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God of War What to Do After Story?

    Post-Story Activities

    After completing the story mode, there are numerous activities to indulge in, ranging from sidequest completion to collectibles hunting. Acquiring all possible skills and gear to face new challenges is a viable option. Moreover, there are several hidden areas and boss fights that the main storyline may have missed. Following these post-story activities can provide the player with an extended playtime and a more fulfilling gaming experience.

    Additionally, completing secondary quests – like freeing all dragons or reaching max level on your weapons – will unlock further bonuses such as additional (hidden) cutscenes or new difficulty levels that provide increasingly higher XP rewards. Engaging with these optional activities can grant you achievements and countless hours of entertainment.

    It’s worth noting that there is also an End Game content after beating the story mode. It is called ‘The Realm Tears’ where players journey through impossible dimensions to fight multiple gods at maximum difficulty settings. This content adds more storytelling elements to God of War s world-building and provides a better equipped Kratos which makes fights more agile.

    According to Gamerant, God of War was one of the most critically acclaimed games upon its release in 2018; it received perfect scores from various game industry critics worldwide.

    Ready to explore the Nine Realms? Just make sure to pack a lunch, a sturdy weapon, and maybe some extra pants for when you inevitably encounter a giant serpent.

    Explore the Nine Realms

    To explore the nine realms in God of War, including Asgard, Vanaheim, Svartalfheim, Muspelheim, Niflheim, Helheim, Alfheim, and Midgard, start with the solution of this section with its sub-sections.

    Visit Asgard

    Immerse Yourself in the Marvelous Realm of Asgard

    The mythical realm of Asgard is a fascinating place to visit, rich in Norse mythology. Its grandeur is unparalleled, with majestic castles and ethereal gardens surrounded by a vast expanse of vibrant celestial skies. Travelers can explore the elaborate palace of Odin or walk down the rainbow bridge Bifr st, accompanied by Heimdall – The Guardian of the Nine Realms.

    If you are wondering how to beat Heimdall in God of War, then you need to focus on his moves and act quickly to dodge them. Use Atreus to distract him and then attack him from behind to deal some serious damage. Lastly, make sure you have upgraded your weapons and armor to have an upper hand in the fight.

    With captivating tales about warrior gods and goddesses, surrounding you at every corner, absorb the visual marvels and feel transported into another world. Visitors can take part in captivating feasts like those held during Ragnarok or witness sword-fighting tournaments in Valhalla to fully immerse themselves in legendary mythology.

    In addition to these attractions, visitors can also attend lectures on key characters like Loki or learn about the technology used in Asgardian warfare. With each step forward comes an abundance of new information to appreciate.

    Travelers are advised to make their way to Midgard next for a truly authentic experience.

    Step Into the World of Marvel Adaptations Like No Other

    For fans worldwide who grew up watching adaptations such as Thor or The Avengers Endgame, entering into Asgard provides you with an elevated understanding and appreciation of their favorite heroes and heroines’ stories. A journey through this fantastical realm gives true context and insight into the challenges faced by our superhero friends while simultaneously providing a chance to understand their motivations deeply.

    Visitors should indulge themselves in exploring fan-favorite spots like Gjallerbru (the entrance gate), Jotunheim (world-inhabited by Frost Giants), and Vanaheim (home planet for Vanir). This experience will leave you mesmerized for years to come with unforgettable memories.

    Experience Asgardian Cuisine And Drinks

    While exploring every inch of this mystical universe might be thrilling yet exhaustive, indulge yourself in some delicious liquors made out of mead. The drink is an essential part of the Asgardian diet and has a rich history in Norse mythology. Visitors can enjoy a refreshing mug of cold brew while relishing traditional dishes that are simply one of a kind.

    Food enthusiasts should check out the seafood available, such as trout, salmon, and shrimp caught fresh from Asgard’s rivers, and pair them with vegetables grown in the garden.

    An experience like this is not easily replicated, so let go of your fears and immerse yourself in this new world for a life-altering adventure.

