HighFleet Brings Aerial Warfare to PC This July

It is a time of revolution in the military. With the rise of aerial drones and autonomous warfare, it is time to consider a new frontier: aerial combat, a game HighFleet hopes to usher in with a new PC game. HighFleet has a long history of creating games focused on aerial combat. The first of its kind, HighFleet’s Aerial Command, has been in development for over three years, and is currently in beta testing. With its unique gameplay and rich story, Aerial Command is the next step in HighFleet’s evolution.

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HighFleet is based on a unique form of combat where huge ships packed with weapons fight in the desert. But it’s not about pushing buttons without thinking, the publisher explains in a press release. You win battles by skillfully placing yourself in positions that allow you to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses.

But to complete the mission, it’s not enough to pull the trigger and watch things explode. You must manage your resources and crew to keep your ships operational and ready for combat.

As you encounter different factions in the land of Herat, you also get the chance to engage in diplomacy. HighFleet’s diesel-punk aesthetic aims to make combat a visual spectacle, from the moment your fleet takes off and the engines blow huge clouds of sand across the screen, to the inevitable explosive climax in mid-air.

You can try out HighFleet on Steam and buy the game when it comes out for PC later this month, on July 27.

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