Guldan’s Hunger for Power reduces his self-healing when paired with other talents, and from other sources

We’ve all been there: you start a game with the intention of leveling up and grinding out some experience, only to find that you’re still at the same level when time is up, or you have completed zero quests. At this point, you may feel like you’re being punished for having not completed a raid or a dungeon. Fortunately, there are a few talents that can help you to succeed in your objectives.

Guldan is a warrior of High Heaven, and an oathbinder of Sargonnas—the patriarch of the Army of the Light. The AotL is a powerful force that opposes the Black Dragon’s forces, and Guldan has sworn to serve them with his life. He has also sworn to keep Sargonnas’s secrets, and has no qualms about violating his oaths when he thinks they’re in the best interest of the AotL.

With Guldan’s Hunger for Power, the Guldan’s Hatred Talent Tree, Guldan’s Pain Talent Tree, Guldan’s Regret Talent Tree, Guldan’s Rage Talent Tree, Guldan’s Suffering Talent Tree.

When taking > with > OR for any of his healing abilities with > active, Gul’dan heals himself for less than if he had not taken Hunger for Power. This can also happen when other Spell Power buffs are in play, e.g. >. In general it will happen any time Gul’dan has net Spell Power buffs in play of more than 20%, not counting Hunger for Power itself.

Gul’dan reduced self-healing

Even without any other Spell Power modifiers in play, his self-healing from > (and, if taken, > and >) are only increased by 5% instead of 15% when taking this Talent.

Additionally, the healing of the Regeneration Globe, Healing Fountain, and Biotic Emitter has been decreased by 25%.

> only increases regen globe healing by 12.5% instead of by 50% after taking Hunger for Power.

This is despite the fact that the tooltip says “reduces healing gained from allies by 25%.” To me, regen globes and even healing fountains/healing items aren’t truly “allies,” and the tooltip language makes it more clearer that self-healing isn’t.

This occurs because they overlooked the fact that healing delivered and healing taken modifiers interact in a multiplicative rather than additive manner. Take a look at the following.

They thought they were setting healing to 1.4 – 0.25 = 1.15 (unchanged) from his own sources, but what they actually did is set it to 1.4 * .75 = 1.05 (in the absence of other Spell Power modifiers). Also, note that regen globes and other non-Heroic sources of healing, not just allied Heroic healing, aren’t dealt by Gul’dan, so they don’t get the 1.4 part at all.

Healing dealt and healing taken modifiers stack additively but only within each source. So e.g. Varian’s > means Gul’dan receives only 49% self-healing from W’s base heal:

1.4 * (1 –.25 –.4) = 0.49

rather than 69 percent

0.69 = 1.15 *.6

The difference between taking Hunger for Power and not taking it is that the threshold for healing is lowered by 20% net Spell Power boost from other sources (as Spell Power increases both heal dealt and Spell Damage dealt)



I first saw on /u/bug Spazzo965’s list that Gul’dan’s self-healing is less than it should be, then /u/ProbeGang pointed out the particular instance and supplied pictures of it really decreasing healing when compared to not choosing the Talent with Harvest Life.

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Guldan, the red mage from World of Warcraft’s first tier expansion, can heal himself for a modest amount of health if he happens to pick up a talent that does so.  For this reason, Guldan is often a popular talent choice for players who focus primarily on healing or defensive characters, and a popular choice for players who want to use self-healing talents. However, Guldan is not the only one who can heal. Players can heal themselves through other sources, such as raid buffs, talent spec changes, and temporary buffs. In this article, I will illustrate how Guldan is not as “uber” as he is made to seem, depending on the talents and sources that are involved. ~~. Read more about hots gul dan skins and let us know what you think.

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