    Ready to experience some real magic? Head on over to Vanaheim, where the ale is strong and the sorcery is even stronger.

    Visit Vanaheim

    Experience the breathtaking beauty of Vanaheim, a realm of lush forests and stunning landscapes that will leave you enchanted. Immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage and explore its vibrant cities full of art and music. Vanaheim offers a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the Nine Realms.

    Travel to Vanaheim to witness its vibrant atmosphere filled with bustling markets, live performances, and street art. Discover local legends and witness traditional dances performed by locals in their colorful attire. The realm is also home to numerous festivals where visitors can indulge in exotic cuisine while enjoying live music played on traditional instruments.

    Vanaheim has something for nature enthusiasts too. Take a hike through the dense forest, trek on majestic mountains or canoe along peaceful rivers surrounded by dense foliage. The abundant wildlife will keep you company throughout your journey, adding an extra layer of excitement.

    Make sure not to miss out on visiting the grand Temple of Freyja situated amidst vast stretches of wildflowers sprawling across the valley. It’s one of the most revered natural landmarks in all the Nine Realms.

    Plan your trip wisely and make unforgettable memories by experiencing everything that Vanaheim has to offer. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by; book your travel now!

    Visit Svartalfheim, where the blacksmiths have a license to grill.

    Visit Svartalfheim

    The realm of Svartalfheim, a hidden world of the nine realms, offers unique experiences for explorers. Filled with cavernous landscapes and dark magic, the realm is inhabited by Dwarves who excel in crafting weapons and artifacts. Stepping into Svartalfheim is like entering a world that blends beauty with gloominess.

    Svartalfheim’s hidden corners are full of surprises, including ancient underground cities with towering structures crafted by skilled dwarves. Joining a tour group or hiring a guide can help navigate this treacherous terrain without getting lost. Ensure to carry protective gear such as helmets, boots and gloves due to its rugged landscape.

    It is said that entering Svartalfheim will grant visitors good luck and can even bring wealth if they praise the Dwarves’ craftsmanship. Having a conversation with one of them about their work can earn you respect and might reveal some fascinating stories. Expressing gratitude towards their artistry will surely leave a lasting impact.

    While exploring Svartalfheim, it’s essential to experience its dark magic through close observation of runes carved on structures. They have cryptic meanings that may unlock secrets about the realm or give directions for treasure hunts. Try deciphering these codes yourself or hire an expert for guidance.

    Not sure if I’m ready to visit Muspelheim, but I guess it’s better than just watching another rerun of Hell’s Kitchen.

    Visit Muspelheim

    Explore the realm of Muspelheim, a fiery and challenging world filled with powerful enemies and treacherous terrain. The flames from the great fire Ginnungagap illuminate the landscape, providing both danger and beauty. Conquer the trials of this realm to prove your strength as a warrior.

    In Muspelheim, you will face powerful enemies such as fire giants and demons, who will test your combat skills and strategy. The environment is unforgiving with constantly changing conditions that require careful observation and quick thinking. However, success in this realm rewards you with rare resources and mythical equipment.

    Additionally, there are several challenges in Muspelheim that can be undertaken periodically to gain valuable rewards. These range from combat-oriented challenges to survival-based ones where food is scarce. Completing these tests requires expertise unlike any other realm.

    One mythological tale recounts how Muspelheim was created by an explosion between Niflheimr, a frozen world, and Muspellhei r’s flames in the beginning of time. This resulted in Ginnungagap, which bridged the two worlds; As a result of this collision of worlds it gave birth to Ymir – an enormous being whose body parts became Midgard (the earth), Asgard (the home of the gods) and Jotunheim (the home of the frost giants).

    Visit Niflheim, where the only thing colder than the weather is the welcome you’ll receive from the residents.

    Visit Niflheim

    Niflheim, one of the Nine Realms, is a place shrouded in mystery and mystical charm. The land of mist and fog, this realm is often considered the realm of darkness and the underworld. This realm can be explored to witness the myths come alive.

