Guild Wars 2 has made both chunks of The Dragon’s Reach freely claimable for a week

Last week, the developers of Guild Wars 2 released an update that removed the two maps that were included with the game’s original release. Originally, the developers had promised that the maps would be made available again after November 16, but this date came and went without a word from them. This week, they have finally announced that they will be opening The Dragon’s Reach for all players to claim.

Guild Wars 2 has made both chunks of The Dragon’s Reach freely claimable for a week. The event, which began on July 21 and runs through July 28, is a new type of in-game event that is meant to encourage teamwork and community participation. Players in the two chunks of the map have been getting together with their friends in-game to make sure the other players get the Dragon’s Reach they want.

The game that just might be the game of the year is finally available in North America. The pre-purchase period for Guild Wars 2 is now over, and the game is now available to pre-load for those that don’t pre-purchase on Steam. The game is coming out at a spectacular time for the game industry, with the recent release of both Valve’s Steam games collection and EA’s Origin service. The game is also coming out at a spectacular time for the MMO genre, with games such as The Secret World, The Elder Scrolls Online, and Rift all releasing at the end of August.

This is a weekly reminder to log in to Guild Wars 2 and get free stuff. In particular, ArenaNet offers new free episodes of the eternal hit. So if your account doesn’t have them already, you should get them. The first and second parts of The Dragon’s Reach will air this week. Enjoy the Dragon Cycle storyline and get ready for Guild Wars 2: The end of the dragons. Log in between the 1st and 7th day of June in Guild Wars 2 to unlock these episodes for free! Check your in-game mailbox for a story unlockable token. […] The new achievements for the episodes are available in the Bonus Events category under the Achievements tab. You can complete them at any time to progress through the Seasons of Dragons meta-success and work towards legendary rewards. In addition to the new meta-hit, there are many existing hits that can be earned, rewards that can be collected, and secrets that can be found in the episodes themselves. Here are some helpful links to our official wiki to get you started. Note that they are not magically added to your account when you log into the game, as they normally are; you must go to the story log and click Buy on the episode you want to buy to purchase the episodes for 0 gems. And yes, you can even claim them with a free-to-play account GW2 . ViewIt’s been an exciting start for the Guild Wars 2 team on The Dragon’s Reach. We announced that the Guild Wars 2 team would be making both chunks of the map (Shatterer and The Ruined City of Arah) available for free for a week to everyone who owns Guild Wars 2, and people have been eager to take advantage of this offer. We agreed to the idea primarily because we wanted to get feedback from the community on how players would use the map. We were also keen to ensure that the first week of events on The Dragon’s Reach coincided with the launch of the new game update, and that there was plenty of time for players to enjoy the experience.. Read more about gw2 cantha leak and let us know what you think.

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