God of War is so good? It’s because of these amazing special items.


    To understand these talismans better, refer to the table below, which lists some of the available talismans in the game along with their effects:

    Talisman NameEffect
    Shattered Gauntlet of AgesAllows Kratos to summon elemental stones for ranged attacks
    Golden Talisman of ProtectionProvides a barrier on successful parries or blocks
    Eye of the Outer RealmGrants increased awareness and accuracy when throwing the Leviathan Axe
    Aegir’s ProtectionRestores a small portion of health every time Kratos takes damage

    Talismans can be equipped from the pause menu by accessing the ‘Tools’ section. Keep in mind that each talisman has a cooldown period before it can be used again.

    In addition to these general details, there are also some unique aspects to certain talismans that are worth mentioning. For example, some talismans such as Ivaldi’s Anvil have multiple upgrades available, which unlock new bonuses and abilities upon completion.

    Pro Tip: Experiment with different talismans and their upgrades to find combinations that best suit your playstyle and preferences.

    Time to give your weapons and armor some bling with these enchantments, because who says you can’t be fashionable while slaying gods?

    How to Use Enchantments for Armor and Weapons

    Using Enchantments to Boost your Armor and Weapons

    Enchanting armor and weapons can greatly increase their effectiveness in God of War. Follow these steps to get the most out of your enchanted gear.

    1. Find a blacksmith who offers enchantments for purchase.
    2. Choose which piece of armor or weapon you want to enchant.
    3. Select the desired enchantment from the list and purchase it.
    4. Apply the enchantment to your item through the menu.

    Optimize each piece of gear by selecting an enchantment that complements its strengths. Avoid using conflicting enchantments, as they may reduce overall effectiveness.

    Pro Tip: Be strategic about your enchantment choices, considering which enemies you will face and which challenges you expect to encounter throughout your journey.

    Upgrade your gear with runes or face the wrath of gods…just like Kratos did.

    Crafting and Upgrading Gear with Runes

    Crafting and Enhancing Gear with Runes is an important aspect of God of War gameplay that can offer players a significant advantage in combat. Below is a table outlining the various types of Gear that can be crafted, along with their respective Rune slots and effects.

    Gear TypeRune SlotsEffects
    Axe Pommels1-3Various Perks & Bonuses
    Axe Handles1-3Various Perks & Bonuses
    Armor Chest Pieces2-4Various Perks & Bonuses
    Armor Waist Pieces2-4Various Perks & Bonuses
    Enchantments (Talismans)1-2Various Perks & Abilities

    It’s essential to note that runes can only be applied to specific gear, and each piece of equipment has a predetermined number of slots available for Runes. In addition, enhancing a piece of gear increases its stats, forging a new accessory requires resources such as Hacksilver, and upgrading current items require special crafting materials.

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    Enhancing Combat with Atreus’ Arrows and Summons

    Here are some tips to improve your gameplay experience in God of War:

    • Utilize Atreus’ arrows to create openings – Atreus can be invaluable during combat by distracting enemies, pinning them down or inflicting damage.
    • Summons can turn the tide of battle – Using summons, such as the wolf or crow, will give you an advantage when facing tough enemies or groups.
    • Use unique upgrade paths – Upgrading your bow and summon abilities improves their effectiveness in battle and allows for new moves and combos.

    It is crucial to remember that using these specials consumes resources, so reserve them for tougher enemies. Always upgrade them whenever possible.

    To take advantage of Atreus’ incredible capabilities, explore and experiment with different strategies. This will make mastering the mechanic more enjoyable. If you have just beaten God of War and wondering what to do next, make sure to check out our article for some helpful tips.

    According to, “Atreus provides variety not only in combat but with exploration too.” The addition of Atreus has been praised universally as a significant enhancement to the franchise’s core gameplay loop.

    Unleashing Spartan rage is like having a bad temper, but with a deity-approved excuse.

    How to Use Spartan Rage to Your Advantage

    Spartan Rage: Mastering the Art of Fueled Fury

    Unleash your inner rage and become the ultimate warrior with Spartan Rage. This ability allows you to inflict massive damage on your enemies and also heal yourself in the process. To master this powerful tool, follow these 6 simple steps:

    1. Fill up your rage meter by landing successful hits and taking damage.
    2. Press L3 + R3 (for PS users) or LB + RB (for Xbox users) to activate Spartan Rage.
    3. Use heavy attacks to deal incredible amounts of damage.
    4. Use light attacks to interrupt enemy attacks and gain health.
    5. An aura will surround Kratos during Spartan Rage, which can stun enemies around him.
    6. Furious Flames is another powerful attack that can be used during Spartan Rage by holding down R2 (PS users) or RT (Xbox users) for maximum destruction.

    Strengthen your abilities with upgrades, including increases in duration and new attacks like Boulder Toss or Rampage of the Furies.