    The roots of Yggdrasil lead to Niflheim from where cold mist rises. Upon arriving, one can feel the chill seeping deep into their bones as the eeriness crawls on their skin. It is believed that Niflheim was created when fire met ice and was filled with lifeless waters.

    Unique to this realm are its icy rivers that carry remnants from the past and are said to harbor secrets untold. One such river named Elivagar is home to eighteen worlds in which mythical beings reside.

    Pro Tip: Be sure to pack ample warm clothing before venturing into Niflheim’s chilling embrace.

    Don’t worry, Helheim isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be – it’s actually quite charming, in a deathly kind of way.

    Visit Helheim

    Discover the chilling land of the underworld and traverse the darkly forbidding realm. With its frosty wastelands and bathed by a river, Helheim offers an eerie and mystical experience for visitors. Encounter fierce creatures such as Draugr, a reanimated corpse guarding the treasures of the dead, while journeying through this perilous land.

    Witness the immense skeletal serpent J rmungandr biting his own tail, lying in wait to unleash destruction at Ragnarok. Embrace Norse mythology’s darker side while immersing yourself in Helheim’s peculiar atmosphere.

    Excitingly, Helheim has been mentioned in several sagas and myths featuring Thor, Odin, and other gods. One fabled story describes how Hermod entered the gates of Helheim to seek out Baldur; it’s said he successfully brought him back to life.

    Plan a visit to this ominous but enticing supernatural territory on your next adventure into one of the Nine Realms!

    Who needs a fairy godmother when you can just visit Alfheim and have your wishes granted by elves?

    Visit Alfheim

    As you embark on your journey to Explore the Nine Realms, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the enchanting land of Alfheim.

    Alfheim is known as the home of the light elves, and its beauty is mesmerizing. Stroll through the lush green forests of Alfheim or take in the stunning sights of crystal clear waterfalls. The natural surroundings are breathtakingly beautiful.

    Alfheim also houses some of the most magnificent light shows on Asgard. If you re lucky enough to catch one, it will truly leave you spellbound by its charm.

    When in Alfheim, make sure to visit some notable areas such as Gjallarbr Bridge that leads directly into this spellbinding realm or travel through L ttir Forest, a crucial part of Alfheim’s ecosystem. If you are a fan of the game, you might be wondering where can you play God of War? Make sure to check out the options available for you to enjoy this epic game.

    For a unique experience, consider spending a night in one of their exquisite resorts where you can enjoy a comfortable stay while immersing yourself in their unique cuisine that is both delicious and authentic.

    Come to Midgard for the delicious food, stay to see if you can outwit the trickster god hiding in plain sight.

    Visit Midgard

    Midgard, the realm of humans, is a fascinating destination. As one of the Nine Realms in Norse mythology, it has unique landscapes, from snow-covered mountains to lush forests and vibrant cities. Midgard also has significant historical and cultural references that make it a must-see location for travelers.

    One of the most well-known features of Midgard is Jotunheimr’s Glaciers which have been carved by time into breathtaking beauty such as crevasses and ice caves that are only accessible through Ice climbing expeditions. Those who prefer a more urban experience can visit its bustling cities such as New York or Tokyo, where contemporary culture meets ancient traditions.

    Midgard offers numerous opportunities to explore Norse mythology, history and culture with museums featuring Viking weapons, clothes, and tools. It is recommended to join Walking tours around the city for absorbing knowledge about Viking stories and people.

    Pro Tip: Do not forget to include a walk along Bifr st Bridge built over Gjallarbr connecting Asgard to Midgard. It provides some picturesque scenery being located near Rainbow Peak mountain range from where you could see eight other realms spreading vastly around you.

    Looks like the Valkyrie Queen is the complete package – strength, skill, and a killer fashion sense.

    Complete Valkyrie Queen

    To complete Valkyrie Queen with tips to beat her and reap its benefits, read on. Tips to Beat Valkyrie Queen will give you an edge in combat and help you defeat her. Once you’ve conquered her, Benefits of Beating Valkyrie Queen will show you what rewards and perks you’ll receive.

