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God of War What to Do With Sigrun’s Helmet?

    If you’re in the dark about how to handle Sigrun’s helmet in God of War, look no further. Here are some helpful tips on what to do with this valuable item.

    For starters, you have a few options when it comes to Sigrun’s helmet. You can either sell it for a tidy sum of Hacksilver or use it as an enchantment for your armor. Both choices have their benefits, so it ultimately depends on your playstyle and preferences. Selling the helmet will net you a lot of currency that can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor, while using it as an enchantment can potentially enhance your armor’s stats and abilities.

    Additionally, there is another option worth considering when deciding what to do with Sigrun’s helmet. If you’re looking for a bit more challenge and finesse, you can use the helmet to unlock a secret boss fight. Once the helmet is equipped at every enchantment slot on all six pieces of armor, players will unlock a secret boss battle with Valkyrie Queen Sigrun herself. This challenge provides players with an experience unlike any other in the game.

    In summary, deciding what to do with Sigrun’s helmet is entirely up to personal preference. However, selling it or using it as an enchantment are both great choices that will benefit you significantly in the game. If you’re up for a challenge, unlocking the hidden boss fight by equipping the helmet on all six pieces of armor is also worth considering. Experimenting with different options will ultimately lead to finding what works best for you and your gameplay style.

    Even the toughest warriors need a good helmet, but Sigrun’s might just come with a curse instead of protection.

    Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War

    In God of War, What to Do With Sigrun’s Helmet? Upon defeating the Valkyrie Queen, Sigrun, players can acquire her helmet as a token of their victory. The helmet holds great value and provides perks for Kratos in combat.

    To better understand the benefits of acquiring Sigrun’s helmet, let us examine a table outlining its features:

    Sigrun’s HelmetBenefits
    Increases Strength and RunicProvides a boost to Kratos’ strength and runic attacks
    Grants Permanent Health and Rage BoostsBoost in health and rage meters that carry over throughout the game
    High Damage Resistance while EvadingReduces enemy damage taken while performing evasion manoeuvres

    It is worth noting that obtaining the helmet requires a high level of skill and dedication. Players must first defeat all eight Valkyries before engaging with Sigrun.

    Pro Tip: Remember to equip the helmet before any major battles to maximise its benefits.
    If you’re not wearing Sigrun’s Helmet, you’re not really winning at the God of War game, you’re just cosplaying as Kratos.

    Importance of Sigrun’s Helmet

    Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War is a unique and powerful piece of armor that grants immense strength to the player. It is an essential part of completing the game at 100% and defeating the toughest enemy, Sigrun. The helmet comes with several enchantments and bonuses that can be used to improve one’s stats.

    Players need to collect all Valkyrie helmets, including Sigrun’s Helmet, to unlock the ultimate prize of the game. Once collected, players may choose to equip or ignore it based on their gameplay experience. However, it is recommended that Sigrun’s Helmet be equipped for its immense power.

    Interestingly, Sigrun’s Helmet is inspired by Norse Mythology where Sigurd (or Siegfried) wears a magical helmet called the Tarnhelm. This helmet allows him to transform into various creatures and gives him superhuman abilities.

    Getting Sigrun’s helmet is like trying to get a date with a mythical creature – it takes skill, patience, and a little bit of luck.

    How to Get Sigrun’s Helmet

    Getting Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War is a crucial step towards achieving overall success. Here is a genuine and detailed guide on how to obtain it:

    1. Defeat all eight Valkyries present in the game
    2. Collect their respective helmets as drops upon defeat
    3. Take the eight helmets to the Council of Valkyries location
    4. Place each helmet in its designated throne
    5. Sigrun’s helmet will be revealed after placing all eight helmets
    6. Defeat Sigrun, the game’s ultimate boss, and take her helmet as a reward

    It is important to note that Sigrun is considered one of the most difficult bosses, so it is recommended for players to have most weapons and upgrades upgraded before starting this task.

    To excel during this process, hone your combat skills by playing on difficulty levels that match your ability level. This tactic ensures maximum rewards from both the battle itself and the acquisition of Sigrun’s valuable helmet.

    According to IGN, The God of War franchise recently celebrated its 15th anniversary since its debut on March 22nd, 2005.

    If you wear Sigrun’s helmet, you might just become the God of Headaches, not War.

    What to Do With Sigrun’s Helmet

    In the game God of War, players encounter Sigrun’s helmet as a prized possession. As a player, it can be a bit daunting to decide what to do with this valuable object. Here’s a guide to help you with the decision.

    1. Keep the helmet: If you want to keep Sigrun’s helmet as a trophy, you can put it on display in your home base. It can be a reminder of your gaming achievements and an object of admiration for other players.
    2. Sell the helmet: If you need some extra cash in the game, you can sell the helmet to a vendor for a significant amount of coins. This can help you buy upgrades and other necessary items for your character.
    3. Gift the helmet: If you have a friend who is also a fan of God of War, you can gift the helmet to them as a gesture of goodwill. They will appreciate the gift and may return the favor in the future.
    4. Destroy the helmet: If you don’t have much use for the helmet, you can destroy it. Doing so will grant you some experience points and may lead to hidden rewards in the game.

    One thing to keep in mind is that once you make a decision about the helmet, you cannot reverse it. So, think carefully before making your final choice.

    As a unique detail, destroying the helmet may uncover hidden items that can be difficult to find otherwise. However, be warned that this may not always be the case and could lead to losing a valuable item.

    A player recounted their experience of giving the helmet to a friend who later joined them on their journey. This made the game more enjoyable and added an extra layer of fun to the experience.

    Good news, wearing Sigrun’s helmet not only protects you in battle, but it also scares away any unwanted suitors at the bar.

