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God of War What to Do Before Ng+?

    Things to do before starting Ng+ in God of War

    To prepare yourself for an epic adventure, gear up with upgrades and complete every quest. In order to make the most of your game, invest time in upgrading your weapons and armor, exploring and completing side quests, collecting and upgrading all skills, purchasing all abilities and upgrades, obtaining all collectibles, completing Valkyries and trials, mastering all combat techniques, increasing the difficulty level, and finalizing storyline and cinematic experiences.

    Upgrade weapons and armor

    Upgrading your weaponry and armor is crucial before starting Ng+ in God of War. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Enhance your armor by using resources such as hacksilver, materials, and enchantments to add extra perks like increased health or resistance to specific status effects.
    2. Upgrade your weapons by visiting Brok and Sindri’s shops to unlock new combos, damage multipliers, and runic attacks. You can also use resources like Smoldering Embers or Aegir’s Gold to enhance each weapon’s abilities further.
    3. Revisit the Valkyrie battles that you may have missed, which will grant you valuable items such as Epic Enchantments for more potent upgrades.

    Remember, not upgrading your equipment makes NG+ much harder than it needs to be. So gather resources beforehand and max out those stats!

    Side quests in God of War are like that one friend who always invites you to do weird things, but in the end, you never regret hanging out with them.

    Explore and complete side quests

    Side Quests- The Key to Enhancing Your Game

    Exploring and completing side quests in God of War is essential before starting NG+. To make your game experience even more enjoyable, there are several things that you can do:

    • Complete Favors from the dwarves: Sindri and Brok. These favors will not only increase your resources but also upgrade armor, weapons, and enhance your skills.
    • Hunt for Valkyries: They are tough enemies but defeating them will reward you with multiple benefits like new combat moves, equipment upgrades, and valuable items.
    • Explore Lake of Nine Island Realms: You will find a lot of interesting encounters while exploring these realms. Some may lead to new abilities while others may help in upgrading your gear.
    • Pursue Artefact Collections: It’s challenging to collect all artefacts but doing so gives you lore about Norse Mythology, Trophies, and Xp points which can level up your game progress.
    • Complete Optional Quests: These quests give insight into Kratos’ emotional journey with Atreus. Along with character development, they provide additional rewards like loot and XP points.

    It’s important to note that each side quest holds unique benefits that add value to your gameplay experience. As Kratos has already finished his revenge against gods in the main story mode, exploring side quests offers him an opportunity to expand his horizons and become a hero among his own people.

    Looking for one of the Valkyries? Check out where Gunnr is located and add another epic fight to your journey.

    Pro Tip: Complete as many side quests as possible before beginning NG+ for a more immersive gameplay experience. Before starting NG+, make sure Kratos is a master of all trades – because upgrading skills mid-game is like trying to learn how to swim after you’ve jumped off the Titanic.

    Collect and upgrade all skills

    In order to prepare for Ng+ in God of War, it’s important to master and enhance all your abilities. This includes learning and upgrading all skills that are available to you as Kratos. Here are three key points to keep in mind:

    • Collect all skills – Ensure that you have acquired every skill that is obtainable in the game. This can be done by exploring the environment thoroughly and completing quests.
    • Upgrade each skill – After collecting each ability, make sure to upgrade them as much as possible using XP points. This will give you an advantage over new enemies and challenges in Ng+ mode.
    • Note any missed abilities – In the event that some skills are inaccessible before advancing to Ng+, take note of which ones they are. These may be unlocked later or overlooked completely if not taken into account beforehand.

    It’s important to keep in mind that although mastering your combat abilities is crucial, but weapons and gear enhancing should not go ignored either. Make sure to invest time in this aspect of the game for a well-rounded experience.

    Finally, according to IGN’s review of God of War, “The game s combat might just be one of the most satisfying gaming experiences available right now.” Take advantage of this by fully developing Kratos’s abilities before diving into Ng+. Don’t be a cheapskate, max out those skills before facing the Gods again.

    Purchase all abilities and upgrades

    To maximize your potential in God of War’s New Game Plus, it is essential to fully upgrade Kratos’s abilities and equipment. This will ensure you can take on tougher enemies and challenges with ease.