    Tips to Beat Valkyrie Queen

    To overcome the challenges posed by Valkyrie Queen, follow these steps:

    1. Utilize Odin’s Vision to read her moves and react accordingly.
    2. Use a fast and efficient weapon that deals high damage but doesn’t slow you down.
    3. Dodge frequently and effectively while also being aware of your surroundings.
    4. Implement runic attacks that complement your play style and can interrupt her attacks.
    5. Stay patient and calm, conserve your resources for the final phase.

    For additional success, note that Valkyrie Queen is immune to certain types of status effects such as freeze, stun, or poison. Also, equip enchantments that provide defensive buffs, upgrade your armor set for maximum resistance values.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to beat this challenging boss in God of War. Keep practicing and follow these tips to achieve victory!

    Beating the Valkyrie Queen not only unlocks an achievement, but also the satisfaction of showing a fictional character who’s boss.

    Benefits of Beating Valkyrie Queen

    Defeating the Queen of Valkyries in the game offers several advantages.

    • Access to powerful new armor and gear
    • Increase in overall player strength and abilities
    • Unlocking of a challenging achievement
    • Satisfaction of overcoming a difficult adversary

    The fight against Valkyrie Queen is one of the most demanding challenges in the game. Mastering the skills required to emerge victorious requires time, practice, and a deep understanding of combat mechanics.

    According to Playstation Lifestyle, “defeating the elusive Valkyrie Queen is no small feat and presents an incredible task for even experienced gamers.” Better gear means less dying and more killing. Upgrade your equipment before entering the Valkyrie Queen’s chambers.

    Upgrade Equipment

    To upgrade your equipment in God of War What to Do After Story? with Find and Kill Dragons, Collect Resources and Materials, and Visit Brok and Sindri Shops as a solution. These sub-sections will offer you different strategies and techniques to improve your weapons and armor, which are crucial for facing the toughest challenges in the game.

    Find and Kill Dragons

    Identify and Eliminate the Mythical Creatures

    To locate and defeat dragons, follow these five steps:

    1. Research their habitats and behaviors to plan the best strategy.
    2. Gather equipment such as fire-resistant armor, shields, and weapons.
    3. Track dragon sightings to narrow down the search area.
    4. Approach with caution, as dragons can breathe fire or poison gas.
    5. Attack vulnerable spots like wings or eyes to take them down.

    In addition to the above steps, it is essential to be aware of your surroundings and keep a safe distance. Dragons are dangerous creatures that require a careful approach.

    Pro Tip: Keep backup supplies in case one set breaks during combat.

    If your equipment is a needy girlfriend, then resources and materials are the flowers and chocolates you have to keep buying to keep her happy.

    Collect Resources and Materials

    To acquire necessary resources and materials for equipment upgrade, adept procurement techniques need to be employed. These include sourcing from the right vendors, negotiating prices, monitoring sales and promotions, reaching out to alternative suppliers and exploring warehouse or inventory stocks.

    • Trawling through online marketplaces and physical stores to find suitable materials
    • Corresponding with respective sales personnel intelligently before making a purchase decision
    • Arranging for bulk purchases to facilitate a greater rate of discount/price reduction
    • Analyzing data on pricing trends, stock availability and demand-supply variations
    • Deep-diving into various documentation relating to product specifics like composition, durability etc.
    • Examining reviews/ratings about products from previous buyers before making an investment

    Moreover, one can always look towards joining communities of comprehensive/multi-dimensional product owners. It could prove beneficial in securing procured goods or services at reduced rates by subdividing bills uniformly among members. Purchasing refurbished components and considering closeout sales are also some other viable strategies that not only save expenditure but also encourage sustainability in material usage. Through dedicated research efforts in cost-effective acquisition techniques and efficient networking mechanisms for vital resources; equipment upgrading pursuits can undoubtedly be optimized better than ever before. Brok and Sindri’s shops may not have upgrade equipment for your heart, but they’ve got everything you need to upgrade your weapons.

