Hero concept: Dr. Narud, ancient shapeshifter

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A shapeshifter is a person who can take the form of another person, animal, or object. They can also change their state of mind, such as being sad or happy. The word “shapeshifter” may have originated from a Celtic word meaning “one who changes shape”.

This is an intro for a game that is described as “Dr. Narud, ancient shapeshifter.” I don’t know exactly what this game is about, but it is going to have a lot of people talking about it when it comes out. Something of this magnitude might even make it onto the front page of Reddit.


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If Narud arrives in the Nexus, there will be Narud Portrait and Mastery Portrait.


Narud, the ancient shapeshifter’s name and nickname

Xel’naga is a Starcraft character.

Dr. Narud’s physical appearance (Terran Scientist)

Type: A ranged assassin with a knack for sieging.

Narud’s Skin: Ghost (Samir Duran)


Copying and pasting abilities into the Nexus is very simple. In the Nexus, I believe Narud, as designed by me, is ideal. I’m awaiting feedback from devs.


Void Rift is a D-level trait.

Narud conjures a Void Rift, which in turn conjures void shadows. It is possible to obliterate void rifts. The void shadows manifest as minions. It lasts for N seconds.

Abathur’s Locust Nest (cf. Abathur’s Locust Nest)



Shadow of the Void (http://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Shadow of the Void)


Q: Null Zone (against Kerrigan, from the campaign ‘Phantoms of Void’)

Narud creates a null zone that does damage to opponents in a straight line.

(See, for example, Li Ming’s Disintegrate)

(See https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Null zone for further information.)


W: Lightning Zone (Origin: Void thrasher’s area-effect ability)

Narud uses a projectile ability to mark a symbol on the ground before shooting energy beams from its body into the region.

(See Tassadar’s Psionic Storm for more information.)

(Link: POVND440XXY?t=132 - Hero concept: Dr. Narud, ancient shapeshifter

) https://youtu.be/POVND440XXY?t=132


Experimentation or Infestation is the letter E. (Stukov gets infected due to the work of scientist Narud.)

Narud increases the ferocity of a selected allied hero, boosting their damage and speed.

(See Stim Drone by Lt. Morales)


Shapeshifting (R1) (Origin: Narud turned into Raynor and Ghost Kerrigan in Shifting Perspectives)

For N seconds, Narud turns into a selected enemy hero. During his metamorphosis, opponents who aren’t the target hero see Narud as an ally. In Starcraft 2 Zerg, Narud may be a spy like a changeling, but opposing heroes can attack him manually (Pressing A or casting AOE ability).

Abathur’s Ultimate Evolution is the polar opposite of this heroic ability.

(You can see it here: https://youtu.be/qZtSZKroTqY?t=1230 )


R2: Into the Void (Origins: Rip-Field Generator in Maw of the Void, and Void Corruption in Into the Void’s Epilogue Campaign)

Narud takes on his real form, Xel’naga, and does sustained damage to surrounding foes such as the Rip-Field Generator and Void corruption. The duration of incoming Crowd Control (Slows, Roots, Stuns) is decreased by N percent while Into the Void is active. It lasts for N seconds.

(See Muradin’s Avatar for an example.)

(Void corruption may be found at https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Void corruption )

(See https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Rip-field generator for further information.)


– – – – –


Narud’s basic attack is boosted by Flash of Hatred.

(In the campaign ‘Into the Void,’ Xel’naga Narud’s basic strike is ‘Flash of Hatred.’)


Instead of constructing a Void Rift, Narud constructs a Void Chasm. A Void Chasm has greater health and lasts longer.

( See https://starcraft.fandom.com/wiki/Void chasm for further information.)


Say Goodnight (Q): Null Zone is empowered.

(Samir Duran killed Stukov by saying, “Say goodnight, Stukov.”)


The Null Zone is empowered by the Disintegration Doctrine (Q).

(In ‘Into the Void,’ this is an achievement: Destroy all enemy buildings and accomplish the main goal in the “Into the Void” mission in under 28 minutes on Normal level.)


This House Is Clean (W): Gives the Lightning Zone more strength.

(In ‘Into the Void,’ this is an achievement: Destroy all Void Corruption structures in the “Into the Void” task.)


Lightning Zone is empowered by the drawing of the web (W).

( Duran travels to beacons to destroy Talematros and kidnap Raszagal in this Zerg campaign from Brood War.)


Dark Origin (E): Increases the effectiveness of the E ability.

( This is a Brood War secret campaign in which Zeratul meets Duran and learns about Hybrids.)


Shifting Perspectives (Lv. 20): The targeted hero is stunned for N seconds after completing Shapeshift.

(She was humiliated and wounded in the stomach by Narud’s psionic sword when he appeared as Ghost Kerrigan while battling Primal Zerg Kerrigan.)


Void Barrage (Lv. 20): A void thrasher is summoned around Narud after transforming into Xel’naga. Retarget or relocate the void thrasher by reactivating (by pressing R).

(Void barrage is a ranged assault used by Void thrashers, similar to IBCM: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile.)



Phantoms of the Void’s Narud

In Into the Void, Xel’naga Narud is a character.


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