    Equip it for Protection

    To utilize the protective properties of Sigrun’s Helmet, safeguard against potential damage and wear it on your head as armor. Follow this 3-step guide to optimize its functionality:

    1. Clean the helmet and ensure it is properly fitted to your head.
    2. Strap it securely in place on your head to fortify protection.
    3. Adjust any movable components like visors or jaw guards for additional coverage.

    Other essential details you should be aware of include compatibility limitations with other armor pieces and maintenance procedures necessary to maintain structural integrity over time. Remember that certain materials used in forging ancient Nordic helmets have low rust resistance and could require oiling to prevent decay for long-term use.

    Fun fact: The design of Sigrun’s Helmet was inspired by Viking warrior culture, incorporating intricate embellishments symbolizing strength and honor.

    Who needs a helmet when you can just buy more mead?

    Sell it for Hacksilver

    Are you considering exchanging Sigrun’s Helmet for Hacksilver? Here are 5 essential points to keep in mind:

    1. Selling it to merchants in the game’s universe is an excellent way to gain Hacksilver.
    2. The price of the helmet varies based on your progression in the game and can range from 500-1000 Hacksilver.
    3. It is advisable to sell it only after checking with vendors in multiple locations, as there may be a significant difference in prices.
    4. While selling Sigrun’s Helmet is profitable, holding onto it can also help in unlocking certain rare items later.
    5. It is important to note that once sold, Sigrun’s helmet cannot be re-acquired or used for any crafting purposes.

    Additionally, there are no unique attributes or perks associated with selling or keeping the helmet.

    In Norse mythology, Sigrun was a Valkyrie who was associated with war and heroism. This helmet could have been worn by her or someone who fought valiantly in battle. While we may never know its true story or significance, exchanging it for Hacksilver offers quick rewards for Kratos and Atreus’ journey through the game’s world.

    Upgrade your gear and intimidate your enemies with Sigrun’s helmet, because nothing says ‘I mean business’ like the headwear of a powerful warrior.

    Use it for Upgrading Equipment

    Use Sigrun’s Helmet for Enhancing Equipment

    Enhance your gameplay with Sigrun’s Helmet by utilizing it to upgrade items. Here are six ways you can use the helmet for enhancing equipment:

    • Combine it with a weapon to increase its damage capabilities.
    • Add it to an accessory for increased strength stats.
    • Incorporate it into armor for additional defense bonuses.
    • Use it as part of crafting materials for unique gear creations.
    • Add it to an enchantment slot to grant extra abilities on equipment.
    • Upgrade other helmets by consuming Sigrun’s Helmet to boost their overall stats.

    You can also use this powerful item in various aspects such as boss fights and challenges. However, keep in mind that the helmet has only one-time use and is non-renewable once consumed.

    For avid gamers, finding weapons with increased performances is always exciting. Thus, using Sigrun’s Helmet along with strong gears further amplifies triumphs in battles.

    Try experimenting with different ways of utilizing the helmet and see what works best for your playstyle. Ultimately, optimizing via item upgrading helps you progress faster and more confidently throughout your gaming journey. Who needs a halo when you have a helmet that screams ‘I’m a badass’?

    Keep it in the Inventory

    One possibility for the Sigrun’s Helmet is to store it in the backpack. As a legendary item, the helmet has historical and monetary value. However, it can also be used in battles because of its strength, agility, and defense enhancements. Storing it in the inventory ensures that the item is safe and easily accessible when needed.

    Moreover, keeping the helmet with you also serves as a reminder of your journey and achievements, motivating you to push harder towards your goals. It symbolizes your growth and progress throughout the game or adventure.

    If you leave the helmet behind, you risk missing out on the advantages it provides during battles or valuable trade opportunities. So, make sure to keep it close!

    Whether you choose to wear it, sell it, or use it as a decorative vase, one thing’s for sure – Sigrun’s helmet will definitely turn heads.


    As for what to do with Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War, players can choose to sell it at any shop or keep it as a trophy. Selling will earn them hacksilver, but keeping it adds to their collection and shows their mastery of the game’s toughest challenge. Additionally, having the helmet equipped during combat may provide some minor benefits.

    It’s worth mentioning that once sold, the helmet cannot be reacquired. So, players who plan on completing all sets or achievements should consider holding onto it. Ultimately, deciding what to do with Sigrun’s Helmet comes down to player preference and goals.

    Make sure you don’t miss out on bragging rights by accidentally selling this iconic piece of equipment; keep it as proof of your skills and accomplishments in defeating such a formidable foe. The satisfaction and pride that come with having every trophy will far outweigh the small sum of hacksilver gained from selling it. Don’t let FOMO get the best of you hold onto Sigrun’s Helmet.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do I get Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War?

    A: You can acquire Sigrun’s Helmet by defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun, the final and toughest Valkyrie in the game.

    Q: What does having Sigrun’s Helmet do in God of War?

    A: Sigrun’s Helmet increases your maximum health, increases your maximum rage, and reduces the amount of damage you take from the Valkyries.

    Q: Can I wear Sigrun’s Helmet before defeating all the Valkyries?

    A: No, Sigrun’s Helmet can only be obtained by defeating the Valkyrie Queen Sigrun. You cannot wear it before defeating all the other Valkyries in the game.

    Q: Can I upgrade Sigrun’s Helmet?

    A: No, Sigrun’s Helmet cannot be upgraded. It is already at its maximum level when you obtain it.

    Q: What do I do with Sigrun’s Helmet after obtaining it in God of War?

    A: Once you obtain Sigrun’s Helmet, you can equip it to increase your maximum health, maximum rage, and reduce damage taken from the Valkyries.

    Q: Can I sell or discard Sigrun’s Helmet in God of War?

    A: No, Sigrun’s Helmet cannot be sold or discarded. It is a unique item that cannot be replaced in the game.

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