    Visit Brok and Sindri Shops

    Exploring Brok and Sindri Stores can bring significant enhancements to your weaponry. These shops offer a wide range of equipment, including armor, enchantments and runes that provide various benefits in battles. Along with providing excellent upgrades, the shops allow you to craft these weapons using materials found in the realms.

    Brok and Sindri not only sell pre-made equipment but also give you the option to make customizations while crafting it. Working for new rune combinations and upgrading armors in every level leads to unique abilities increasing the functionality of those weapons.

    In addition, Brok operates from Tyr’s Temple, whereas Sindri is settled in his Workshop located near the Lake of Nine. Sutr’s Dwarven Store can also be found in the places around Midgard, featuring weapons and gear that cater primarily to tougher enemies than standard encounters.

    According to Game Rant, The Thiazi Talon item bought at the Brok shop has one of the highest defense stats amongst all talons available in God Of War 4! Why settle for a regular old game when you can have a ‘new game plus’ with upgraded equipment and twice the rage-quit potential?

    New Game Plus

    To continue your journey with Kratos and explore new quests after completing the story, you can try the New Game Plus mode in God of War. This mode brings exciting tweaks and challenges to the gameplay, and we will explore them in the following sub-sections: What is New Game Plus, Benefits of New Game Plus, Changes and Differences in New Game Plus.

    What is New Game Plus

    New Game Plus is a game mode that allows players to replay the game after completing it once, but with added challenges and/or benefits. This mode typically offers increased difficulty, new items, abilities or enemies. The variations of New Game Plus depend upon the game developers and the specific title, ranging from slight scale-ups to entirely new playthrough experiences.

    What sets New Game Plus apart from standard replays is that the player typically retains some elements of their progress from the initial playthrough. These elements may include experience points, gear upgrades, or currency. With these advantages in-hand, players can further explore the game’s mechanics and alternative paths without starting entirely from scratch.

    Undeniably, exploring a challenging game world you’ve already experienced provides tremendous satisfaction for some gamers who crave increasing difficulty and variety beyond their first playthroughs. Thus, if you’re a gamer who finds themselves wanting more out of your favorite titles – consider jumping into some New Game Plus runs to see what games have yet to offer! Start the game over with superpowers? Sign me up for New Game Plus faster than you can say ‘I am become death, destroyer of worlds‘.

    Benefits of New Game Plus

    New Gameplay Experience: Benefits of Starting Over in a New Game

    Unlock new challenges and opportunities with the New Game Plus option. Here are 4 benefits of starting over:

    1. Enhanced Difficulty: Replay the game with increased difficulty, perfect for seasoned gamers seeking a greater challenge.
    2. Expanded Skill Set: Bring your acquired skills from your previous playthrough to overcome obstacles and battles; try new tactics using a wider range of abilities.
    3. Exploring Unseen Content: Revisit the game’s world and discover different paths, hidden items, quests, or scenes you might have missed before.
    4. Increased Immersion: Relive the journey and grow even more attached to your character(s), with added emotional depth and agency.

    Moreover, pursuing the New Game Plus option is an invaluable experience that could offer additional benefits exclusive to your chosen game title.

    Did you know? The concept of a New Game Plus feature originated from the Japanese video game industry in the mid-1990s. It was first implemented in a role-playing game called Chrono Trigger on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), offering players another way to enjoy their favorite classic RPG. Since then, many games have adopted this unique gameplay feature.

    New Game Plus: because there’s nothing quite like reliving the trauma all over again, but this time with extra difficulties thrown in for good measure.

    Changes and Differences in New Game Plus

    New Game Plus brings significant changes and variations as compared to the standard game mode. Below is a table that highlights some of the prominent differences in gameplay between the two modes.

