Hitman 3 Elusive Target – The Heartbreaker Silent Assassin guide

Hitman 3 Elusive Target is the new Hitman game, and it’s the newest way to stalk and kill your targets. It’s going to be released on November 14th for PS4, Xbox One and PC in Europe, and will be released in North America on March 11th 2018. Hitman 3 Elusive Target is set in one of the most vibrant and dangerous locations in the world today, a seaside metropolis that seamlessly blends the fast paced action of a modern cosmopolitan city, with the history and culture of the most famous port in the world. A city where the rules of the past are being challenged by new ideas and new technologies, in a world where the line between the virtual and real world continue to blur.

With the upcoming release of Hitman 3: Silent Assassin, many fans of the franchise have been very eager to get their hands on the new game. Unfortunately, there have been countless reports of bugs and glitches in the game’s online mode. While most of them have been very easily fixed, there are some that have been very challenging to fix.

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For Hitman 3, the Heartbreaker is a completely new Elusive Target. Players must stop Philo Newcombe from murdering one half of another happy couple to advance his own relationship objectives in this game set in Mendoza. We’ll show you how to take down this wicked wedding planner with a Silent Assassin level in this tutorial.

To keep things simple, we’ve focused our tutorial on utilizing items and weapons that have been acquired from the beginning of the game. As a result, no particular Escalations or obstacles are required to pursue this path.

Warning about an elusive target

You only have one opportunity to accomplish this assignment, much like every other Elusive Target. You won’t be able to restart after you start fulfilling goals, such as murdering the target. You may, however, repeat the operation as many times as you like until you’ve killed the target. With this in mind, we suggest practicing our approach without killing the target a few times before murdering them for real. This will allow you to see where you may be detected and what areas you need pay special attention to in order to keep your Silent Assassin ranking.


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As previously stated, this method does not need the unlocking of anything special in Hitman 3. The loadout we’re utilizing isn’t particularly unique. We’re not going to utilize the coin, gun, or fiber cable, despite the fact that we have them. The beginning place is crucial, so make sure you choose the Winery Viewpoint as your starting position. Finally, Agent 47 now has The Scarlet Suit, which is a prize for finishing The Lust Assignment if you’re anxious to get your hands on it.

The first step is to put on a convincing disguise.

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From your starting location, you need to turn around and head towards the two guards behind you. There’s one standing by the gate, and one slightly further away on the opposite side of the road. Get behind the guard at the gate and subdue him. Then move behind the guard on the opposite side of the road and do the same to him. Drag this second body back towards the gate just in case someone spots it. You need to change into the disguise these guards are wearing, and make sure you pick up one of their guns so the outfit is complete.

The vehicle is the second step.

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Run down to the separating lot now that you’re in a strong disguise. A cordoned-off area containing vehicles may be seen on the left. You’ll also note that the white vehicle in the background has been modified to include the Newcombe name. Enter the location and go to the vehicle.

You must dash around the van’s side, open it, and grab the scrapbook and deadly pills inside. This is a compilation of notes on all of Newcombe’s killings that he has preserved. However, just next to this vehicle is an enforcer who can see straight through your disguise. Don’t bother about the rest of the things in the vehicle while you gather the scrapbook and deadly tablets.

Newcombe is the third step.

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The next step is to locate the target. He’ll be going into the reception area if you’re fast, but if not, search for him in the movie room downstairs from the reception. He’ll be accompanying two ladies everywhere he goes, and you need to give one of them the scrapbook. They’ll be terrified and flee as soon as you do, meaning Newcombe won’t be able to murder one of them.

Newcombe will be irritated now. If you can deliver the scrapbook to his customers before they walk downstairs, he’ll be going to the movie room on his own. Go down there first and get ahead of him. It should be noted that you must first be frisked by a security officer at the top.

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A wine stand may be found at the foot of the steps. Crouch down and use the deadly tablets to poison this beverage. Get out of the path as soon as you’ve completed this. Newcombe will down the stairwell and into the movie room, where he will consume the wine. He’ll die if he doesn’t. When everyone sees the corpse, it qualifies as an accidental kill, so you won’t lose your Silent Assasin level.

Exit (Step 4)

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Now all you need to do is head for an exit. In your current disguise, you can run into the vineyard and use that exit. If you’re wearing a different disguise or even Agent 47’s suit, then watch out for the new guard that has been posted on the gate down here for this Elusive Target.

Hitman 3: Elusive Target is the most difficult Hitman mission yet, and it’s harder than ever in Hitman 3. The mission is a series of assassination contracts, each of which is laid out in a separate email sent to the target. The targets are random, and each contract has a unique date and time. The contracts are also split into two parts: a standard contract and an extra contract. The extra contract is an assassination mission that takes place before the standard contract.. Read more about hitman elusive targets reactivated and let us know what you think.

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