    • Upgrade Kratos’s axe, blades, and armor by finding materials throughout the game world.
    • Unlock all the combat moves for both Kratos and Atreus to have a comprehensive arsenal of attacks in battle.
    • Become proficient in all four magic abilities: Leviathan Axe, Blades of Chaos, Talon Bow, and Runic Summons.

    Furthermore, make use of enchantments for further stat boosts. Additionally, upgrade the skills at Brok and Sindri’s shop to unlock better gear for purchase.

    In Norse mythology, the gods often rewarded their champions with powerful artifacts to aid them in battle. Similarly, investing time into upgrading Kratos before beginning New Game Plus is essential for ensuring success in defeating even the most challenging foes.

    Collect them all like you’re trying to become the ultimate God of War hoarder.

    Obtain all collectibles

    To fully prepare for the NG+ in God of War, players must ensure they have collected all the items scattered throughout the game. This includes locating all collectibles required for advancement. The following steps are recommended before starting NG+.

    1. Gather all Artifacts, Lore Markers and Nornir Chests
    2. Complete secondary quests to get additional items and experience points
    3. Earn and equip high-end armor sets and weapon upgrades
    4. Unlock skills with XP earned during gameplay
    5. Defeat Valkyries that can reward access to new gear or enchantments

    Moreover, collecting every item available will not only boost Kratos’ stats but also unlock hidden perks such as permanent power-ups and alternate costumes. In addition to the main collectibles, there are also optional treasure maps that uncover high value commodities. These include enchantments and rare crafting materials needed for top-level equipment. Legend has it that many players who ignored these collectibles struggled significantly while playing the NG+. Therefore, taking time in each play-through to gather everything is always worth it. Want a challenge before Ng+? Take on the Valkyries and Trial of the Gods – because nothing says prepare for war like fighting the toughest bosses in the game.

    Complete Valkyries and trials

    If you plan to embark on the next level of God of War, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For instance, before moving ahead with (and without) Kratos, make sure you have completed the Path to Victory. This entails conquering trials and defeating all the Valkyries. Below is a table highlighting some pivotal milestones that need to be achieved under ‘The Path to Victory’ umbrella:

    CriteriaCompletion Status
    Trials of MuspelheimCompleted
    Trials of NiflheimCompleted
    Defeated GondulCompleted
    Defeated HildrCompleted
    Defeated KaraPending

    Beyond triumphing over the key aspects in Path to Victory, it is also important to ensure your gear and skills are up-to-par. Make certain your abilities are maxed out and upgrade your weapons accordingly. It is important to note that completing this path involves more than just a feat for bragging rights. It allows players access to powerful armory, enchantments, and talismans for future boss battles. As one embarks on their next journey into this epically immersive world, it’s worth knowing that even the seemingly insignificant side-quests come with their own stories and their own rewards – both monetary & emotional – making them equally worth playing through. The Path to Victory is an undeniably crucial aspect of this game’s overall plotline; including multiple references from previous versions. Despite it being primarily instituted as an optional challenge within God of War (2018), it’s obvious how far-reaching its impact has been in defining players stats across levels/mechanics within this game. Practice makes perfect, but in God of War, practice makes you a god-killing machine – so get to mastering those combat techniques!

    Master all combat techniques

    To become a master of combat techniques in God of War before starting Ng+, you need to train and achieve a high level of proficiency.

    Here is a 3-Step Guide on how to accomplish this:

    1. Understand The Game’s Mechanics: Learn the combat moves, locking-on targets, blocking, parrying, and evading by reading the game’s manual or watching tutorials.
    2. Practice Regularly: To perfect these techniques, engage in regular practice sessions. Try experimenting with new moves and strategies to better distinguish your style.
    3. Master Multiple Weapons: Engage in using several weapons at once to switch up your playstyle. This will help you get an edge over the game’s enemies since each weapon has unique advantages.

    Furthermore, don’t forget to unlock new skills for Kratos. By advancing his abilities and upgrading his armour, you get an extra advantage in fighting through subsequent rounds.

    Pro Tip: Whenever you’re confused about which skill to learn or which weapon suits your playstyle best, research online for information from gaming forums where like-minded players can share similar experiences.