    AspectStandard ModeNew Game Plus
    DifficultyGrows gradually with progressTougher enemies and challenges from the start
    Character ProgressionStarts from scratch each time you play anewA retained level of experience, skills, weapons, and equipment enhances gameplay from the beginning.
    Items & ResourcesStarts with limited items that do not carry forward after a restart.Retains previously acquired resources that are highly beneficial in overcoming initial challenges.

    One of the unique aspects of New Game Plus is the sense of continuity it provides – players don’t have to start entirely from scratch but rather have an advantage when starting anew. This factor adds more thrill and excitement while also emphasizing strategy and caution on higher difficulties.

    Pro Tip: Explore New Game Plus after finishing regular gameplay for an ultimate challenge, accompanied by additional rewards to polish your gaming skills!

    Wondering how to defeat Rota God of War?

    Upgrade your Kratos gear with our godly guide to God of War weapons and armor.

    God of War Weapons and Armor Guide

    To enhance your gameplay experience in God of War, you need to level up your weapons and armor. In order to assist you with this, we have provided a guide on the Best Weapons and Armor in God of War, along with some useful Tips for Upgrading them. Let’s dive into this section and get to know how to maximize your combat potential in the game.

    Best Weapons in God of War

    When it comes to becoming a god in God of War, one needs the most powerful weapons available. These weapons will decide whether you become a victor or victim, so it is essential to choose wisely. Here are some potent weapons that could help you emerge victorious.

    • Leviathan Axe with Runics
    • Ivaldi’s Mist Armor
    • Nemean Crush and Blazing Magma Shields
    • Chaos Blades

    The Leviathan Axe can be further empowered by introducing unique Runics, which make it more efficient in battle. Ivaldi’s Mist Armor offers protection against multiple elements while boosting Strength considerably. The Nemean Crush and Blazing Magma shields offer protection against physical and fire attacks, respectively. Lastly, Chaos Blades come equipped with both fire and ice components.

    It is worth noting that every weapon has its strengths and weaknesses, as well as different movesets that players need to master. One should choose weapons that offer the best benefits based on their play style.

    One suggestion would be practicing regularly with your chosen weapon until mastery is achieved. This process can help players develop combos specifically tailored to their fighting preferences and boost the weapon’s overall effectiveness significantly. Remember, choosing the right weapons for your character is only half the battle – mastering them is how to play God of War in order and what separates mortals from gods!

    Want to feel invincible in God of War? Get ready to upgrade your armor faster than a superhero on steroids.

    Best Armor in God of War

    For those seeking the ultimate protection in God of War, we have selected the most effective armor combinations. Our analysis takes into account various variables such as enchantments, stat bonuses and resistances to create a comprehensive list providing maximum defense and offense.

    Below is a table outlining the Best Armor in God of War and its respective attributes to help optimize your gameplay.

    Armor NameEnchantment Slot 1Enchantment Slot 2Stat BonusResistance
    Valkyrie Armor SetCooldown ReductionRunic CooldownStrength, Defense, Vitality boostPoison, Burn, Frost
    Zeus Armor SetConstitution UpgradeRunic Attack UpgradeRunic, Defense BoostsFire Resist
    Mist Armor SetRunic Cooldown UpgradeRunes give bonus damageRunic, Defense boostBlindness Resist
    Ivaldi’s Curse Armor Set (Niflheim)Runic Attack IncreaseRunic Cooldown Speed IncreaseStrength, Dexterity, Vitality boostsFrost Resist

    It’s worth noting that each armor offers specific strengths and weaknesses that can affect your overall gameplay strategy. As such, it’s important to select an armor set that complements your playstyle.

    In addition to our top picks above you might also consider upgrading other armors such as Cuirass of the Traveler or Sindri’s Royal Dwarven Breastplate for their unique perks.

    Don’t miss out on unlocking these powerful armor sets by exploring all areas of Midgard and beyond. With careful selection and proper upgrades, you’ll be well-equipped to face even the toughest battles ahead.

    Upgrade your weapons and armor like a Greek god, or you might end up as dead as one in this game.

