How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Stone Wall in Rust? –

This topic is about how many satchels of stone you need for a wall in Rust. The Stone Wall Block can be found by digging near the beach and on top of hills, they cannot be crafted with any other block in the game. They are also expensive to purchase from traders because they have such low durability and high resource requirements when compared to wood or iron blocks which are more commonly used.

The “how many satchels for stone wall 2021” is a question that is asked in the Rust subreddit. The answer to the question can be found here:

How Many Satchels Do You Need for a Stone Wall in Rust? –

In Rust, you must construct a sanctuary. A solid set of defenses may go a long way toward keeping you safe from numerous threats. This means you’ll ultimately have to demolish player-built structures to get access and plunder them. Satchels are used as the primary means of destroying walls in Rust.

Combat engineers employed Satchel charges to eliminate several heavy objects throughout WWII. Rust has taken this notion and implemented it into the game. While a Satchel in Rust may not have the same effectiveness as a real one, it can still do a lot of structural damage if utilized appropriately. Having saying that, these Satchels may be used to demolish a variety of player-created constructions. 

If you’re wondering how many Satchels are required to demolish a stone tier structure, you just need 10 Satchel charges to destroy stone tier constructions, including the stone high wall. The number of Satchels, on the other hand, might vary according on the style of wall.

In Rust, there are three different sorts of walls. A soft side stone wall is far weaker than a high exterior stone wall, and a high external stone wall is no match for an armored wall. Although the specific conditions for demolishing a stone wall may vary, the harm is always the same. Continue reading to discover more about them.

In Rust, what is a Satchel?

A satchel is a raiding item used to demolish player-made structures in the middle of the game. This weapon’s primary use is to invade and pillage another player’s base. While Satchels have the ability to bring down many bases, placing them appropriately may be a nuisance. When a satchel is put, it is automatically armed and detonates at a random interval. 

It might be inconvenient to not be aware of the explosion details. However, this also means that they may be quite inconvenient for the opponent player to cope with. There’s also the possibility that the Satchel may break down. The player will have to re-arm it in this situation. Another thing to keep in mind is that the dud might occasionally ignite as soon as its bud is picked up, giving you just a few seconds to flee as far as you can.  

Here are the specific stats for a Satchel, which you should remember so you don’t get caught up in the explosion:

Radius of an Explosion4 m
Delay in Explosion6 -12 sec
Chances are little to none.20 %

Satchels are required to demolish a stone wall.

To demolish a stone tier structure, you’ll need a total of 10 Satchels, as previously stated. Walls, foundations, flooring, door frames, walls, staircases, rooves, wall frames, floor frames, and windows all fall under this category. Depending on the amount of satchels used, the overall damage to a building might vary. For the Stone Building Tier, here’s a brief reference.

The number of satchel charges used was:Remaining HP
1449 / 500
2397 / 500
3346 / 500
4294 / 500
5243 / 500
6191 / 500
7140 / 500
888 / 500
937 / 500

Please keep in mind that the actual values may vary based on the damage radius. Due to the high risk (20%) that some of the Satchels will be duds, you may need to utilize more than ten.

Satchels in Rust: Where to Look


Satchel charges are normally located in your crafting menu’s tools category. Due to the unpredictable timeframe tied to these Charges, they may or may not detonate instantaneously. Some of them may even turn out to be duds, but a re-ignition is all that is required to start them going again. 

The Satchels must be created in Rust, and although the manufacturing technique is straightforward, producing them in volume might require a lot of resources. As a result, you may choose Satchels from your menu and plant them on your opponent’s foundation to make them go kaboom!

The Best Way to Make a Satchel

The Satchels have a rather big influence on structures, but they’re useless if you can’t make them in large quantities. As a result, we’ll teach you how to make a Satchel, as well as the necessary ingredient recipes. Please keep in mind that you’ll need the following blueprints to make a Satchel:

The following are the ingredients required to make a Satchel:


To begin, combine all of the Charcoal and Sulfur to make 60 pieces of Gun Powder. This can be completed on a level 1 workbench, so make sure you have one. Next, using the 10 pieces of fabric at your disposal, make a Small Stash. The Beancan Grenade is the last thing required to make a Satchel. On a workbench, use 60 pieces of Gun Powder and 20 Metal Fragments to make this. Make four of these Beancan Grenades and you’ll have a Satchel Charge.

To make a Satchel Charge, combine 1 ft of Rope, four Beancan Grenades, and one Small Stash in a bag. A level 1 Workbench may be used to make the Satchel. Following these procedures will result in your first Satchel, ready to demolish an opponent’s construction!

Satchels may be quite useful in a variety of Rust battles. Taking these barriers down isn’t impossible, although the difficulty varies depending on the wall’s substance. Stone walls are famously difficult to demolish, although timber barriers may be used as paperweights.

In Rust, destroying a stone wall requires just 10 Satchels. This amount is subject to change, since Rust is updated on a regular basis. However, as soon as that occurs, we’ll update this article! Have fun with it.

The “rust satchel charge stone wall” is a question that has been asked for a while. It is not entirely clear how many satchels are needed to build a stone wall in Rust.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to break a stone wall in Rust?

A: It costs 100 stones (or metal) to break a stone wall in Rust.

How much sulfur do I need for 10 satchels?

A: Its not that easy to answer the question because it depends on many factors. You will need about 3 satchels worth of sulfur for every 50 liters of water, but you should consult your local hardware store for exact measurements and calculations.

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