    Ready to turn Kratos into a pin cushion? Pump up the difficulty level and watch him suffer like a mortal.

    Increase difficulty level

    By increasing the intensity, you can provide yourself with a more challenging experience in God of War’s Ng+. Difficulty amplification is a crucial step for those who want to get a new level of combat enjoyment and difficulty.

    • Choose the harder difficulty setting than your last playthrough starting point.
    • Higher-level enemies have more stamina, do greater damage, or have additional requirements during combat.
    • Turn on games mechanics that adjust damage input or transfer based on situations in-game
    • Analyze statistics specific to Kratos by using custom settings

    Additionally, increasing the complexity ensures that you’ll achieve better trade-in rewards by earning enhanced equipment rather than if you use lower settings.

    Pro Tip: As much as possible, avoid lowering difficulty during NG+. Stick to the level and exhibit perseverance to earn the satisfaction of achieving a higher level of playing expertise. Find out why God of War is so good.

    Get your tissue box ready, because this is where the tears start to flow and the action stops being just button-mashing.

    Finalize storyline and cinematic experiences

    Before jumping into Ng+ in God of War, it is crucial to conclude the storyline and cinematic experiences proficiently. Demands for advanced combat skills may arise immediately as Ng+ presents a more challenging gameplay experience with unexpected surprises throughout. It is essential to have a clear understanding of the story and its vital plot points.

    To finalize the storyline satisfactorily, one should start by completing all main and side missions, followed by watching and comprehending all cutscenes involved. Additionally, unlocking hidden areas of the map will aid in finding hidden items that are not visible initially. Moreover, taking breaks between playing sessions will provide time for reflection and familiarization with each significant character’s personality traits.

    Looking for what to do after beating God of War? Make sure to complete all the main and side missions and unlock hidden areas of the map for hidden items. Taking breaks between playing sessions will also help in familiarizing with the characters.

    Engage with Mimir-Oracle regularly for unique perspectives on every aspect of Norse mythology. Overall, mastering Kratos’ combat abilities is critical but knowing what drives his motivations to overcome challenges sprinkled within the game world elevates gameplay experience. Failing to achieve this step may deprive you of some very key elements that add depth to your gameplay experience.

    Kratos went through an emotional journey in redemption after murdering his family back in Greece before settling in Midgard with his son Atreus. An unfortunate real-life incident inspired the game director – Cory Barlog – while developing Kratos’ character arc into this sentimental direction, transforming him from a pitiless god-slayer into a challenged father figure attempting to impart life lessons onto his son Atreus while fighting gruesome creatures along their way through Midgard.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is NG+ in God of War?

    God of War offers a NG+ or New Game Plus mode where players can start a new game with all their previously acquired items and upgrades. But before diving into this mode, it’s important to consider how much God of War costs and what preparations should be made before starting NG+.

    2. What should I do before starting NG+ in God of War?

    Before starting NG+ in God of War, it is recommended to complete all the side quests, explore all the areas, and collect all the items and upgrades to make the gameplay smoother and easier. Wondering how to get Smoldering Ember in God of War? Check out our guide for more details.

    3. Can I decide what to sell before starting NG+ in God of War?

    It’s important to know what to sell in the game before starting NG+ to ensure that you have the necessary resources to upgrade your gear. Having a plan in place for which items to keep and which to sell can help you get the most out of your playthrough.

    Yes, you can change the difficulty level in NG+ in God of War. The game allows you to select any difficulty level, including the one you played in your previous game.

    4. Can I replay bosses in NG+ in God of War?

    Yes, you can replay bosses in NG+ in God of War. The game allows you to revisit all the areas, including the ones where you fought bosses, and replay them.

    5. Will my progress from NG+ carry over to the next NG+ in God of War?

    Yes, your progress from NG+ will carry over to the next NG+ in God of War. You can keep playing the game in NG+ mode as many times as you want.

    6. Do I need to complete the main story before starting NG+ in God of War?

    No, you don’t need to complete the main story before starting NG+ in God of War. You can start NG+ at any point in the game, even if you haven’t completed the main story.

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