    Tips for Upgrading Weapons and Armor

    Upgrading Your Arsenal for Improved Godly Powers

    To maximize your melee potential and take down the toughest foes, here are some tips on how to upgrade both Kratos s gear and his protective armor in God of War:

    • Enrich Your Experience with and by upgrading Talismans: Like weapons and armor, the talismans also play a prominent role in unlocking diverse special attacks. Upgrade these items wisely to receive the maximum benefits.
    • This tip allows you to: Infuse Enchantments into Your Gear- Kratos’s gear has slots for certain enchantments; so ensure that they are all filled to boost his combative capabilities.
    • Choose Weapons that Match Your Fighting Style each weapon comes loaded with distinct set of moves, combos, and a weight or ability modifier. That makes it crucial to upgrade those weapons which match your playing style/ability.
    • If It Ain t Broke…Boost It- If you have any favorites, ensure you don’t overlook them just because they’re slightly outdated. Reinforce old faithful gears using resources gathered from newer acquisitions.

    Looking beyond the obvious elements involved in eking out the best possible upgrades of &It when playing God of War, be sure to explore every nook and cranny frequently as sometimes unique treasures appear etched across various realms accessible from this game.

    When it comes to quests mainline or otherwise you must stay vigilant! These often come loaded with fantastic rewards, including the possibility of getting your hands on exclusive equipment that can only be earned through completing specific tasks. Failure to spot these opportunities may leave players regretting what could have been. If you’re wondering how to get smoldering ember in God of War, make sure to keep an eye out for special tasks and quests that offer this valuable resource.

    Do not miss out on unleashing Kratos fullest potential: deploy every strategy outlined herein when upgrading your weapons and armor in the best God of War game!

    Playing God of War makes me feel like a real deity, except with better weapons and armor.


    After completing the main story in God of War, there are still a few things to do in the game.

    1. Players can explore the numerous side quests that exist within the game world. These can provide an opportunity to encounter new foes and collect items that were not available during the main story.
    2. Players can continue exploring the vast open world of God of War to uncover hidden secrets and treasures.
    3. Moreover, players can consider testing their skills by facing off against some of the tougher enemies found throughout the game, or attempt challenges that are unlocked after finishing the main story.
    4. Last but not least, obtaining additional equipment and upgrading existing builds through fine-tuning armor placements and runes can be beneficial for improving gameplay efficiency.

    Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any opportunities to upgrade your gear. Stronger gear will make battles significantly easier and add longevity to your playthrough.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) What can I do after completing the God of War story?

    After completing the story, you can continue playing the game to complete side quests, explore the world for secrets, and unlock new equipment and upgrades. Wondering what to do after beating God of War? There’s still plenty of content to enjoy!

    2) Is there a new game plus mode in God of War?

    Yes, there is a new game plus mode in God of War where you can replay the story with all of your equipment and upgrades from your previous playthrough. Have you ever wondered why is God of War so good?

    3) What are some recommended side quests to complete after finishing the story?

    If you’re wondering what to sell in God of War, make sure to check out the Royal Dwarven Armor set, which can only be crafted after completing several side quests. It provides excellent protection and boosts overall stats. Additionally, completing the Favors given by Brok and Sindri will unlock new crafting materials and upgrades. Lastly, don’t forget to explore the various realms to find hidden items and challenges. There’s plenty to do even after the main story is over.

    Some recommended side quests to complete after finishing the story include “The Valkyries,” “Muspelheim,” and “Niflheim.”

    4) How do I unlock the true ending in God of War?

    To unlock the true ending in God of War, you must complete all of the optional side quests and explore the world thoroughly for secrets.

    5) Can I continue to level up after reaching max level in God of War?

    Yes, you can continue to earn experience after reaching max level in God of War and use it to earn additional upgrades for your equipment.

    6) Can I continue to play God of War after completing all of the side quests?

    Yes, you can continue to explore the world and fight enemies in God of War even after completing all of the side quests.

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