    It’s important to note that while in Spartan Rage, you cannot use any other weapons or items. However, using this ability at critical moments can turn the tide of a battle completely in your favor.

    Unleashing divine fury has never felt so satisfying. With each successful activation of Spartan Rage comes a newfound sense of power and domination over even the toughest foes. Wondering what is the best God of War game to play to experience this?

    Are you wondering how to get Smoldering Ember in God of War? Check out our guide on how to get Smoldering Ember and unleash the full potential of Kratos with the Master Spartan Rage.

    Some people will go to great lengths to find rare items in the game, but all I did was turn off the map and stumble upon them by accident.

    Exploring the Map to Find Valuable Items

    Exploring the Versatile World of God of War to Seek Out Rare Items

    Venturing through the game’s map can be rewarding, unravelling rare items and resources. It is crucial to pay attention while traversing as valuable commodities can be lurking around unexpected corners.

    Here’s a 3-Step guide on exploring the game-world:

    1. examine every crevice and crawl space of the terrain for hidden treasures.
    2. certain items may require additional actions like solving puzzles or defeating enemies. Keep an eye out.
    3. in-built waypoints will indicate possible finds.

    Taking advantage of such opportunities provide Kratos with range-extending boons and abilities.

    A variety of special items offer benefits when equipped in combat or exploration modes besides functioning as fuel for crafting activities. Their effects could vary from extra strength or increased resistance to stealthy manoeuvres.

    Pro Tip: Attaining specific talismans adds to your arsenal and enables unique attacks during battles. Happy Exploring!

    Unleash your inner hoarder and collect all the shiny trinkets to become the ultimate God-slaying machine.

    Acquiring and Using Artifacts for Boosts and Abilities

    To maximize contentment in the game, players can strategically acquire and utilize special artifacts for a range of abilities and boosts. Here’s how to effectively use them:

    Artifact NameEffect/Boost
    Aegir’s GoldIncreases Kratos’ overall luck by 10%
    Crest of FlameIncrease the radius of attacks and damage – perfect for larger mobs.
    Eir’s Healthstone+Increase Kratos’ maximum health by +10.
    Eitr Imbued Chaos FlameThis flame allows enhancements for Leviathan axe, Blade of Chaos, or Shield skin.

    It is also worth noting that options like increasing luck with Aegir’s Gold or overall health with Eir’s Healthstone+ can provide great benefits when facing challenging bosses or segments. By wisely selecting various artifacts that complement play-styles and strategies, players can make it easier to complete tricky sections of gameplay.

    When planning which artifacts to use at any given moment, one should prioritize those that lend themselves well to prolonging their survivability in tough portions or increasing overall damage output. By doing so, they can increase their chances of success while pushing overarching strategy forward.

    Ultimately, devising unique strategies with careful consideration towards artifact manipulation vastly improves one’s successes on the battlefield. By routinely reevaluating tactics and available tools, any player working through God of War will undoubtedly gain an extra layer of skill and satisfaction. Unleash the power of special items in God of War like a pro with these expert tips and tricks.

    Tips and Tricks for Using Special Items in God of War

    Using Special Items in God of War: Tips and Tricks

    Special items can drastically change the outcome of battles in God of War. To ensure effective usage of these items, follow the tips and tricks mentioned below:

    • Get familiar with each special item and its effects before using them. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses will give an edge during battles.
    • Always keep a variety of special items on hand for different situations and enemies. This allows for versatility during battles.
    • Make use of enchantments to increase the potency of special items. Enchantments can be found throughout the game world or purchased from vendors.

    In addition to these tips, it’s essential to use special items strategically. They are best utilized during challenging battles or bosses that require additional firepower. You can read more about the wealth of the God of War franchise to enrich your knowledge of the game.

    Don’t miss out on winning epic battles in God of War by neglecting special items. Remember to explore the game world thoroughly, collect unique items, and experiment with them to find what works best for your playstyle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I use special items in God of War?

    A: To use special items in God of War, press the right directional pad on your controller and choose the item you want to use.

    Q: Where is Gunnr in God of War?

    A: Special items can be found throughout the game by exploring different areas and defeating enemies.

    Q: How many special items can I carry at once in God of War?

    A: You can carry up to three special items at once in God of War.

    Q: What are some examples of special items in God of War and how to use them?

    A: Examples of special items in God of War include health stones, rage stones, and resurrection stones. If you’re wondering what to sell and what to keep, it’s generally recommended to sell duplicate or lower-tier items to free up inventory space.

    Q: How do I upgrade my special items in God of War?

    A: Some special items can be upgraded by visiting certain vendors throughout the game and spending currency to improve their abilities.

    Q: What happens if I run out of a special item in God of War?

    A: If you run out of a special item in God of War, you will need to find more throughout the game or purchase them from a vendor.

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